Queen Bonk

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Queen Bonk
Notoriety Criminal
C / +
Author /u/the4bestgame (capes)
Pronouns she/her
Civilian name Chelli Davyrt
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationShaker 6, Mover 3, Thinker 1
Born (1980-03-31) March 31, 1980 (age 42)
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Blast Off C$ | Dunemere C* | Galacterian Knight C | Queen Bonk C+ | Voitarus E

Queen Bonk

  • Name / Alias: Chelli Davyrt / Queen Bonk
  • Age: 22
  • Alignment: Villain(independent)

Public Information

A petty thief that enjoys making a fool out of hero’s, moving to Devilfish after the heat in the UK got too much for her. She’s a thief for hire, but amuses herself by stealing from secure places with her portals, despite not yet being caught, she’s been forced to give up the stolen goods by dogged enough pursuers. Starting Reputation: D*

Physical Appearance

A tall Caucasian girl with electric blue eyes and wild pink the blue hair, she normally wears a plain black wig if needing to leave the house without being recognised for her cape persona.

Clothes wise she wears tank tops that show off her midriff and long flowy skirts with a wild spread of colours.

Costume: Chelli’s current costume is a skin tight red and black suit, with an orange logo in the middle. Its noticeably too big for her, and was infact, stolen from a British heroine. The only mask she uses is a basic domino mask.


Chelli has a hard time taking anything seriously, she flits about from danger to danger with little cares to be noted from the outside. Of course a life like that is unsustainable, and Chelli has a hard time putting down roots, feeling a constant need to go bigger and do more.


Chelli has a decent stockpile of stolen loot that she’s sold to rely on for cash, beyond this her only method of getting money is crime however.

Wealth Level: 4


Chelli has a basic foam bat and a nerf gun, both of which she stole back in britan. Beyond that she has a few burner phones, her personal cell and a beat up getaway car


Driving Contracts


Trigger type: (Mover?)-Shaker Thinker 1

TL:DR - Chelli can create a buncha small portals in a short range around herself. Every portal has to link somewhere, but multiple portals can link to the same place (Portal A and B can both link to Portal C). These portals can be looked through to see whats on the other side, and Chelli treats them as physical objects.

Chelli has a short range around herself in a circular radius of about 60 feet. She doesn’t need line of sight to create these portals and is capable of placing them based on basic directions (Behind that wall, 30 feet north, co-ordinates)

Her portals can range in size from about an apple, to large enough for a person, and are always perfectly circular. Her thinking rating comes from her ability to predict where a projectile will end up after it goes through one of her portals, giving her great skill in redirecting attacks to hit others.

Chelli is capable of creating a large number of portals at one time, line of sight works as normal through the portals, but Chelli is capable of quickly switching the destination of a portal once its established. In addition, portals can function non linearly (Portal A leads to portal B, but Portal B leads to Portal C.) and multiple portals can end at the same destination, though each portal can only lead to one place. (Portal A and B can both lead to portal C. But Portal C cannot lead to both A and B)

Portals function as smooth barriers for Chelli, as she is incapable of traversing them. In addition whilst she can summon many portals, doing so requires her to keep focused on all of them, and as such getting hit will often cause portals to blink out. Should something by in a portal when she looses focus, either deliberately or by accident it will be forced to stay open, causing a crushing headache for Chelli.


Chelli laughed as the strongman cape charged at her, running across a portal laid in the ground only to be spat out inside the shield capes bubble, running her over.

The ice cape tried to sneak up on her to freeze her in place. A good plan but she had a portal in view to watch her back, and the freezing blast was redirected into the path of the speedster, freezing him in place.

At the speedster crying out in distress everyone stopped to look at him, and that was my queue, running into a back alley I stuck a portal behind my to stop their invisible stranger following me and made my escape, hopping over fencing with solid portals as footstools.

Its good to be Queen.


Chelli watched in horror as the flames rose higher. She left for maybe half an hour to do a store run, her roommates needed her to do a milk run. Her roommates. People she had joked with, lived with, she new them better than her own family, and they where trapped in there, burning.

The sound of sirens was little comfort to her, the apartment was already an inferno, they wouldn’t couldn,t arrive in time. None of her roommates were amongst the people standing and watching - GAWKING as her friends. She had to do something, to get them out, somehow, some way.

Running around the back she scanned the apartment blocks 3rd floor, hoping to see an open window, maybe some sigh they’d jumped out. But instead she saw a hand pressed up against the window. palm out, not moving. She triggered as she panicked, desperate to find a way to get her friends out of the inferno, but they were already gone.