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A Parahuman is somebody who has gained physics-bending abilities by undergoing a traumatic trigger event.
Cape is a slang term for a Parahuman, based on the tendency for flashy costumes the majority of parahumans wear when interfacing with the public.
The term Cape can also be used to refer specifically to Parahumans that take an active part in “Cape Subculture”, (IE superhero vs supervillain)
It is often said ‘Every Cape is a Parahuman, but not every Parahuman is a Cape’
Unwritten Rules
The Unwritten Rules, also known as the code, the truce or the game, is a semi-unofficial code of honor adopted by capes in much of the Western world.
  • Respect secret Identities, private lives, & don't mess with civilian families.
  • Respect truces, parlays, & agreed upon meetings.
  • Minimize lethal force when able.
  • No widespread attacks on civilian populace.
  • No slavery, whether by mind-control or other means.
  • No sexual assault or rape.
  • Avoid guns to Avoid escalating conflicts unnecessarily, powers that rely on, or synergize with guns are a grey zone.
  • You are to assist in the take-down of capes who do break these rules when able. To ensure that the rules are maintained adequately.
Trigger Event
Trigger, Trigger Event, or Crisis Point, is the moment a parahuman gained their superhuman abilities. This is accomplished through a traumatic experience.
A large number of people have the potential to trigger even if they haven’t met the conditions necessary for a trigger event. With the circumstances leading up to the trigger event influence the power granted.
Types of Triggers found here: Trigger Types Guide
Corona Pollentia
The Corona Pollentia is the part of the brain that is adapted to and connects the powers that come from Shards (see below).The Corona Pollentia is a startlingly common feature, even in unpowered people.
The Gemma is the part of the Corona Pollentia that controls the active use of a parahumans' abilities and powers, the same way there are parts of the brain that allow regular humans to coordinate and move their hands.
Shards, also known as passengers or agents are fragments of immense interdimensional crystal colony organisms known as Entities. They serve as the source of parahuman powers.
They connect through dimensions to a parahuman through their Corona Pollentia & Gemma, at the moment of a Trigger Event.
Manton Effect
The Manton Effect is a tendency among powers to affect either living targets or inanimate objects, but not both (or at least not in the same way.) this is in no way universal, just a common tendency. ?
Parahumans that undergo a Second Trigger often result in their powers having a tweaked or lessened Manton Effect. Though again, this is not universal.
Manton Protections
Powers tend to favor their host by implementing built in defenses and controls, to protect a parahuman from their own power. A few examples include:
Pyrokinetics with heat resistance, Flight with an immunity to vertigo, or a cape with explosive blasts being protected from blindness & deafness
Kill Order
Kill Orders are assigned to capes who are a threat to public safety
A kill order could be signed to punish criminals who consistently broke the Unwritten Rules.
They generally only applied to people who even other villains agreed needed to be dealt with. While kill orders usually take a while to be implemented, sometimes the process is expedited, or even pre-signed as a deterrent measure.
Surrender is theoretically possible for the target of a kill order.
S-Class Threat
S-Class threats are those classified as among the most dangerous threats in the world. Being labeled as an S-class threat is equivalent to a kill order.
High-level duplicators & villains who operate to any exponential degree are automatically considered S-class if their powers generate more instances of power generation or recurring effect in an epidemic pattern
Endbringers fit firmly in this category. The majority of existing quarantine zones also contain S-class threats, or have the potential to become one.
A-class threats are only slightly below this in severity. Still extremely important, requiring decisive action, but more localized ‘all-hands-on-deck’ situation think “state/province vs nationwide”
M/S Protocols
Standing for Master/Stranger Protocols, this is a catch all term for pre-planned responses & guidelines to perform when finding yourself under the influence of a Master or Stranger power.
Usually not a perfect solution, M/S protocols can provide some assistance to someone trying to navigate a situation where they cannot trust their own senses or instincts.
Call-and-response phrases, code phrases, & passwords to ascertain proof of Identity against impostors, guidelines to follow when under various effects, etc.
A type of power possessing an ability that grants a cape enhanced speed or mobility, or slang for a cape with that kind of power.
An ability with an area of effect, or slang for a cape with that kind of power.
An ability that grants a cape enhanced strength or durability, or slang for a cape with that kind of power.
An ability that allows a cape to shift into another state, or slang for a cape with that kind of power.
An ability that allows a cape to control others or create minions, or slang for a cape with that kind of power.
An ability that allows a cape to create or alter devices with futuristic technology, or slang for a cape with that kind of power.
A long-ranged, offensive ability, or slang for a cape with that kind of power
An ability that focuses on information gathering, or slang for a cape with that kind of power.
A melee/touch-based ability, or slang for a cape with that kind of ability.
An ability that allows a cape to alter their form or appearance, or slang for a cape with that kind of ability.
An ability that allows a cape to manipulate powers in some capacity, or slang for a cape with that kind of ability
An ability that focuses on stealth and/or infiltration, or slang for a cape with that kind of ability.