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Current Staff

Name Reddit Account Tenure Notes
Community Representative
Zedachyia /u/ShellMerc 2021-09-11 (1 year, 6 months) Fifth Community Rep
Nyra /u/TragicTrajectory 2018-03-26 (5 years)
Shimme /u/Shimme 2017-06-21 (5 years, 9 months)
Keira /u/PM_ME_UR_SIMURGH 2017-11-27 (5 years, 4 months) Handles territory
Admins are also implicitly Mods.
Nash /u/Magos_Nashoid 2020-09-20 (2 years, 6 months) Fmr. 3rd CR
Tino /u/Skelitinor 2021-02-15 (2 years, 1 month) Fmr. 4th CR
Paige /u/TheBluestHedgeroo 2019-09-06 (3 years, 6 months)
Community Character Approvers
Admins and Mods are also implicitly CCAs.
Spectre /u/Spectralknight94 2021-10-27 (1 year, 5 months)
Xan /u/unknownmercury 2022-02-24 (1 year, 1 month)
Derp /u/ALargeHairyDerp 2022-04-24 (11 months)
Tower /u/TheTowerIV 2022-05-04 (10 months)
Leah /u/Fire209 2023-03-07 (0 months)
Best /u/The4bestgame 2023-03-07 (0 months)

Former Staff

Note: Staff members prior to Sept 2018 are not currently listed. If you have accurate info on their tenure, please feel free to contact keira.

Name Reddit Account Tenure Notes
Voices /u/VoicesDontStop 2018-09-17 - 2018-10-24 (1 month) Character Mod
Howl /u/Much_Howl 2019-05-01 - 2019-06-08 (1 month) Character Mod
Nick /u/zirns 2019-04-29 - 2019-07-17 (2 months) Character Mod
Kathleen /u/Bedslayer 2018-09-17 - 2019-09-06 (11 months) Character Mod
Deercarcass /u/Deercarcass 2018-09-21 - 2019-09-29 (1 year) First Community Rep
Baka /u/baka2k10 2017-11-27 - 2020-09-13 (2 years, 9 months) Administrator
Schwaff /u/Topesc 2019-10-24 - 2020-09-20 (10 months) Second Community Rep
FlashyAmoeba /u/FlashyAmoeba 2017-11-27 - 2021-04-15 (3 years, 4 months) Character Mod


Community Representative

The Community Representative (CR) acts as the voice of the general community on the staff team. They also act as the final arbitrator in any server disputes. The CR is a voting member of staff who also gets veto power over motions and proposals.

The CR is chosen annually, with elections occurring every September. There are no term limits to the position.


The administration act as overseers for other staff, but for the most part deal with server configuration and keeping the lights on. They also do Mod and Approver duties as required.


Moderators act as general community babysitters, dealing with OoC disputes and problems. They also handle approvals for Lore, and oversee the Approvers.

Community Character Approvers

Approves characters and equipment posts. If you want to clarify or edit something on your sheet ping then first. CCAs are non-staff members and thus do not vote on staff motions and procedures. They are nominated by the community and confirmed by staff.