People v. Hutmacher

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People v. Hutmacher was a case brought before the Supreme Court of the United States. The defendant was a parahuman on death row, whose lawyers used a loophole in the Challenger Accords to successfully prevent his client's execution by the federal government. Effectively, this loophole made it illegal for capes to be given the death penalty except in very limited circumstances. While efforts have been made to amend this portion of the Accords, to date they have not been successful.

The result has been the creation of the McNair Indefinite Detention Center for Parahuman Offenders, more commonly known as the Vault. This facility, whose exact location is unknown but is believed to be somewhere in Nevada. In the United States and Canada, all Parahumans given life sentences are instead transported to this facility, where to date no successful escapes have been made. Because not a single Parahuman has escaped custody, many conspiracy theorists have claimed that the Vault is a fiction, and capes sentenced there are in reality covertly killed.