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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/frustratedFreeboota (capes)
Civilian name Charley Francesca Kantor
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTrump Mover
Born Duluth
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Charcutie B | Magical Girl Yokai C?

Charcutie is a waitress themed protectorate hero. A former independent hero with a poor track record for her fights, Charcutie is power copying Trump with an ever expanding list of copied powers from which to draw her powers. If she could actually choose what she got she could very well be unstoppable one day.

Character Sheet

Physical Appearance

Five foot tall, with long curly red hair, green eyes, and the perpetually tired expression of someone that should be napping right now.

Mask: Black balaclava with a zipper over the mouth, to be opened when she wants to speak.

Costume: Classic 50's americana waitress uniform in blue and white stripes, with a little touch of padded armour to the skirt and a few disguised pockets for her equipment. Her protectorate badge is pinned to the front of a white apron.


If curiosity killed the cat, Charley would poke the cat with a stick instead of looking out to make sure Curiosity isn’t still lurking around. She tends to hyper focus on what currently has her attention, with other tasks or larger objectives falling by the wayside. This has led to her picking up a number of hobbies, failing to beat the learning curve, and feeling awful for not being good at them.


Wealth Level: 6

Charcutie rents a comfortable and spacious apartment in the heart of Devilfish using her Protectorate income. It is decorated with little touches of classic Americana.

Charcutie also has a live-in butler of sorts, Simon. Simon is a creature made of a pile of loose clothes that didn’t fit anymore, animated using a power that Charcutie copied. He brings her food or beer from the kitchen, lives in the closet, and is thrown in a washing machine once a month.

She owns several dresses, two sets of roller skates, a field hockey stick, a roller hockey stick, a sewing machine, a laptop, a smartphone, and her secret pay-as-you-go cape phone.


Burner phone, lockpick, roller skates, needle, red thread. PRT Encrypted Cellphone PRT Encrypted Laptop PRT Encrypted headset/earbud Comms. Police Truncheon Baton First Aid Kit Zipties and Handcuffs.


Competent at roller derby, skilled at roller skating and roller hockey, amateur at field hockey, amateur ice skater, amateur lockpick, amateur escapologist, and amateur skateboarder. She is also alright at sewing, though she never got good enough to make her own cosplays like she wanted.


Trigger Type: Single Natural Trigger:

Charcutie has two unrelated powers

Combo Platter: Charcutie can gather a sampling of the powers of everyone currently within line of sight of her. When she does, she obtains a “platter” of single-use copies of a power for every cape present, as well as a copy of a random power she has previously used. For every cape that Charcutie can’t copy a power from, Charcutie gets another random power from the list.

There are some powers that Charcutie can’t obtain a copy of, generally this will be because they aren’t really something that you can just use once. The rule of thumb would be that she can copy something a cape can do, but not something that they are.

Things she can copy:

  • Blaster powers
  • Shaker powers
  • Striker powers
  • teleports/dashes
  • one of someone’s breaker form’s powers
  • changer powers
  • powers currently on cooldown (cooldowns won’t carry between copies if she has multiple copies of the power or obtains a new copy)

Things she can’t copy:

  • any power that is always on
  • any powers that a cape can’t currently access
  • any tinker power
  • any thinker power
  • any trump power
  • flight
  • the power to turn into a breaker form
  • powers from a non-active breaker state
  • powers from the absent half of a case 70
  • purely biological powers from changer states/case 53s
  • singular powered constructs/minions

Charcutie's copies do not draw from the same reserves/ammo supply/super meter as the cape she is copying from, and is assumed to always use a power at full charge. She is subject to the same upper limits on power generated constructs as the capes she is copying from.

If Charcutie creates clones of herself or has clones made of her that are able to use her powers, these clones and Charcutie all have to share the same platter, though an additional random power will be drawn for each Charcutie beyond the first.

Charcutie's copies of powers don't come with any Manton protections, and don't bypass Manton protections when aimed back at their original owners. (If you are immune to your own power, then you're immune to her using her copy of your power on you)

Andflight: Charcutie can also hover at a speed comparable to a brisk walk. She can land on any surface, including walls and ceilings, after which her personal gravity treats that surface as down for her and her clothes. (If she’s wearing a hat and is standing on the ceiling, her hat won’t fall off.).


