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PRT promotional image of Powerplay
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author MisfitMaid (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Heather Knox
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Denver)
Age 15
Status NPC
Nationality American
Approver Leah
Trigger Type Single Meshed trigger with Takedown

Publicly Available Information

Powerplay is a new Ward recruited by the Denver team in July 2023. Very little is currently known about her.

Power: Powerplay was seen flying into her debut press conference, but little else of her power is known at present.

Appearance: Powerplay's costume is a traditional skinsuit covered in gold and blue Dazzle camouflage patterns, with a simple domino mask. Her nose appears to have been broken at some point.

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

Her costume is your usual superhero bodysuit and domino mask combo, white with a blue-gold dazzle camouflage pattern.

Civilian Appearance

Heather is a little bit taller than average, with brown hair and eyes. In civvies she dresses slightly preppish, with a tendency for fashion that just happens to show off her muscles. Her nose has been noticeably broken several times in the past.


All things considered, the angst isn't as strong as it could be. Typically relatively outgoing, but with a little bit of introversion here and there. Since triggering she's been questioning her future, and what it might hold. Tries to help her team as much as she can.

In costume, she's far more likely to let her fists do the talking. Kind of an asshole.

Refers to her abs as the school of hard Knox

Skills & Training

  • Standard PRT/Protectorate Training (law, M/S, etc)
  • Basketball nerd
  • Knows how to beat the shit out of someone
  • Played the flute in middle school
  • Cannot cook, eat shit nashoid 😛
  • Bad Spanish (slurs, sorry, numbers, where is the toilet)

Resources & Wealth

Due to the nature of her situation, Heather lives on-base at the RHQ, and receives the standard Ward stipend.

Due to being a flier she has declined the offer of the Obligatory Protectorate Motorcycle.

Equipment & Gear

  • PRT Comms
  • Normie Phone
  • PRT Phone
  • PRT panic button
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Normie Phone
  • Cuffs
  • Spare mask

Parahuman Power

trigger type: single meshed trigger w/ Takedown (Future Nashoid cape)

Powerplay is a fairly straightforward flying brick style cape, with basic flight, a Brute effect, and a Blaster power.

Her Brute/Blaster side of things is where it gets interesting. Only one can be active at a time, and it’s not something she can switch rapidly or repeatedly (read: dont be a dick and turn on brute mode and then immediately laser and switch back. Y’know what I mean).

When her Brute power is active, any hits she takes are absorbed across the entirety of her body rather than just where she was hit. This applies to any damage taken, and does not reduce the force taken, only spread it out. It doesn’t change the type of damage either (ie bullets are spread out kinetic, lasers are spread out heat, banshees are spread out sonic, etc).

However, when she takes this damage an equal amount of force is put into her “tank” for use with her Blaster power, described here in a second. So if she gets hit with 500 points of laser damage, she now has 500 points in the tank. Outside of a given scene, her energy drains quickly. Essentially unless she gathered a lot of energy right before a scene, she starts it with nothing.

When she toggles to her Blaster form, she of course loses that Brute ability and energy absorption, but it enables her to shoot golden-blue laser beams from her hands, using up her stored energy. She can make one beam a turn, which has the maximum force (mixed kinetic and thermal) of either a 9mm pistol shot or 10% of her tank’s energy, whichever is greater. She can of course dial it down to be nonlethal.

Her flying power is your generic superhero levitation. Think Glory Girl/Antares flight. It’s just there. Max 50mph speed if she gets rolling but you’ll only see that in chases.

Background & Trigger

When Mom and Dad split, Violet got to go with Dad, and Heather was stuck with Mom. It wasn’t great, to say the least. Her drinking got worse, they were fighting every night, and then she brought home Gary. Gary took it upon himself to blame Heather for literally everything wrong with the house. Dishes not done? Blame the kid instead of the mom who sat home drinking. Bills unpaid? Guess whose fault it was. Fridge out of beer? Lord have mercy.

The first time she tried running away, she had to hide a black eye. The second time he killed her fucking dog. The third time, something broke in Gary’s mind.

He made her start fighting. Underground fighting rings like some shitty fucking movie, that she didn’t even know existed. Of course it was fucked up, she knew it was fucked up, but what was she supposed to do? So she fought. She got her shit kicked in. He took her again a few days later. And again, and again, and soon it was… normal wasn’t the right word.

Until he upped the ante, and she found herself fighting under a tinkertech forcefield, and they put her against a fucking cape. She tried her best, but what was she supposed to do against an asshole who had superstrength?

One thing led to another, and when she left that arena she had powers. She also had a burning need for revenge, and after she worked her way through Gary’s kneecaps she began working her way through the gangs that had profited off her fighting. Within a few months, she’d gotten the local villains to strongly consider breaking unwritten rules, and after a close call left her near-death, the local Protectorate captain convinced her to join the Wards and transfer out of the city.

(as of character creation, she hasn’t heard from her twin sister or the rest of her family due to her parents’ rather messy divorce. The Youth Guard is hard at work smoothing over various issues related to her vigilantism before tackling that)

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets

Parahuman Intelligence Report

Note: The following information has been transcluded from the PRT Online Information Services SAGA Database. For more information, please see your PRT-InB point of contact.


Parahuman Intelligence Report
DEN-2020-186a 2020-01-14

  • Subject ID: Powerplay
  • Classification: Brute, Blaster

Subject is a "flying brick" cape with the ability to absorb attacks and release stored energy in concentrated beams.
Per classification SOP.
Subject is probationary Ward assigned to Denver office, see ASH-2023-8c21 for details.


Parahuman Intelligence Report

Note: The following information has been transcluded from the PRT Online Information Services SAGA Database. For more information, please see your PRT-InB point of contact.


After-Action Report
ASH-2020-1869 2020-01-14

  • Author ID: Cooper, Laura (SGT ASH Ops) <laura.cooper@ashton.prt.gov>