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Welcome to the WomrRP Meta Project!

This Project is in charge of maintaining and updating all "meta" content on the wiki. That is, anything that is related to the functioning of the wiki, subreddit, and community as a whole. For the most part, this includes the following key points:

  • Guides and HOWTOs
  • Community rules and policies
  • Technical issues, including helping other Projects
  • Template hell
  • Pretty much anything in the WormRP namespace


This project is headed by keira.

Editing Guidelines

Due to the nature of this Project, giving specific advice or guidelines to editors is rather difficult. If in doubt, ask for help!

  • Don't edit the Rules or Community Code without checking with Staff first.
  • Test all high-use templates before committing changes!
  • If you're editing a template that cascades to a lot of other pages, make sure the "minor edit" checkbox isn't ticked, I've tended to notice the Wiki doesnt trigger recaches as aggressively with minor edits.
  • Make sure all Project pages end with the {{meta}} template.

If you need help, the best place to ask is probably #wiki-support on the Discord