Having gone for a walk, Charcutie encounters Sister Stigmata and Mewl. Surprised by the environment around her turning into a hellscape and by the appearance of a demon, Charcutie activates her power and requests a platter.

  1. Charcutie gets a copy of a power from her list of copied powers. A random number generator gives her a blaster power.
  2. Charcutie gets a copy of a power from Eleanor. Eleanor has two powers, her shaker effect and her striker power. The shaker effect is always on, so Charcutie can’t copy it. This means Charcutie gets a copy of Eleanor’s striker power, a healing/reparative effect that forces demonic and gothic changes on the repaired material. Charcutie knows what this power does, including the drawback. She might even guess that Mewl looks like a demon because of something to do with this power.
  3. Charcutie gets a copy of a power from Mewl. Mewl has a thinker power, so that doesn’t count. But Mewl is a grab bag cape with three powers, so Charcutie gets a random power from the remaining two. Either she gets a copy of Mewl’s self healing, or she gets a copy of Mewl’s teleport. Flipping a coin, Charcutie’s player gets tails and obtains a copy of Mewl’s teleport. She also knows that Mewl’s teleport can only be used when people aren’t looking, making her a little wary about letting Mewl out of her sight.

Combat begins when Charcutie spends uses the blaster power to attack a scary looking cat demon. Mewl spends their turn retaliating by throwing an axe at Charcutie. Eleanor spends a turn trying to ask what the hell is going on, and combat manages to calm down. The axe managed to wound Charcutie, and Eleanor offers to heal it, but Charcutie wants to maybe have this healing power another time and decides to use it herself to fix her wound, obtaining a few spooky demon scales on her arm.

Suddenly, a new fighter approaches. Charcutie wants to learn Mewl’s power for her list, but she is worried about the danger and decides to grab a fresh round of powers. (It also might help her get a sense for what this mysterious newcomer can do.).

  1. Charcutie gets a copy of a random power from her list. Using Eleanor’s power added it to the list, and the random number generator gives Charcutie a copy of Eleanor’s power.
  2. Charcutie gets a copy of Eleanor’s striker power. Now two of her slots are the same defensive power.
  3. Charcutie gets tails again, with a copy of Mewl’s teleport
  4. Charcutie can’t copy a power from the new fighter. She doesn’t know why she couldn’t copy it, she just gets another random power from the list. The random number generator has chosen violence today, and gives Charcutie a third charge of Eleanor’s power. This is her life now.


Though a fan of detective and crime media, Charley’s ambitions didn’t quite match her ability, saddling her with a lot of student debt for not a lot of forensics degree. By the time she triggered she’d been working retail for two years, hoping to maybe save up and psych herself up for another go at getting some qualifications and a better job than waitressing. She was caught in the middle of a five way capefight between the former team members of the Femptolethal Five, whose attempt to re-enact Reservoir dogs before a heist and get along outside of costume failed spectacularly.

Cape life was hopefully going to be an escape from waitressing but after stopping a mugging while wearing her work uniform Charley decided to stick with waitress as a theme for her costume. Her summer one, at least.

