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Since the founding of the predecessor of the modern PRT, efforts have been centered on studying and analyzing Parahuman phenomena, and central to that effort is what has been dubbed "The Cases". These are all the, well, cases of power-induced anomalies, starting with the first parahuman. In the early days of the PPAC, the intent was that every cape would have these case files, and to an extent that has been achieved, the scope was quickly narrowed as Parahumanity exploded exponentially.

Some PRT researchers have spent their careers focusing on a single Case, but for most of the agency's staff, they are expected to memorize and understand the "gist" of each Case, where possible. A summary of the most important ones are listed below.

Case № Date Name Notes
PRT-SPEC-0001 Jan 27 1985 Wild Hunt The first Parahuman.
PRT-SPEC-0019 Apr 25 1986 Jörmungandr The first Endbringer.
PRT-SPEC-0049 Jul 4 1992 Set
PRT-SPEC-0053 Apr 5 1993 Case 53 Originally referred to a single Parahuman, file has since expanded to include all relevant capes.
PRT-SPEC-0061 May 15 1994 Sarathiel
PRT-SPEC-0067 Dec 23 1996 Goetic Covens Mysterious Parahuman related organizations.
PRT-SPEC-0070 Feb 18 1997 Case 70 Like Case 53, this has become a generalized term common in the Cape community.
PRT-SPEC-0087 Dec 20 2000 Phoenix
PRT-SPEC-0090 Dec 20 2001 Wall Drug Alias for PIR RAP-2001-0F8A, after the situation worsened.
PRT-SPEC-0093 Feb 26 2003 Sati
PRT-SPEC-0153 Feb 22 2009 Case 153
PRT-SPEC-0158 Aug 23 2010 2010 temporal black hole event
PRT-SPEC-0172 Aug 21 2012 Atcen
PRT-SPEC-0194 Dec 23 2016 Golden Calf
PRT-SPEC-0216 Aug 12 2018 Crocosaur
PRT-SPEC-0225 Aug 3 2019 Famine