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Rep 3.5 is a modification of the Rep 3.0 system, dropping morality for simplicity, and expanding both notoriety and wanted status to make them more gradual.

How to read

Rep is always given as a 1 or 2-field tag. The first is a letter representing notoriety, or how generally well-known they are, and the second is either blank or symbols, representing wanted status, or generally how 👀 the heroes are towards them.

For example:

  • the tag B! indicates Notoriety B, and Wanted status !.
  • the tag A indicates Notoriety A, and Wanted status (blank).
  • the tag F* indicates Notoriety F, and Wanted status *.


Notoriety is a representation of how well-known the character is, hero or villain.

Rating Description
F You’re a nobody.
E You just joined the Protectorate or something, or you’re a villain with a single gas station robbery under their belt. The PHO fanfic section doesn’t even have a tag for you yet.
D Some people have heard of you before. The high point of your week was someone asking for your autograph. If a hero, the Image department is making noises about maybe doing a special merchandising gig, if things pan out. Somewhere on the internet, someone’s released a slashfic of you, but the characterization is awful.
C You’re an established part of the local cape community, but not quite 'well-known' yet. Other capes in town can be expected to know who you are, if not the specifics of your power.
B You’re well-known enough that if you’re mentioned on the news, the reporter doesn’t need to explain who you are to the viewers. At least one rabid fangirl has probably mailed her underwear to your office.
A You’re properly famous. Most people in the country have probably heard your name in passing. Most protectorate captains or especially notorious villains would fall here. Keeping the specifics of your power a secret may become difficult
AA You’re well-known nationally, or even internationally, and properly in the eye of the public.
S Upper Limit. A household name in America and the world at large. People in third-world countries know of you.

Wanted Status

Your wanted status represents, for villains, the response given to you by heroes and the PRT. Government heroes don’t tend to have one of these.

Rating Description
(blank) You aren’t wanted for any crimes.
? You’re wanted for questioning, or a minor nuisance. Perhaps you are an independent hero the PRT wants to keep an eye on. No special response warranted.
- You are wanted for low-level Crimes. Heroes are informed about you and know to look out for you while on patrol.
* You are Wanted for several low-level crimes, or for being a small, but consistent problem. You are given increased priority, and heroes actively attempt to keep tabs on you.
+ You are wanted for a string of crimes, or a big, public hit. Missions may be taken to capture you in particular .
$ You are highly wanted, either for numerous crimes or high-level ones like murder. Special attention is given and containment foam may be deployed against you. If captured, you may receive a strike.
! You are a menace, wanted for a string of high-level crimes and/or repeated escapes. Not quite a kill-order. If captured, you may be at risk of being sent to the Vault.
!! Kill-order. Sentenced to death in absentia. No attempt will be taken to bring you in alive, and anyone can bring your head to the PRT for a bounty, hero or villain, no questions asked.
!! A-class threat. Cape truces are put into effect in order to fight you.
!! S-class threat. Global response to your presence.