Current Powers List

Dice Roll Copied From Power Quick Description Event-Copied/Reason
1 Die-ode (NPC) Electric Touch Striker power that delivers an electric shock, briefly powering or disabling an electrical device Trigger Event
2 Cactus (NPC) Create Needles LOS Shaker power that creates spikes on a five foot circle on any nonliving surface Trigger Event
3 Dunce Box (NPC) Childlike Minions Striker/master power that animates materials in the environment to create a child-sized lumpy creature that can follow simple orders. Will repeat whatever you say to it, and cry if you touch it. Trigger Event
4 Ziltoid (NPC) Summon Eyeball Master power that summons a basketball sized ominous floating eyeball through which Ziltoid can see and fire his blaster powers (Lasts a day, pops when touched) Trigger Event
5 Batgirl (NPC) Fireball Creates a baseball sized blob of fire that ignites dry and flammable materials Trigger Event
6 Mad Dog Form of Dogball Transform into/out of being a wet and furry mass of dog parts, gaining durability but suffering seizures after heavy damage. Charcutie's first patrol!
7 Eismeister Nudge Cold Stuff Move some cold stuff around a bit. Honestly, one of those powers that works better over time. A Fresh Bag of Eis
8 Celestial Wind Create Create a duplicate of a target person in range, with any physical powers granted by their breaker/changer forms AND one of Celestial Wind's minor powers to boot (flight/shield/craft weapon/transfer wound) Devilfish Railroad
9 Celestial Wind Create Weapon Draw material from the environment to create a weapon Devilfish Railroad
10 Celestial Wind Transfer Wound Remove an instance of damage from one person/object and transfer it to another person by touch, or turn it into a status effect that can be transferred to others Devilfish Railroad
11 Celestial Wind Shield Bubble yourself to block an instance of damage Devilfish Railroad
12 Nyoom Walk Wall Make Shield Intangibly zip through a surface, picking up a full body suit of armour made out of whatever substance you just passed through Devilfish Railroad
13 Night Howler RGB Nails Change the glow colour of your nails/eyes/ Devilfish Railroad
14 Night Howler Bear Mode Transform into a roughly canine-ursine changer form, about the size of a grizzly bear, with enhanced strength/durability/climbing Devilfish Railroad
15 Bluescreen Juke Short range teleport that doesn't require Line of Sight
16 Bluescreen Blink Long range teleport that requires Line of Sight
17 Bluescreen Taser Touch Can release a roughly taser strength electric shock from their body.
18 Unity Disguise Self Generate an illusion around self to mimic a person's appearance.
19 Aces High Activate my Pain Receptors Toggle feeling pain on or off
20 Retcon Rewind Touch Relive and steal the memories of up to 24 hours of a person's life, reversing any changes to them in that time. Use on objects for up to a week's worth of rewinding, but Charcutie Joins the Protectorate
21 Black Dove Pocket Dimension Hide or retrieve an object from a pocket dimension.
22 Unity Wound Manipulation Speed up a wound to heal it, or reverse a fresh scar into a wound
23 Zeitgeist Past Self Clone Generate a translucent duplicate that replays your movement exact movements, from up to an hour ago.
24 Zeitgeist Replace Clone Teleport to a clone/illusion/duplicate that you've made
25 Refraction Beam to place Turn into a beam of light/electricity and zip along a straight line to the target location. Bounce off of mirrored surfaces
26 Refraction Emotion Clones Split off a portion of your personality into a super strong clone with Refraction's beam power.
27 Refraction Emotional touch Amplify one of a person's emotions on touch
28 Queen Bonk Portal Creation Create two portals within short line of sight, linked to each other or pre-existing portals A queen needs her crown
29 Quake Shockwave Generate a wave of force that travels briefly through air to knock back, or through surfaces to crack and damage them. Cutie Sighted Target Acquired
30 Starstruck Stars Create a small floating light, with control over its movement and detonation. Hollowpoint Smiles
31 Bombshell Shimmerbomb Imbue a nonliving object with sparkles, able to telekinetically control and detonate it. Hollowpoint Smiles
32 Deadpan Tire Fire Fires a bolt that pierces armor/shields, lightly hurts even when immune to pain, and makes the target tired and fatigued while making self well-rested and energized. PRT Holding Cells
33 Deadpan Bamboozle Creates a holographic decoy of self that repeats brief gestures/phrases on a loop. Lasts for half a minute. While hologram is deployed, self becomes invisible for the decoy's duration, reappearing on attack. PRT Holding Cells
34 Toyman Toyify Transform a material into a soft plastic replica of itself. Breaking the Bank
35 Blast Off Demoman Throw a sticky bomb X, set to go off after being hit with X more sticky bombs. Blasting off Again
36 Aug Possession Enter and control a host body, leaving at own discretion. Able to selectively limit the host's control over own actions and powers. Blasting off Again