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Toyman transformed with armor
Notoriety Criminal
C / *
Author /u/spider_dream23 (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Shane Jones
Alignment Mercenary
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger/Striker
Born (2001-05-04) May 4, 2001 (age 21)
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
D D- | Dst D$ | F C+ | Fun D? | Refrct C | TM C* | T D+ | Trk E-

Public nuisance and notorious cat burglar. Known as a somewhat beneficial small time villain, who tries to appear more dangerous and greater than he actually is. Using his power on people and even threatening to kill them, without ever causing any harm to anyone. Stealing and hording a variety of belongings and other goods, who aren’t even that valuable. Often times he just gives them away the next day in a robin hood-esque fashion, apparently not that interested in amassing a fortune or power.

Was sometimes seen as a mercenary or part of a team for bigger missions.

Allegedly killed by another villain six months ago, while he stood up to prevent civilian causalities.

Resurfaced a few days ago for unknown reasons.

Character Sheet


1,95 m height, slender and athletic built, medium length blue colored hair(Brown if natural), blue eyes.

Changer form has minor shifting abilities, he can be an almost identical replica of his civilian appearance, or choose a more exaggerated and artificial form(longer nose, bigger eyes, more colorful etc) similar to a cartoonish action figure. The other end of the spectrum is possible as well, his appearance being more featureless noseless face with eyes equall to a 2d picture.

Less features usually means a faster almost instant transformation and less risk of losing parts, but also gives much less options for facial expressions.

Costume wise he either just wears plasticized clothes or various kinds of armor, sometimes with a video game /movie theme or imitations of cape armor.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 4

Tends to hide loads of weapons, tools, money even trash, dirt or food inside of himself and as well as externally hoarding them in his various safe places.


First aid kit


Makeshift bombs

Skills and Specializations

Shane is a natural Gadgeteer, taking advantage of his power to fit as many traps and items into himself as possible. Be it literal explosives or manipulated materials. Stuffing multiple objects into each other to create overlaying effects and hide more than one would think is even possible. He is well versed in chemistry, able to fill one plasticized element with another and then let the reaction happen once they turn back to normal.

Incredible agility, each limb able to rotate on its joints in a almost 360° fashion. His body weights only a 1/5 of what it should be, he can move relatively fast and cover wide distances with one jump.

Basic hand to hand combat

Exceptional at climbing and lock picking

Craftsman and well versed with technology (certainly deserved of an Tinker 0 rating).

Natural survivor


Shane is naturally a friendly and outgoing guy, but also a chronic kleptomaniac and hoarder. He just has that tendency to pick up anything that seems useful or special only to lose it shortly after. Meanwhile he has a hard time to keep track of anything or manage any kind of order. Causing him to accumulate loads of trash everywhere he goes.

He likes to plan and create complicated schemes to get something, only to lose interest once he actually managed to aquire the object he craved for so long.

Sometimes just abandoning apartments full of stolen goods and trash or distributing everything to the whole neighborhood. He enjoys the image of the benevolent master-thief, him merely redistributing wealth to his friends and companions..

Toyman is the type of guy who likes to fool around, stealing or plasticizing an opponents equipment mid fight or flinging a bunch of stolen money into the next crowd of people. He prefers to create chaos and enjoys the thrill of being a cape.

Besides this, he has a serious side to him, always appreciating good craftsmanship and following his passion to work on his various gadgets or repair anything that appears to be broken.

Has a tendency to plasticize and destroy objects, weapons and equipment, only to collect the pieces and rebuild it later. Craftsman and well versed with technology (certainly deserved of an Tinker 0 rating).

Natural survivor



Toyman can turn into a plastic replica of himself. ‘Toy body’ is segmented with jointed legs/arms etc like a mannequin, completely hollow and lightweight but still as strong as the average human. The material is much more durabel than ordinary plastic(slightly less durabel than steel), nonetheless its still able to break.

Toyman is able to store various items in his hollow body compartments.

No matter how much he stores inside of him, his actual weight and mobility won’t change.

Body is able to form various openings, to detach/reattach limbs or open up into two halves. Enabling him to hold and release items with almost his same size( could technically fit a slightly smaller person inside of himself).

