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While we're open to all power concepts in theory, unfortunately some powers simply work poorly in the context of a Roleplaying Game.

It is not that you cannot use one of the powers, or a power in the same vein. But the powers listed below are gonna be looked over with an extra layer of scrutiny by our Approval Staff, and may be particularly prone to rebalancing if needed.

If a power on this list applies to your character concept, it's probably worth waiting till you are familiar with the server, the power level of our characters, and how things are balanced for play/combat here. Certainly not for first characters.

It may also be worth your time to do some heavy workshopping with staff in the discord #character_creation channel, to check viability.

These "Restricted" powers can be done by anyone, but will be looked at with an extra degree of scrutiny simply for their potential for problem-causing.

Time Travel
As writers we sadly abide by linear time, and it is not especially easy to roleplay this kind of thing.
Death Touch
Any power that can be chalked up to an instant win or instant death sentence has little in the way of counter-play.
Instant/Perfect Dodging
Again no counter-play. Any power that boils down to 'you can't ever hurt/hit me' is probably going to be a bit of a problem.
Nebulous Enhanced Reflexes
Keyword Nebulous, if you can't explain what 'Enhanced Reflexes' means specifically, we assume it's actually Instant Dodge in a trench coat.
Always on Breakers
Breakers require a detrimental aspect of the power, This explains why the parahuman isn’t typically in the breaker state all the time. on-off breakers should have more immediate reasons. Perma-breakers who cant change back fully or at all, ought to have longer term effects, perhaps in regards to mentality.
Mind Reading
Again limited by RP, usually we have an idea what our characters are thinking, but not always so granular as to individual thoughts. Would need a fine tooth comb to work.
Mind Control & Body Puppeting
The main issue here is removing your opponent’s player agency. Fine in a story, but in a RP this becomes a tough power to balance. We dislike removing agency completely. Powers in the vein are viable, but ultimately down to specifics.
Creating Life
Artificial Intelligence, Homunculus, & creatures of all sorts are absolutely feasible but need well thought-out restrictions & power balancing.Amusingly enough this is for RP reasons, and for In-universe reasons, as the shards usually restrict powers like this.
Power-in-a Bottle Tinkers
These are viable, but require well defined limits and balancing, strength-versus-duration, limitations & themes are preferable to just broad ‘tinker-trump’ specialty
Dimensional Travel
By all means, weird sub-dimensions, pocket dimensions, alien environments, and that sort of thing all work fine, but Not inhabited alternate earths like Bet & Aleph in canon.
This one has many of the same issues as Instant/Perfect Dodge, it is absolutely viable, but needs strict boundaries. Even The Butcher had rules her power followed.
Architect Tinkers
Tinkers who work on Massive-scale projects are viable, but their projects need to be long term goals, & need to be extremely well defined, as they can affect the setting at large.
Broad Self Improvement Tinkers
Tinkers that upgrade themselves whether biologically or cybernetically, still require specialties, or at least free tinker gimmicks & methodologies.