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For the cape formerly known as Timeline, see Atropos

(note this is mucho WIP, feel free to add, just keep things in order and link to a wiki page or lore post)


1800 - 1979

  • 🐟 1854: The Grand Portage Indian Reservation is established as part of a treaty with the Ojibwe people. However, significant copper reserves are found shortly after and this treaty is "revised".
  • 🐟 1861: The city of Devilfish is founded.
  • 🐟 1890: The city of Devilfish gets a US courthouse.
  • 🐟 1899: The National Guard is called in to quell a union strike, killing 20 and injuring another hundred. This resulted in state-mediated negotiations between GPMC and the Devilfish Brotherhood of Miners and a tense stalemate.


  • 🌎 27 January 1985: The 15th US space shuttle mission, STS-51-C concludes, with an unexpected visitor joining the crew in returning to earth. This event would come to be known as Red Dawn, the point at which confirmed Parahumans began appearing.
  • 🌎 15 March 1985: US President Ronald Reagan orders the creation of the Presidential Parahuman Advisory Committee, the precursor to the modern PRT.
  • πŸ’€ 25 April 1986: On the eve of a safety test at a Soviet nuclear plant, the first Endbringer appeared, devastating the region. It killed countless members of the burgeoning Soviet cape program, and was driven off by Wild Hunt, the sole survivor of the attack.
  • πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ 1987: Seven cities (Ashton, Los Angeles, New York, San Fransisco, Chicago, Denver, and Atlanta) join a PRT-funded pilot program forming the first Protectorate teams.
  • πŸ’€ 13 March 1987: JΓΆrmungandr (II) attacks Geneva
  • 🐟 1988: The GPMC goes bankrupt, leading to thousands losing their pensions and retirement funds.
  • πŸ’€ 9 April 1988: JΓΆrmungandr (III) attacks Boston, Massachusetts.
  • 🐟 1989: Two workers are killed at the Blueberry Island Nuclear Power Station, resulting in the Department of Energy taking over ownership and control of the plant.
  • πŸ’€ 15 November 1989: JΓΆrmungandr (IV), the first Endbringer, is finally slain in Leningrad.


  • πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ 1991: The precursors to NUCLEUS and SWORDFISH are established by the PRT.
  • 🌎 Jan 26 1992 Venezuelan terrorists detonate a low-yield nuclear bomb outside the Minneapolis Metrodome, during the Super Bowl. 200,000 civilians are killed.
  • 🐟 1992: The first documented trigger event occurs in Devilfish.
  • πŸ’€ Jul 4 1992: After a two year hiatus, an Endbringer (Set (I)) attacks Ashton, Washington, before being driven off. Since then, they have attacked yearly without interruption.
  • πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ 1993: The PRT establishes Parahumans Online, although today it has no stake in the site's operations or ownership.
  • πŸ’€ Jun 28 1993: Set (II) defeated in Budapest, Hungary.
  • πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ 1994: The first season of the hit television programme Troops airs, following the PRT officers of Ashton along with their Protectorate team. Along with efforts by the New York PRT this shifts public perception of the agency well into the positive.
  • πŸ’€ Sep 29 1995: Sarathiel (II) attacks Seoul, Korea.
  • πŸ’€ Aug 14 1996: Sarathiel (III) attacks Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • πŸ’€ May 20 1997: Sarathiel (IV) attacks Helsinki, Finland.
  • 🐟 1997: The Devilfish PRT is established, as a small field office.
  • πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ 1998: The Supreme Court issues its ruling on Doe v. PRT, which holds that that profits from villain merchandise would not be given to the villains in question.
  • πŸ’€ Oct 11 1998: Sarathiel (V) attacks Gibraltar.
  • πŸ’€ Apr 9 1999: Sarathiel (VI) defeated in Tasmania.


  • πŸ’€ Dec 20 2000: Phoenix (I) attacks London, United Kingdom.
  • πŸ’€ Sep 11 2001: Phoenix (II) attacks New York.
  • πŸ’€ Feb 14 2002: Phoenix (III) defeated in Changchun, China.
  • 🐟 2003: Farquhar Mine ceases operations and fills with toxic arsenic water.
  • πŸ’€ Nov 22 2004: Sati (II) attacks Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
  • πŸ’€ May 6 2005: Sati (III) attacks Anchorage, Alaska.
  • πŸ’€ Apr 13 2006: Sati (IV) attacks Singapore.
  • 🌎 2006: Following an attack by the villain Plague Doctor that wiped out a small town in Arizona, the Reclaimers start attacking Tinkers they believe are a threat to humanity.
  • 🌎 Jun 17 2006: A group known as the Kentucky Revolutionary Longsmen attacked the charity Congressional Baseball Game, killing 30 and injuring 52.
  • πŸ’€ Jun 21 2007: Sati (V) attacks Mogadishu, Somalia.
  • πŸ’€ Dec 18 2008: Sati (VI) defeated in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • πŸ’€ Jan 12 2010: Mnemosyne (II) attacks Denver, Colorado.
  • 🌎 Aug 23 2010: A Tinkertech bomb explodes in Portland, Oregon, creating the 2010 temporal black hole event, resulting thousands of deaths and the destruction of most of the downtown area.
  • πŸ’€ May 13 2011: Mnemosyne (III) defeated in Berlin, Germany.
  • πŸ’€ Dec 11 2013: Atcen (II) attacks Shanghai, China.
  • πŸ’€ Jul 9 2014: Atcen (III) attacks Santiago, Chile.
  • πŸ’€ Sep 23 2015: Atcen (IV) defeated in Havana, Cuba.
  • πŸ’€ Nov 11 2017: Golden Calf (II) defeated in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • πŸ’€ Aug 12 2018: zz (I) defeated in New York.


  • 🐟 Jul 9 2020: The Devilfish PRT field office is officially redesignated as a full-fledged Department.