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Hi there! Here's the deal, this is the wiki for a website about playing pretend superheroes on the internet. We're not here to sell your data (???) or whatever. That being said here's the most halfassed privacy policy in existence:

Like any website more complicated than your childhood GeoCities site from 2004, we use cookies. If you dont know what cookies are kindly get out from under your rock and look them up. These are used so the webserver knows which user is which, otherwise you would need to provide a username and password with literally every edit and that's hella dumb.

We also use Google Analytics for seeing how many people are vibin. If you're reading this I'm sure you know what Google Analytics is, feel free to adblock the script, it's just so we have a better idea of what's being used on the wiki without digging up webserver access logs.

Assume any data you send will be publicly visible, because... it's a wiki lmao.

Your data is stored in only the finest AWS data center in Oregon, maintained by an actual moron who insists that PHP is a good programming language. While we put as much effort as possible into keeping everything secure and in order... if you use the same email/password here as you do with idk ur bank or some shit, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Everything on this site is open-source, running on an open-source backend. If you have beef with the security, feel free to issue a pull request with Debian, Apache, PHP, MySQL, MediaWiki, etc etc.

Actually probably relevant, the bot Huntress keeps a staff-maintained log of whose Reddit account matches a particular Discord account, which ties into the wiki to manage roles and stuff. We'll try our darndest not to go all cambridge analytica on your....superhero rp accounts...

if you have...privacy concerns...or want to do that dumbass gdpr data thing (despite no part of WormRP being run in the EU...whatever), talk to the staff, i guess. expect to receive the most passive-aggressively assembled zip file in existence because, and i cannot stress this enough, this is a website to collect lore about a pretend superhero roleplay based on an obscure canadian web serial written by a man with a boar fursona.