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Kwatoko Arizona.

Population : 0.

It was the summer of 2006. This small town was a quaint little suburbia area with a population within the low thousands... It was also the sight of ground zero. A biological agent was released by a Tinker, later identified as Plague Doctor. Within hours, the city had become littered with skeletons of the deceased. The incident would go a long way towards establishing and revising laws on Tinkertech. But it wasn't enough. This had been the final straw for some. They would become the Reclaimers.

A shadowy organization, the Reclaimers are a collective group of individuals, many of whom joined out of fear or anger, that seek to maintain an iron grip on Tinker rated devices in the world. Their ideology leads them to believe that Capes, not Endbringers, will bring about the end of the world through petty thoughts and escalation of arms. Their movements are closely monitored by Protectorate forces such as SWORDFISH. They utilize political movements, incite rallies, and perform assassinations in order to maintain a presence in a city, and subvert control over the local cape populace.

Whether it's a member of the Protectorate, an Indie hero, or a villain, the Reclaimers keep a watchful vigil. Tinkers who prove themselves to be to dangerous to the local population become targets. The Reclaimers ignore the unwritten rules, and will seek out the cape even in their civilian identity. If a Tinker is captured, the Reclaimers have been known to broadcast video of a mock trial to the internet, which is followed subsequently by a very real public execution.

Out of Character Notes

The Reclaimers are largely an IC solution to OoC powergaming tinkers. In normal gameplay, you should not have to deal with reclaimers. One exception is the 2022 Reclaimers arc, which featured widespread violence towards all Tinkers in Devilfish brought on by a more radical faction of the organization.