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Ya nyoomy girl.jpg
Franca in civvies
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/TheBluestHedgeroo (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Franca Scagnetti
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMover/Changer
Born (2004-07-08) July 8, 2004 (age 18)
Ashton, WA
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

A five-minute long first-person freerunning video showing off some “goddamn insane cape shit” (to put it succinctly) was recently posted to PHO under the handle @Nyooooooooom. Otherwise, some petty property damage portending a practicing powered parkourist (claw marks, cleat marks) has been found in areas around Nashwood High.

Under her out-of costume identity, Franca Scagnetti is known for being a rising track star for the Nashwood High Fightin’ Skeletons (or whatever the hell their team name/school mascot is), excelling in the 100m Hurdles and 200m Dash as a freshman.

After being utterly clowned on by a trio of Wards, Nyoom reluctantly joined the organization as a probationary member (because the alternative was jail time or being clowned on again in an escape attempt). She has recently transferred to the Devilfish branch, moving with her family for work. Is not especially confident in her abilities as a supercoppo.

Character Sheet


Tall for her age and lean, with a p typical runner’s build. Has shoulder-length wavy black hair and dark brown eyes. Former costume was merely black biker leathers with a rubber panther mask, however she has since upgraded to a dark purple bodysuit with a hardened panther mask. Wears kneepads for safety, yet is not enough of a coward to bother with a helmet. Hands are often wrapped with tape and/or gauze, depending on how badly she wiped out during the previous week.

Equipment and Resources

  • Precisely one switchblade, for especially dire situations
  • A well-loved camcorder, mounted on her shoulder with a makeshift series of straps.
  • Smol roll of gauze and tube of convenience store-tier antiseptic in her jacket pocket, for patching up scrapes.

Her resources consist of whatever she deigns to steal or whatever her lower middle class family deigns to give her. Turns out, that combination doesn’t really yield much beyond periodic access to the family computer and an emergency $20 at present. (Wealth Level 2)

Implanted Tech

  • Musculature Enhancement (courtesy of Cylynx): A organ about the size of a golf ball bound to her heart, releasing a dubious hormone cocktail that encourages muscle growth and healing. In non-nerd terms, it is easier to stay swole, she can overtax her muscles with less risk of permanent damage, and she recovers a tad bit quicker from torn muscles.
  • Ferro Initius (courtesy of Cylynx, localized to her legs): A series of cybernetic implants bound to her leg muscles and bones, specifically metallic ropes allowing her leg muscles to contract and expand with more force. In non-nerd terms, she can run quite a bit faster than usual, kick quite a bit harder than usual, and her legs can take a bit more punishment than usual.

Skills and Specializations

  • Pretty talented parkourist/free runner, as well as a good sprinter
  • Decent at first aid, relatively speaking
  • Somehow became her family’s IT person by dint of knowing how to correctly download video editing software.
  • Excellent singer.


Prideful and free-spirited adrenaline junkie with one hell of a competitive streak. Has marginally mellowed out with regards to the whole "indiscriminate petty theft" thing, mostly due to being clowned on by the local Wards after trying too many times. Current goals are to impress her peers, clown on her foes, and look like she has any idea what the hecc she is doing.


(Mover/Changer) Franca is capable of “sinking” her body into any surface, after which she propels herself through any adjacent surface (e.g. plunging into a wall of a room and leaping out of the ceiling, plunging into the floor of a room and leaping out of the wall of the room below it, plunging into a wall in a room and leaping out of the same wall, but into the adjacent room). She retains her momentum through these leaps and can change her physical orientation while she is inside the surface. She can only take objects smaller than herself through when diving through a surface, and cannot take living beings with her.

Upon leaving a surface, a brittle shell of material from the surface she exits is formed around a random part of her body. The shell is strong enough to stay together for on average, about a half-dozen strikes / about three blows (depending on how strong the impacts are) / about two dozen steps, respectively. These shells will crumble on their own after thirty seconds, if not destroyed prior to that.

Arms (1-2 roll on a d6 or ~choose arms)
A hard shell of x material forms tightly around her forearms and hands, culminating in a set of five claws with a razor-sharp edge. Allows for swift melee strikes and can enable wall-running if the claw is suitably sharp to dig into the wall.
Torso (3-4 roll on a d6 or ~choose torso)
A somewhat thick (about six inches) shell of x material forms tightly around her torso, forming a psuedo-breastplate. Protects from impacts to a varying degree, highly dependent on what material she exits from (likely wouldn’t stop a bullet from penetrating unless she sprung from concrete or construction-grade steel, but would dull most blows from edged weapons)
Legs (5-6 roll on a d6 or ~choose legs)
A hard shell of x material forms tightly around her legs up to her knee, culminating in a boot with many cleat-like protrusions on the bottom. Somewhat protects from falls and grants more traction on softer surfaces, while putting a hell of a lot more force into her kicks.


  • She can only stay “submerged” in any particular surface for about ten seconds, after which she is forced to eject herself from the surface.
  • She cannot see while inside a surface, but has more sensitive hearing (with all the benefits and drawbacks it entails) while inside a surface.
  • She can only occupy a surface large enough to stick her head and shoulders out of. If the surface she is occupying is reduced in size to the point it can no longer contain her (by damage from an attack or by other weird power-related shrinkage), she will lose any accumulated momentum, fall out of the surface, and probably be stunned for a bit, depending on how far she falls.
  • At any time, she can prompt any particular shell around her body to dissipate, leaving behind no debris.
  • She cannot phase into apparel or equipment presently being worn or carried.
  • She must submerge her entire body into a surface, she cannot just phase in/phase out a limb.


Franca entered highschool the same way most people her age did: overwhelmed, vaguely overconfident, and eager to prove herself as way cooler than her peers. This, combined with her extreme recklessness and parkour talents, made her a hell of a lot more hyped for the annual freshman-hazing event among her track team: diverting their normal afterschool conditioning run through a dark, partially collapsed section of the spooky Catacombs! She felt the urge to put on a fuccin show for those other scrubs, leading the pack of terrified freshman who were running on the ground like schmucks through by running along thin brick walls, leaping to and from overhead pipes, and vaulting over collapsed piles of rubbish like a fuccin pro. Even while her arms got sore and her fingers began to cramp, she continued to vault around like an asshole until her abused grip finally gave out when she tried to fling herself from an overhead pipe, landing hard on her back and being left behind in the dark.

She triggered there, and has since regained some of her stupid overconfidence while experimenting with her new powers. Lately, Nyoom is getting ready to make her mark…..