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Devilfish, Minnesota is home to the state's most recent (and second-largest) PRT department. It has an attached Protectotate and Ward division as well.


Devilfish has long been a quiet cape city, and due to that the PRT has not had much of a presence until recently. The first documented trigger event in the region took place in 1992, and was, like most issues, handled by Minneapolis heroes sent up north. In 1997 funding was acquired to establish a field office, employing half a dozen PRT officers to handle local outreach. Occasionally, a hero would be stationed there, although the assignment wasn't exactly coveted.

However, due to an uptick in parahuman activity, the office was redesignated a full-fledged Department in mid-2020, with Devilfish local Phalanx returning to head a Protectorate team.


Devilfish is a smaller department due to being relatively new, as well as the comparable lack of villain activity in the region. Currently it contains approximately 40 employees in total