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Hi there! You've gotten your first character made, and the approvers have finished ruining it, and now they want you to put it on the wiki. How, in fact, does one do that? Well that's what this page is here to solve.

Logging in

If you haven't made a WormRP wiki account before, go to this page and make one (it just needs a username and password). If you already have one, log in instead.

Note that for anti-spam purposes, the wiki may ask you for a secret message for anti-spam reasons. This is pinned in the #wiki-support channel in our Discord.

If you can't remember your password. Do NOT make a second account, this will deal 4d6 psychic damage to the administration. Instead, ask for a password reset!!!!

Making a page

Starting with a blank page is a nightmare, but thankfully there's a template to speed along the process. Go to this page and enter your cape name, and it'll load the wiki editor with a basic template ready to go!

For the most part, anything you put in there will be freeform. However, one segment in particular, marked {{public cape}} is special. Put the values it asks for after the equals sign for each line (for example |name = Armsmaster.

Help me aaaaa this is scary

You're fine. Take a deep breath.

First off, Mediawiki has a great set of guides and references for general purpose wiki formatting. It's available here (specifically, look under Editing and Advanced Editing). Note that that help is on a different wiki, don't be the jackass who makes your wiki page on mediawiki.org (it's happened before lol).

If you're still stuck, or something doesnt look right, or its something to do with our setup in particular (such as the public cape template), ask on the Discord for help and we'll get you sorted!

Some additional resources that may help:

  • Pandoc is a program that can translate different formatting languages. If you're familiar with Markdown (discord formatting), you can use this link to translate segments to wiki-speak. Note that it has a character limit so you may need to break things up.
  • Tables on mediawiki are a fukken nightmare, but this site can kinda get you started.
  • Finally, if you see another page that kinda does what you want, go look at its code and see how they did it!