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Looking to write lore? Great! Below are a few points of order as they pertain to the sub, in order to keep things going neatly.

Lore approval process

Since we get lore a bit less often than we do characters, the process is slightly less streamlined. Below is a gist of what goes on, so that you know what's up.

  1. Author writes a lore post, and submits it to the subreddit.
  2. Huntress adds it to the queue, just like she would with a Character or Equipment.
  3. A lore mod will "claim" the post, look it over, and potentially ask questions
  4. Once they are satisfied, they will then ping all the other lore mods in a staff channel, and get their opinions. This takes at least 24 hours to make sure everyone has their say.
  5. The post is either approved, denied outright, or we ask for changes, which will undergo the same review process.

This can seem like a lot, but it's important we hold highest standards for Lore, as that's what the entire setting is based on!

Post-approval checklist

This is just a little list of things you might need to do in order to make sure the Wiki is up to date. Not all will apply to you, just skip the ones that don't.

Do you need a new page?
New pages should be made for significant events or topics. Think if this was real-life, would there be a Wikipedia article for your lore? If not, it should probably go on an existing page.
Is this specific to a certain character?
If your lore mostly affects one character (or a small group), it might be best just to put it on their character page(s).
Did you create any Lore capes?
A lore cape is any character not intended to be played as a PC. If you did, they will need a page made just like any other cape, however you don't need to fill out nearly as much (only put information known IC to public or PRT). Take a look at the Love Taps for an example of what we need from Lore capes.
Is this a new Case?
Cases are significant anomalies such as Endbringers or quarantine-worthy threats. If your lore adds one, grab a case number from a lore mod and add their info to the Cases table.
Do you need to add something to the front page?
Significant world lore should be placed on the front page. The file in question to edit is Main Page/Lore Index. If you need help, ask in the Discord.
Did you add a location?
If a city or other region is added, you may want to add a page for that as well, to help players who might gen a character from that area. Nobody wants to be surprised to find out their cape grew up in a nuclear hell city.
Are there big events happening?
If there's either a global event, significant historical event, or a big deal local to Devilfish. be sure to add an entry on Timeline.

AAAAAAAAAA This is a lot please help!

The wiki isnt for the faint of heart, but don't worry! Wiki nerds are happy to help. Hit up the @Wiki Nerds role on the Discord for assistance.