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Making a Coven Character

Coven is our settings rough equivalent to Cauldron. Short for 'Goetic Covens' they are a series of many small organizations, conspiracies, and secret societies that offer powers to the select few who can learn of them, and manage to secure an audience with them.

While it is not known to anyone in-universe (outside of theories made by the upper echelons of the PRT) they are run by a single individual, who we as players know is the THINKER Entity's avatar on Earth Kaf.

Having your character gain powers from Coven is not an excuse to avoid writing a compelling backstory. They only give out powers to those they deem to be good sources of data, typically those with powerful personalities, those with strong ideals, or those that are desperate enough to turn their backs on any morals that stand between them and the chance to be powerful.

To obtain powers you must give up something. It can be anything ranging from 'the ability to see' to 'childhood memories' or the 'ability to feel love' It has to be something significant to the character, and we'd ask that you not try and min-max or exploit the deals for additional bonuses (for instance, giving up your ability to feel pain, and treating it as an additional power)

Coven capes all have a signifying mark, though it is different based on which particular sub-group of Coven you bartered with, it could be a rune tattoo, a barcode, a distinct twisting scar, or even something like a symbol on your pupils, or removing your bellybutton.

Making a Case-53

Case-53s are what happens when you either give too much of yourself to Coven, and much like the fey, the devil, or a genie, they twist your offer into taking away your humanity (Physically and mentally) or what happens when you are insulting to the Coven, either directly or by making a pitiful offer.

Case-53s must have there powers tied into their physiology to a more significant degree than many capes, and staff may ask you to tie it in further during character approvals if its not connected enough to fit our standard.

Case-53s likewise have a distinguishing mark, though typically it is a specific Futhark rune representing humanity (ᛗ) though it can be something else, it is typically more front and center in terms of notability compared to a regular non-53 Coven cape's symbol.

Case-53s need much more fleshed-out backstories, skills, and mentalities compared to regular characters, to make up for their lack of memories of their past, since a Case-53 is basically nothing except personality and skills, just without the context.