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The Google Sheet version.
The Google Doc version.

Sometimes you need to make a write up for significant purchases or inventions, this is most often done with Tinkers, who need each of their Tinker-tech inventions balanced & approved.

But also non-tinker cape creations, and especially unique, expensive, or customized purchases & DIY.

Unlike the Character Template, we are much more okay with this format being tweaked to suit you needs.

On the WormRP Discord you can use our bot to generate ready-made templates for you with permissions sorted, in both Gdocs & Gsheets format.

/Newtech type docs
/Newtech type sheets

Once finished tweaking the format as needed & filled it all in, you can drop it in #the_Queue on the Discord server to await approval.

Note: Tinkers need to actually see play before churning out additional batches of Tinker-tech please.