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Protectorate (Overview)

Protectorate (Devilfish)

Douglass Fender Federal Building

In 1890, a US Courthouse was erected here. However, in 1930 the structure was torched and razed by unemployed miners rioting. Six years later, as part of a WPA project, ground was broken at the site for the new "Northern Minnesota Courthouse and Federal Building".

The sixteen-story structure with its bronze spire was the tallest building in Devilfish until the completion of the GPMC Center in 1961. It stands as a magnificent example of the Art Deco style which has been preserved to this day.

In 1996 it was renamed to the Douglass A. Fender Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, after a slain US Marshal who grew up in Devilfish. At that time it was also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

After a spike in parahuman-related crime in mid-2019, the PRT began exploring site options for a new department headquarters. Options included buying one of several downtown structures, but eventually it was decided that the PRT would take over a portion of the first and second floors of the Federal Building. On July 9 2020, the department officially opened to little fanfare.

Upgraded Ventilation system

The Devilfish Protectorate has invested in some precautions to help alleviate side-effects from Vermiculite's membership.

First and Foremost is upgrading the Ventilation into the absolute top of the line industrial HVAC system on the market, with the best Asbestos and Particulate Filters available. As well as auxiliary Air scrubbers (Cyclone Separator, Venturi Scrubber, Rotation Scrubber, Dry Electro Filter)

In addition we have installed a fair number of smaller stationary HEPA Air Filters in every-room, and purchased a number of roombas, as well as hired additional Janitorial staff and increased the frequency of cleanings.

When not assigned other tasks, Phalanx's kill-bots are assigned to clean the air-filters and barring that to clean rooms manually with shop-vacs. Dasher-bot has been given a basic vacuum attachment and helps out some.

A number of plants are added to the HQ to make our air more crisp.

Vermiculite's on-site living quarters have been renovated to function as a Negative-pressure room like you find in hospital isolation ward

Tinkertech Generator

Name: Backup Generator Mk.1

Character: Ammonite (for the protectorate building)



  • Generates enough power to keep the entire PRT HQ, and the government building it is located inside, running under high demand in the case of an outage or power cut. It does so using a combination of thermoelectric generators, catalytic hydrogen fuel cells (for both air and water), and photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof.
Stores enough power via high density crystalline batteries and super-capacitor arrays to keep the building running for 120 hours without any of its native power generation capabilities.
  • It is hardened against EMP's, air gapped and isolated from all networks, takes bio-metric data and personalized pass codes from at least two living protectorate members and/or the head of maintenance of the building and five additional trustworthy maintenance personnel to shut off (If entered incorrectly, they cannot be entered again for another 48 hours), and each subsystem is isolated to the degree that failure of one will not result in failure of any others. In the event of total system failure it is designed to absolutely minimize the possibility of causing destruction in any manner.
  • Attempting to breach the exterior, even when it is inactive, will result first in a warning, and then in a violent but contained self destruction.

Duration: Requires maintenance at least once every two weeks from either Ammonite or another tinker who has been briefed on the specs and technologies at play, and has an applicable specialty overlap. Without maintenance, it will be inoperable after two months, with diminishing capabilities after a two week period.

Notes: N/A

Juniper Class Coast-guard Cutter

Miscellaneous Preparations

Renovations have been made to the Federal Building. 'Pull-down' Armored shutters are installed in the windows leading into the PRT specific sections of the building, and armored panels to be installed inside the exterior facing walls.

After much negotiating with the various legal entities calling the Federal building their place of work, panic rooms are installed through-out the building, at least one per floor.

Through-out the PRT HQ, oxygen masks and gas-masks are installed in wall-mounted alcoves alongside every fire-extinguisher.

And finally, Phalanx and Ammonite have gone through with engineers and worked to ensure that the PRT HQ's electrical grid and computer systems are all rated for EMP and similar sabotage efforts to the best of their ability.

Hazmat/Clean suits, Gas-masks, Filters, and various bits of laboratory and medical equipment are set aside in storage for bio-hazard situations.

Sandbags, concrete barriers, razor wire, and deployable wire fencing have been purchased in bulk, for setting up cordons and defensive emplacements

PRT safe-houses are kept well stocked, with one in particular being set up with a rudimentary tinker lab, with basic equipment and basic building materials set aside.