Aces High

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Aces High
Charles Chance out of his costume
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/FlashyAmoeba (capes)
Civilian name Charles Chance
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster / Brute
Born (1995-05-17) May 17, 1995 (age 27)
St. Paul, Minnesota
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Aces High F | Lady Fisto D+ | Ventus Dracon C

New hero who just joined the Protectorate several months ago and just transferred to Devilfish from St. Paul, Minnesota

Character Sheet


Physical Appearance A young man of mixed-race descent whose family could be from one of a dozen areas of the world. Raven dark hair, with greenish blue eyes. Stands at 6’feet tall. Is very athletic and in shape. Costume is designed to be somewhere between a astronaut suit and a soldier uniform.

Equipment and Resources

  • A whistle,
  • A taser
  • A can of pepper spray
  • Smelling salts
  • A lighter
  • Handcuffs,
  • First Aid Kit
  • K-bar knife
  • 3 meter chain with a manacle on the end. Can clamp shut, works like a handcuff.

Skills and Specializations

  • The trained athlete from playing soccer in highschool and keeping in shape as a fire fighter.
  • Skilled in investigating arsons and related forensics. A little skill in demolitions from learning about controlled burns and destruction.
  • Skilled driver, was the goto driver for the fire trucks
  • Very skilled in first aid
  • Skilled in handling heavy machinery
  • Can navigate via the stars and with a normal map
  • Knows how to search a building for someone, ideally to save them from a raging fire.
  • Being a firefighter
  • Can handle an axe
  • Can bench press 750 pounds


Kind of a fool, but very well-meaning. Too naive to have considered doing crime. Not really a bad bone in his body


Ace is capable of turning off his pain receptors at will and deaden himself to sensation, making him unable to feel pain or anything else. This however comes with several downsides that ramp up over time. At first, he loses some of his fine motor control, followed by the ability to recognize the position and movement of his body, and ending with an inability to process any touch or haptic feedback. These effects ramp up every ten seconds with all the side effects manifesting in 30 seconds.

However Ace can at any time offload these downsides onto anyone within range. All he needs to do this if so one person to be able to see or hear him. Everyone who can see and/or hear him will suffer from the same side effects he was under and he will no longer suffer the negative side effects. He cannot designate friendly targets, everyone who can see and hear him is affected. If Ace waits the full thirty seconds for the effects to ramp up completely and then offloads the effects, then the effects are supercharged. Everyone within the range has all their senses turn off for ten seconds, including sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.

Ace has a healing factor that also keeps him in tip-top physical shape. The healing factor is very good, but slow. It usually won’t help in a fight, but over the course of a month, he could regenerate up to a lost limb.

Ace can fly at a top speed of 30 mph, it takes him five seconds to reach his top speed.

Ace power gives him an enhanced ability at using chain based weaponry. The ability is not superhuman, it just makes him using a chain-based weapon as effective as a more traditional weapon. Just wacking people with a chain.


Charles grew up in St Paul, the eldest of three children. His mother was a principal at a local high school and his father was a chef. Charles was not the smartest student, but he made friends easily and was athletic. He started playing soccer in middle school and later in high school. He also in his spare time volunteering with the fire department. After graduating high school Charles studied to get an Emergency Medical Technician certification. From there he joined the St. Paul fire department. He worked there for about five years before making it to Captain in the local fire department.

He was considering taking a break from being a firefighter and getting a college degree soon. Then one night, Charles got really, really drunk at his lifelong best friend's Bachelor party, and made the genius decision to drive drunkenly over to a nearby playground. Bets were made, drunken idiots were egged on, and he got stuck in a kiddie swing, circulation to his legs cut off entirely by the rigid plastic, friend and co. drunkenly laughing around him as he slowly dies. He triggers.