Partial transformation is possible(hiding his toy body beneath skin…)


Touch based striker ability to transform any material into a (hollow) plastic replica of itself. This usually decreases its durability to a great effect, enabling him to punch through walls or turn any kind of technology nonfunctional. In rare cases durability increases if the affected material is extraordinary fragil to begin with.

A direct touch turns the immediate surface almost instantly, with the effect spreading as long as he keeps physical contact.

Not exactly manton limited, but still somewhat hampered by the presence of living beings , as it works considerably slower. Can quickly transform a table or wall, but needs a few seconds to change one segment of armor, with a whole person more than several minutes.

Striker ability works on anything tangible, constructs, liquids, even acid or lava would turn into a harmless replica.

Fully transforming a living being, would be similar to being frozen by Clockblocker, though without the indestructibility.

Only temporary, with everything returning back to normal in a matter of minutes, unless objects or beings got transformed as a whole, doomed to stay like that, until he willfully changes them back.

Objects are basically frozen in time, boiling water would still be hot once turned back, a triggered bomb will still proceed to explode after he decides to reverse the effect of his power.

Just like his body, transformed items can be opened and closed at his choosing, able to fit something else inside their cavity. One object holding another will immediately reject its cargo once his power stops working, with multiple objects seemingly phasing out of each other.

Can only be used if he is fully transformed, as its the same ability that plasticifies his own body.


Able to heal small cracks and tears in his body once he transforms back into his human form, but the moment a piece is missing he needs to put himself back together prior to transforming or else the damage would carry over. Half his face glued to the other half would be sufficient.

The more damaged he is, the more time it takes to turn human again.

Same counts with plasticized people. They can be shattered but would revive if he repairs them prior to turning them back.

Missing pieces can be replaced by anything of equal size and shape(Like a puzzle) if it’s affected by his power.

Burnt, deformed(molten) or corroded parts damaged beyond repair, would need to be replaced in its entirety.

Does not work on anything that got damaged before he used his power.

Trigger type: Natural single Trigger


Calmly he placed his hand on the wall, feeling his power move trough the material, he waits a few seconds and ten throws himself through the now brittle material. The surface easily breaks, it may have been painful if those shards got on his skin, but his body is already plasticized and that as a much more durabel material than anything he touched would be.

Briefly surveying the area he does not waste any time to literally gorge himself on anything of value, widely opening his mouth filling his insides with money and what not. He takes a bundle of money ‘frozen’ by his power and opens it, the object seemingly emulating a plastic box in similar shape and appearance, as he fills it up with jewelry. The alarm silenced by a faint touch as it turns nonfunctional.

Surrounded by police he pulls out a firecracker, one turns into a dozen as it gets flown towards them, all exploding simultaneously. He dodged most of the gunfire, but still gets perforated with a few, not that it matters as his current form is unable to feel pain. That’s something he can repair later. Rushing the nearest officer Toyman firmly grabs him, the arm dropping the gun and turning limp as it turns into plastic. Knocking him out with a firm kick he jumps away and throws a bunch of marbles at the rest, which turn out to be nitroglycerin.

With the last cop blocking his retreat, he opens another compartment inside of his arm, hiding a liter of solidified hot coffee, splashing it into the guys face to escape through the window.

Back home, he examines himself and starts to repair his damaged body, patching himself up with compatible 3d printed replacements.


Artificial.. the first word that comes to mind when he contemplated his life. Coming from a rich and well known family, he got anything he ever wanted and it never was enough, everything felt shallow and empty. Things he bought lost attractiveness once he actually got them, he always had to behave in certain ways, just like everyone else. His world far from being real.

He run away in the search of a more full-filling life, new name, identity and city, away from the influence of his family.

Of course he didn’t manage… Feeling the taste of poverty for the first time in his life.. he learnt to steal and to survive.. going back was an option, he just couldn’t take. After all of that, to go back, alone the thought was unbearable.

He adapted and finally found a place to belong.. people who accepted him. They were criminals but somehow Shane just felt to fit in compared to his old life.

All until one of them found out and revealed his past to the rest.. all of them… turned against him.

As it turns out his family was also the most hated one, at least concerning that specific group of people he surrounded himself with.

His perfect life destroyed, altered into a hostile environment full of hate, all because of things he wasn’t even involved with.

In the midst of being beaten to death, he just couldn’t really belief it, how it all fall apart because of him and how he could possible pick up the pieces… make everything… like it was supposed to be.