Space Station Freedom

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A 1985 illustration of the proposed station (at that time solely a NASA project). Citizen astronomer observations suggest the flown design is at least superficially similar in layout.

While plans for a modular orbital station had been sitting around since the early 80s, what became known as Space Station Freedom didn't really take off until 1985, with the appearance of Wild Hunt in low earth orbit. While nobody could agree on how he'd gotten there, America was in universal agreement that we needed a permanent presence in space ASAP.

In a feat of national drive comparable perhaps only to the Apollo program, three years later the first module of Freedom was in orbit, where it still remains today. Over two dozen launches over the years brought changes to this orbiting laboratory, although details on what exactly those changes were still remains classified due to the military nature of the station.

Really, despite having been in space for just over three decades, very little is known about Freedom aside from heavily-redacted PR tours and blurry photos from citizen astronomers. Its most well-known mission is acting as an in-orbit stop for constructing and resupplying Argo Station.

In 2012, a Ministry of Truth agent leaked classified documents regarding a joint NASA/USAF/PRT research program that took place on Freedom from 1998-2005. The documents showed that several parahuman astronauts launched from the Marianas Launch Site in Guam took part in various power testing experiments in orbit, although there are references to other still-unknown programs that were still ongoing at the time of the leak.