Blast Off

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Blast Off
Notoriety Criminal
C / $
Author /u/the4bestgame (capes)
Pronouns She/her
Civilian name Nova Rose
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBlaster
Born (2001-04-23) April 23, 2001 (age 22)
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Blast C$ | Bunk B! | Dune C* | Glac Knight C | Queen B C+ | Voit E

Nova was an independent hero working alongside the Protectorate before she turned. She was known for a relaxed and easygoing personality that didn’t take much seriously and would actively work to avoid anything too serious. Since she turned villian her personality hasn’t changed much, simply becoming crueler and more willing to hurt others for her own gain with a love for fighting Heros.

Physical Appearance

Nova is a small black girl with black hair normally drawn into a ponytail. She has soft green eyes. She has a lean build and used to wear skirts with loose casual T shirts. Her costume is a red spandex suit with orange cuffs and a comic explosion around it, a black domino mask over her eyes.


Nova is a former hero thats given up on the world, she holds no responsibilities except to her own pleasure and seemingly has a great deal of fun when fighting and harming Heros.

Resources & Equipment

Wealth Level: 5

Blast off doesn’t have anything beyond her phone, purse and costume being on the run from the law.


  • Sewing
  • Motorbiking
  • Public speaking
  • Baking
  • Cross Protectorate-Indie Operating Procedure


Trigger type: Natural Blaster

Nova can throw orbs of blue energy from her hands (One per 6 seconds per hand) that will stick to whatever they hit. When she throws an orb she picks a number from 1 to 20. 20 is the Maximum number. Once that many orbs are stuck to the person or object she can choose to detonate them. The larger the number picked the more the orbs hurt.

The orbs can be removed by hand, but are attached firmly to wherever they hit, making them hard to remove mid fight.

The orb scaling works as follows. At 1 the orb can’t deal any damage, its just a shove of force. At 5 its a well trained Boxers punch. At 10 its around 2000 pounds of force and at 20 You’re dealing 5000 pounds of force.

In addition Nova can manifest body parts from these orbs either in flight or after they’ve landed. These body parts are an inky black colour and she is able to multitask with them effectively. It seems so far that she is limited to Two arms, Two legs, One chest and One head at this time, effectively doubling her body.


Nova grew up in a small town outside of Devilfish, the kind of sleepy town where nothing really happens. She went to school to get grades but she knew ultimately that she would probably end up working in her parents bakery.

Unfortunately a small town didn’t have much in the presence of Capes, and madmen didn’t need powers to cause problems.

It was lunchtime at school, Nova and her friends were aimlessly chatting. The topic of the hour being complaining about homework. When a shrill beep chimed in the buzy hall.

The others didn’t take any pause as the sound blended into the background, but it itched in the back of her skull. The complaining about Miss Gledley droned out as she listened in. hearing the beep again, across the room.

She excused herself from the table, standing up and cautiously drifting towards the sound, dodging students moving around the room.

She doubted she would ever forget the moment she saw the device. A tiny metal box resting up against the pillar. She spun around, seeing them scattered across the room. A cry broke from her lips to run, but she never finished the words.

She saw stars.

She woke up, trapped under the rubble with deep gasping breaths. A boy whos name she didn’t know was in front of her, a pained smile across his face. He looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t place him.

He knew her though, and so they talked. Or rather he talked at her. Some part of her knew it was dumb to waste the air, but she couldn’t bring herself the silence her classmate.

After a day he started to run out of things to say, so she took up the brunt of the conversation. He started to get distracted. Focused on something else before he confused.

“I’m hurt badly Nova… I… I’m not gunna make it…” He choked out, stunning her into silence. “I know its cowardly but… I’m glad you where here. So I won’t be forgotten… Tell me sister I’m sorry won’t you.”

She didn’t have the heart to tell him she had no idea who his sister was.

Eventually she was freed from the rubble, becoming the local hero for her small town as she finished her studies. She didn’t like to think of it as running from her town, but as soon as she finished her schooling she left for another town, joining up with the Protectorate as an independent hero.

She did small time work with them, her power difficult to use without causing large amounts of property damage. Whilst she wasn’t a big name, or even anything on par with a well known local hero, she did her best to help people with a smile.

After a fight gone wrong with a Brute Blast off gave up being a hero. Deciding that she wasn’t going to hold back any more and started using the full extend of her powers, blasting through walls with her orbs to steal from shops and revealing a long kept secret part of her powers, manifesting limbs from them to strangle people as she goes about her robberies.

Since then she has been making her way across the country and is now in Devilfish to cause havok and thefts, heros are to be advised that being a former hero that worked with the Protectorate she knows much of the normal operating procedures.