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Standard Trigger

A standard trigger occurs when a person is pushed to their limit, traumatized to the point of snapping, broken by circumstance, until they become more than human and they receive powers. This is the most common variety of trigger event, basically the default method of getting powers.

Keep in mind that trivializing any kind of trigger event in-character & in-universe is liable to get you maimed or killed.

Cluster Trigger

A cluster trigger occurs when multiple trigger events happen at the same location under a short period.

Each member of a cluster trigger has a primary power, and a number of secondary powers based on the primaries of the other members, manifesting in a way that assists the expression of the main power.Sometimes each member of the cluster will receive a minor power not tied to any specific individual.

Parallel Trigger

A parallel Trigger occurs when a twin (or triplet, etc.) triggers. The genetically similar hosts gain similar or identical powers.

A genetically identical (or nearly) identical clone would function similarly in the place of a natural twin.

Meshed Trigger

A Meshed trigger occurs when a twin (or triplet) triggers, while in physical contact. The genetically similar hosts are fused into one body, gaining similar or identical powers. The exact mechanics of ‘sharing’ a body tend to differ case-by-case.

Some examples could include:

  • Alternating control of the body, with or without awareness when not piloting.
  • Swapping between two different bodies with the other stored in a pocket dimension when not in use.
  • Physically conjoined by their biology.
  • Overlapping dimensionally, phasing through each other.
  • Controlling specific body parts, or specific parts of the power (such as a master construct)

Single Trigger

A single trigger is just what it says on the tin. A person triggering one time. This is the usual amount of times a person triggers.

Double Trigger

Not to be confused with a second trigger, a double trigger is two trigger events that occur in quick succession. This may be the reason why certain parahumans are unable to experience a second trigger, since they've already had one.

Double triggering may be a type of re-calibration on the shard's part, occurring when the initial trigger is too much for the host to handle, or when the initial manton protections are insufficient.

Second Trigger

It is possible for a parahuman to experience a second trigger event that removes limits to their abilities or adds a secondary aspect to their power.

Second triggers are exceedingly rare and generally do more harm than good due to the toll it takes on the host. To experience a second trigger, a parahuman must experience a situation very similar to their original trigger event.

2nd Generation

Powers can be "inherited" from family members, or those closest to a person. While uncommon comparatively It is possible for powers to pass "upward" from child to parent as well.

People who have Parents with powers don’t need nearly as intense an event to make their powers manifest. These are known as Nth-generation powers (second-generation, third-generation etc.)

Contrary to popular belief, a genetic relationship isn't necessary to inherit powers. Powers inherited from someone other than a relative are often known as serial powers before it became clear that they were the same phenomenon, this turn of phrase still lingers despite the scientific community’s awareness to the contrary.

Second-generation capes gain powers influenced by both the powers of those related to them and their trigger event.Additionally similar to grab-bag capes, the children of parahumans tend to manifest multiple lesser powers related to those around them. As their shards are essentially the same, triggering near a 'parent' does not count for the circumstances of a Trump trigger.


Grab-Bag Cape is a colloquialism for capes who have multiple minor abilities in addition to their main power. A more scholastic term is mosaic power expression.

These are not necessarily Cluster or 2nd generation capes, though all cluster capes are considered grab-bags, as are some 2nd gen capes.

Typically you can be considered a Grab-bag if you have at least 3 distinct enough power manifestations that can’t easily be quantified as variations of one power.

Sometimes this can also be used as a slang term for a cape with an especially variable enough power.


If there are additional parahuman’s present during the parahumans trigger event, and they are actively using their powers, then the shard can "ping" off the others and exchange information. This generally allows the host to gain some kind of additional aspect to their powers that they would not have had otherwise

This differs from a trigger that results in a Trump power, as the parahuman’s present are not necessarily the cause of your trigger event, or potentially involved with your trigger at all, merely nearby.


Powers can ‘bud’ on occasion, spreading an imprint of itself to someone who has yet to trigger, but who possesses similarity to the powers existing host.

The recipient of a bud is usually young, and the process takes time, usually someone the original host has passive interaction with. When someone with a bud eventually triggers, their power will be related to the power that imprinted upon them pre-trigger.