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Guide on how to Make Case-53 Characters

PRT Casefile 53

Known to much of the North American public as Case-53's or c53s Following leaks of PRT documentation revealed the in-house terminology used for what had previously been known to the public as Monster capes.

While parahuman abilities changing the appearance of their users is certainly not unheard of, the Case-53 phenomenon is unique. Through-out the world Drastically altered and mutated parahumans will simply turn up unannounced, confused, and amnesiac.

Case-53s retain much of their personality, personal bias, and learned skills, while lacking any defining memories that would hint at their previous Identities. The Parahuman abilities exhibited by Case-53s are often much more deeply tied to their altered physique, beyond what is seen in non-c53 mutated parahumanity.

C53's also possess a distinguishing mark, often a specific Futhark rune (ᛗ), although others have been observed, though infrequently. This mark resists any attempts to remove it, whether it be via mundane means or via parahuman abilities. This is believed by many to be a form of 'manufacturers mark' something that has spurred on many in the Intelligence community to search for more details, usually to no avail.

Yes Case-53s are People

are you a case-53? do you presently live in the united states? congratulations, under US law you are, contrary to popular belief, a person! in fact depending on the circumstances of your arrival you may be eligible for citizenship or at the very least residency in the US.

Why? Because the PRT have pretty tremendous sway when it comes to cape affairs. Especially when it also happens to be the largest employer of Case-53s in the world.

So if you're a c53, and your character can handle spending some time off-screen handling some softball court proceedings, you will win a valuable prize of: being able to pay taxes on your income, attending jury duty, and other such things.

If you're a villainous c53, contact the lawyer you better have on retainer already. If you're a rogue in good standing or a hero, the PRT offers free legal counseling to get this done on your behalf, all you have to do is make an appointment at your local PRT office!