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PRT Casefile 70

Case-70s are parahumans that have undergone several different but closely related phenomenon, and come in three overarching varieties.

Linked Case-70s Typically occur when one or more genetic twins trigger. This Results in all parties manifesting the same parahuman abilities, regardless of distance from one-another, there is typically minimum variance in the manifested abilities, and overlapping or shared Manton-Limitations and Manton-Protections are common.

The exact Criteria needed to result in Linked Case-70s is not well understood at present, as there are observed instances in which one genetic twin triggers and the other does not, as well as in genetic twins triggering as a Multi-trigger cluster instead of as a Linked Case-70 pair.

Conjoined Case-70s: Similarly manifest when one or more genetic twins trigger while touching or in close proximity. This results in both parties triggering with similar or complimentary parahuman abilities, as well as some variety of fusion. The exact nature of these fusions vary from instance to instance, but are typically two or more twins inhabiting a singular body.

Observed Instances may share control over specific limbs and share constant awareness, they may swap who controls the body at any given time, or in some instances may be physically fused in a more conventional biological manner similar to conjoined twins found in nature, the criteria and functions of Conjoined case-70s seem to vary from case-to-case.

Duplicate Case-70s: Duplicate Case-70s are for all intents and purposes artificial Linked Case-70s, formed when a regular parahuman is cloned and the clone is genetically accurate enough to the original. These Duplicate Case-70s manifest the same parahuman abilities as the original, typically with only small discrepancies, if at all.

Not all cloning methods have been able to manifest viable Duplicate Case-70s, with powers achieving the criteria seemingly on a case-by-case basis.