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Notoriety Criminal
E / -
Author touchdom (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name David Stone
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 23
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Nash
Trigger Type Single Cluster Trigger, with Body Count, Ambush, & Wreck

Publicly Available Information

A powerful Brute who has mostly been spotted around downtown, causing trouble and drawing attention.

PRT / Government Information

A primary Brute, with various minor secondary powers. Possibly a Cluster cape, possibly just a grab-bag.

Costume Appearance

Idol's costume consists of dark clothing, the most recognizable piece being a slim longcoat with reflective strips sewn onto it.

His face is hidden behind a golden mask.

Civilian Appearance

David is of above average height and visibly works out, though he's more wiry than muscular. He has slightly tanned skin and dark blond hair reaching his shoulders, and sharp hazel eyes.

Parts of his body are covered in large burn scars.

When out of costume, he usually dresses in a slightly punk style.


Short tempered and resentful. He's permanently angry about how he never gets recognized for his efforts (the problem is that despite his efforts he just isn't that good, but try telling him that). He has mellowed out a little due to personality bleed.

Skills & Training

  • Various instruments
  • A little of a lot of things actually
* Boxing, karate, coding, drawing,

Resources & Wealth

David comes from a decently wealthy family, and lives in a pretty nice apartment.

  • Car
  • Probably also still access to the band van

Equipment & Gear

  • Firecrackers

Parahuman Power



Idol's primary power is a combination Master/Brute that draws attention to himself, and buffs him based on how many people are looking. This only works through direct sight, not through cameras or recordings. He has a vague sense of how many people are looking at him at any time, including direction, and when his power is active he feels it like a growing blaze inside him. He can also tell the difference between when someone just has him in their field of vision vs actively paying attention to him. He doesn't physically bulk up, but as his power ramps up higher his body also heats up. The attention-grabbing isn't a very strong effect, but it's made more effective by the fact that when he is in someone's field of vision, the entire area apart from a circle around Idol will seem dimmed.

Secondary: Ambush


Idol's body can clip through itself in minor ways, primarily allowing him to rotate his joints with impossible flexibility. He can also use it in larger ways, like clipping his arm through his body to punch someone holding him from behind, but he can't keep his body like that for an extended time.

Secondary: Wreck


Idol can see all electricity in a 15-meter radius. He primarily uses this to spot people through walls, by their bioelectricity.

Secondary: Body Count


Idol can separate his body at the joints. The detached parts remain internally connected, he can control them and feel through them as normal, but he also remains vulnerable to things like tranquilizers or bleeding out. He has awareness of where each part is in relation to him, but he has no enhanced multitasking and can't easily do multiple things at the same time. He can pull his body together over a distance (with no regards for the mass of the parts), or loosely control the parts when they're close together. The separation can occur through his body simply falling apart, or it can be given up to the force of a punch. When his primary power is also active, each separated bodypart has its own spotlight, but looking at it still buffs the whole.

Background & Trigger

David is someone who has never been recognized for his effort.

At least, that's how he sees it.

He's always put in a lot of effort, but that has never quite been enough to compensate for the fact that he's... quite mediocre.

He has a passion for music, and eventually got picked up by The National Tragedies, but he was never good enough to be anything more than backup guitar. And this chafed at him.

At that fateful concert, he was hit pretty badly by the explosion. And despite all that, even when he was this hurt and Elsie had no more than scratches, they all flocked to her.

With nobody caring about him even now, he Triggered.

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets