Earth Kaf

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Differences from Worm/Ward Canon:

  • There are no canon characters from Worm/Ward canon in our setting.
  • The cycle is not broken, there is no Cauldron, no vials, no case 53s.
  • If you want a monstrous cape, mutations amongst parahumans are slightly more common.
  • Behemoth, Leviathan, & Simurgh attack only once per year.
  • Organizations from canon may appear (Protectorate, Elite, Fallen) with tweaks suited for our setting.
  • The Entities exist in the setting, but don't have avatars present on our earth, or any we are in contact with.
  • Popular Media is roughly equivalent to real life, with addition to history butterflies & cape specific content.
  • A & S-class threats are more prevalent without Cauldron or an equivalent to remove them before they escalate.