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Section 3.1.1 Waivers and You

As cited under Section 3.1.1 of the WormRP community code, an individual player is limited to a maximum of one Trump, one Tinker/psuedotinker, and a maximum of two total capes collectively from the following categories: cluster/multitrigger, case 53s, and case 70s/twin capes with the same ability. Exceptions to this rule are either granted by having pre-existing capes grandfathered in (e.g. when the one tinker restriction was established back in 2019, players with multiple tinkers were not required to drop tinkers until they complied with roster limits), or by the character approval team granting a waiver to permit a player to submit a character that would otherwise conflict with Section 3.1.1 roster limits.

How does one submit a waiver, and what is the process for one’s waiver being accepted or denied?

Simply writing a brief blurb in #character-creations and tagging `@CharacterApprovals` is enough to submit your proposed character for waiver consideration. This blurb should include which specific restriction your proposed character would conflict with (e.g. I would like to play another Case-53, but I already have two restricted capes under the collective umbrella of multis/c53s/c70s), along with a rough description of your character concept (e.g. Ossuary is intended to be a vigilante with a powerset revolving around growing, detaching, and otherwise manipulating the bones of her own misshapen quadrupedal form to create improvised weapons and lay traps.). After submitting this request for a waiver, the Character Approvals team (Aubrey, Nash, Keira, Nyra, and Paige) will discuss the proposed character and vote on whether or not to grant it a waiver. One can generally expect to be informed of the approval team’s decision within 48 hours of their request being submitted.

What are some factors that the approval team considers when deciding whether or not to grant a waiver?

- What is the status of the player’s currently existing restricted capes? (e.g. Paige has a cluster cape (Outburst) that she has not played in several months. If she were to apply for a waiver to submit another cape under the c53/multi/c70 umbrella, it is highly likely that she would be asked to drop Outburst to keep her number of restricted capes under Section 3.1.1 roster limits in lieu of being granted a waiver)

- How strong/high-effort was the proposed concept, and how well would it fit in with the existing setting? (This is not often easily quantifiable, but unique/especially unorthodox concepts will be looked on favorably)

- What was the player’s prior conduct/RP like? (Section 3.1.1 characters are restricted for a variety of reasons, one of them being that Tinkers, Trumps, and Multis tend to have a lot more versatility/ breadth than unrestricted characters. Players that are committed to faithfully representing their power’s drawbacks and limitations while keeping to the power as-written on their sheet will be looked on favorably if/when it comes time for a waiver.)

- How many waivers have the player already been granted? (e.g. while these specific scenarios have not come up yet, the approval team will look at your request to have a third playable Tinker with a lot more scrutiny than your request to have a second playable Tinker, and your request to have a fourth playable multi/c53/c70 with a lot more scrutiny than your request to have a third playable multi/c53/c70)