Night Howler

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Night Howler
Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/TheTowerIV (capes)
Civilian name Jason DeLobo
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker Stranger
Born (1996-01-01) January 1, 1996 (age 27)
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Evolutionist D- | Lovelorn C | Night Howler B

A well known Protectorate hero in New York City, he’s been on the news a couple times. Even if there’s dozens of Capes in NYC, he is on the top 100 list of memorable Capes in The Big Apple off the top of anybody’s head. He’s saved many people, and stopped a few villains in his time being in the Protectorate.

Character Sheet


He’s built pretty well. Lean, athletic, average height, and about as handsome as the next guy. He is of hispanic descent, so his skin is slightly bronze and his hair is black. Eyes are light black.

There’s a strange barcode tattoo on the base of his neck that not many people get to see clearly.

Costume has a basic skin tight suit under a light layer of armor. Has a hood with a jagged shape on the rim. Its primarily dark colors, with silver armor plates. It's all just flash, since in fights he’ll be primarily in his Breaker state.>

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 6

Has been with the NYC Protectorate for about a year. Rarely spends that much on anything, but does go for an expensive dinner whenever he likes.

  • Standard Taser - For tasing
  • Cellphones - Multiple for civilian and Cape identities (Includes Comms)
  • Sunglasses - They look nice
  • Costume - Protectorate standard made

Skills and Specializations

  • Sleight of Hand and Street Know - From surviving in the streets of New York since childhood
  • Keen awareness - For similar reasons, needed to live
  • Combative training - Learned basic brawling when young then official PRT combat training/weapon handling after joining The Protectorate
  • Parkour - PARKOUR


As put together as much as anyone can, going through what he’s gone through. Tries to take the stress off things with a bit of levity, and is a fairly extroverted person outta costume. Though, he’s pretty lonely, so he prefers going on missions with one or two others. His intelligence is high enough to work well as a pro hero.


Trigger type: Coven Breaker

Howler transforms into a roughly canine-ursine changer form, about the size of a grizzly bear, though with less bulk to its body. Possessing a canid-like maw, and large 10 inch claws. Able to exert bite force roughly equivalent to a nile crocodile (Roughly 5000psi), and has claws as sharp as surgical scalpels.

His changer form has an exoskeleton with Level III ballistic protection, though gunshots are still painful and cause bruising underneath. Stab/slash resistance is on par with fine chainmail mesh. Changer form weighs about 1051lbs.

Possesses significant strength, able to strike, slash, and lift about as well as a Grizzly bear (max he can lift is ~1000lbs). And after building up speed can reach sprinting speeds at about 31mph at maximum, excelling at climbing and parkour, as his claws allow great traction even on vertical surfaces, so long as the structure can support his weight.

Howler is capable of smelling as well as a Bloodhound (Around 12.4 miles), Seeing as well as a dragonfly with equivalent 360° vision (Has over 20k lenses to process vision), and hearing as well as a moth (Up to 300kHz). With Howler retaining these senses even outside his changer form, except for the 360° vision.

Howler's changer form has organs in its chest that generate a billowing cloud of a gas that extends about two (2) to eight (8) feet from its body. This gas is breathable like oxygen, with a feint taste of copper. And has three (3) modes that can be toggled at will by Howler.

Mode 1: Translucent as standard oxygen.

Mode 2: Thick and black like smoke from a tire fire.

Mode 3: Translucent as standard oxygen, but hides living organisms and any held equipment. Making Howler himself Invisible, but with very slight movement distortions (Not unlike the antagonist in the 1987 film ’Predator’.) With the distortions being far far more noticeable with people other than Howler, but still of some use when standing still or moving slowly.

Going into breaker state takes Howler around a few seconds. Toggling modes is instant, but it takes a second for the gas to change as well as be expelled.

Eyes, Teeth and claws can glow various colors, toggled on or off, separately from the fog toggle.

Any clothing Howler wears warps into the exoskeleton of the breaker state. Body armor only provides a thin layer of support compared to the breaker state’s natural armor.

While the naked eye can potentially detect minor movement distortions, ultraviolet cameras can more easily spot these distortions and ripples, with sensitive motion sensors doing the same. However, infrared does not interact at all.

Anything that could blow away thick fog like a large turbine or strong winds can also blow away the gas in all 3 modes.

He cannot communicate normally within the breaker state. His voice comes out as hollow wails and bellows. He can concentrate on making it sound like a voice, although it comes out echoing and erie.


Life for Jason was always average. Everyday is another near death experience, cape fights, criminals, and even the yearly Endbringer appearance that has hit him twice in his life. His only help has been his long time best friend, they’ve gone through it all together. Survived.

For a few years now the two haven’t been connected, so when Jason decided to try to reconnect with his friend, he couldn’t really find his friend. Something found him, though. Through constant searching on the web for his friend and even curious searching for power, he ended up getting a call from DeepDIVE.

Months of strange favors and jobs, became years of morally questionable actions. Eventually, Jason got to the final step, getting a power for a sacrifice. His journey started with trying to find his friend, so he sacrifices that goal. His curiosity and memories of ever having anyone support him has gone. Now it's just a drive for survival.