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A large pinecone-like creature, with eight legs and spikes, surrounded by a dense cloud of rabid locusts. Case File: PRT-SPEC-0225

Aug 3 2019 (Famine I) - Chibombo, Zambia

August 3, 2019

Famine's first attack was the African city of Chibombo, and lengthy response times resulted in a horrifying amount of the local population being reduced to picked-clean bones. It was beaten away but not defeated.

It's believed the creature's target was a previously-uncharted deposit of uranium found underneath the outskirts of the city.

Player characters killed: Kaiju, Starving Artist

Dec 23 2020 (Famine II) - Almaty, Kazakh Republic

In the center of the city, it burst out of the earth in am explosion of rock and soil. A huge, acorn-shaped...cocoon? Even as people ran and the local parahumans gathered together, they knew it was different now. It opens, like a flower blooming, releasing the swarm within. Insects the size of sedans, bristling with razor-sharp mandibles that could rend through concrete walls in a single destructive bite. Buildings, tree trunks, cars, people... it was all the same to the swarm. Swallowed whole and carried back to the hive.

Despite the best efforts of those few who fought and died, it was an unmitigated loss, among the worst faced by humanity. The Soviets had refused outside help, and by the time domestic reinforcements arrived, the locals had perished along with their information, and the petals had closed once more. Where once a thriving city had once lay, now only skeletal husks of concrete stood. Picked so clean that now, a year later, the ruins are still free of vermin...not even the cockroaches could find life there.