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Retcon armor.jpg
Retcon in her modified KERES armor
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/PM_ME_UR_SIMURGH (capes)
Pronouns she/her
Civilian name Robin Gibson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate / SWORDFISH (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStranger (Striker)
Born (1992-04-15) April 15, 1992 (age 30)
Wall, South Dakota
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Asbestos C | Astrohaunt B? | Knockoff F? | Misfit A$ | Retcon E | Zettai C?

Retcon is a relatively unknown Protectorate hero. Unlike most Protectorate announcements of new heroes, with press conferences and words from the mayor, her arrival in Devilfish was published in a quiet PRT-IB press release at the end of the day. While a few PHO tryhards are aware of her, most media completely missed the announcement.

Character Sheet


A figure of average height, outfitted with next-gen PRT combat armor (see #Equipment) with all insignia removed. She's added an opaque helmet that completely hides her face, as well as voice scramblers to change how her voice sounds both over PRT comms and in-person. As of yet nobody in Devilfish, including her teammates, has seen her out of costume.

Equipment and Resources


  • KERES Mk II combat armor (prototype) - As thanks for helping with [REDACTED], Retcon was given an early prototype of the next-generation augmented PRT heavy combat armor. Features level IV bulletproofing, CBRN protection and filtration, and regeneratively-charged actuators allowing burst lifts of 300 lbs and short sprints of 30mph. Integrated PRT commlink, health monitoring, HUD, and tracking beacon.
  • Stun baton - zap zap
  • PRT service pistol with big boy ammo (hidden in armor)
  • Obligatory Protectorate Motorcycle
  • cop stuff

Other resources:

  • Protectorate member in good standing
  • SWORDFISH owes her a favor
  • Lives on-base at the Devilfish PRTHQ

Skills and Specializations

  • PRT Operations Bureau training, including weapons and combat, SERE, Master/Stranger resistance, and so on.
  • Investigative experience including interrogation tactics
  • Field medic certification (rusty)
  • Impressive pain tolerance for some reason
  • Private pilot (fixed wing and rotary)


Professional and highly-driven, Retcon is also stubborn to a fault. If she thinks she's in the right it will take an act of god to sway her. In addition, thanks to the circumstances of her trigger, she has what some might call "trust issues".


Trigger type: Natural, single-trigger

Retcon is a Stranger/Striker with the power to, as her name suggests, retcon reality. The power operates differently on living creatures versus objects, due to Manton limitations.

On Objects

Upon touching an object, Retcon reverses any effects on the object, up to a week prior. Bullets return to guns, a wrecked car becomes whole again, shredded and burned documents become readable, and so on. If the object in question is a shard metamaterial, reverting it prior to its creation nopes it from this reality. Objects reverted retain their position.

On Living Creatures

The ability to retcon life is similar, but different. Upon touching a person (or living creature), she can reverse up to 24 hours of effects, returning them to their state prior to that point. Injuries will be healed, removed Tinkertech brought back, and so on. Of note, those who have this happen to them lose all memories of that time, as their brains have reverted as well.

Retcon takes those lost memories, and relives them in the instant of her power going off.

  • Trigger events are a hard time boundary for her power, she cannot cause someone to untrigger or bring them to a state prior to triggering.
  • Shard-influenced memory loss (read: c53ism) cannot be reverted.
  • In reliving the memories of those retconned, she will not be subjected to any Master effects the retconned person may have been under (for example, if she retconned someone who'd been given a still-active Herald lie, she would not be subject to it).
  • She cannot undead people, if someone dies that's a hard stop. If they can be resuscitated via other means, she can subsequently revert "past" the death point.
  • People reverted retain their position (no teleporting ppl).
  • Retcon can retcon herself, but this deletes the memories entirely.


Detective Gibson, like all PRT Operations staff, trained intensively to resist Mastering. They took SERE training in case a villain wanted to torture information out of them. Regular tests ensured every member of the team was prepared should the worst happened.

Unfortunately for Detective Gibson, the worst happened. She'd been in charge of several confidential informants within a villain gang, and the villains in question wanted to know who. They'd gotten her somehow, and spent the next month trying to torture the information out of her. She'd never given in. She'd followed the training, and given them nothing more than her name and badge number.

After a month of no results, they'd slipped up, and she'd found the opening she needed to escape. They'd been holding her in the soundproofed basement of a house, and it was no problem sneaking her way out. That was, until she actually got out, and saw where she'd spent the last thirty-three days hoping they'd fuck up and give her the quiet way out.

It was the Protectorate Captain's home.

She doesn't remember what happened next, but after it all went down, the Captain was put in the Vault, she'd transferred into the Protectorate, and given the awkward situation in her old department she'd requested a different assignment. After hopping around various cities and helping out here and there with [REDACTED], she's been given a permanent assignment in Devilfish, Minnesota.