Body Count

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Body Count
Notoriety Criminal
E / -
Author Dreamer (capes)
Pronouns He/Him
Civilian name Travis Sherman
Alignment Vigilante
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 16
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Leah
Trigger Type Single Cluster Trigger, with Wreck, Ambush, & Idol

Publicly Available Information

Not much is known about the cape calling himself Body Count... well besides his recent debut, robbing a mall and announcing his presence. Mostly known for his very much unsettling troop of underlings, which rather seem like they got put together from a bunch of human spare parts.

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

In his cape identity he tends to wear colorful outfits, his mask often with a clown or smile theme but it varies depending on his mood.

Civilian Appearance

Caucasian, 1,65 m height, short dirty blond hair, blue eyes, wears glasses, somewhat scrawny looking. Pretty average in his civilian identity.


Always seen as meek and boring, Travis had a hard time to connect with others. Not even special enough to be picked on, he just lived his life along with everyone else. Following rules, doing chores and trying his best to be helpful towards anyone who could use it. The type of guy who would laugh about any joke or do someone else’s homework, just to be accepted.

But also reluctant to follow along if it meant breaking any rules, that could spell trouble. Faking optimism and sometimes a bit of naivety to get along, while rarely showing his cynic and more sarcastic self beneath, his true outlook on life is not as bright as he usually attempts to present it.

Though once comfortable around people he trusts, he tends to drop that persona and shows deep loyalty towards those rare cases he would consider as his friends, followed by even more vast feelings of misery and betrayal once considering himself abandoned by them.

Following his trigger he gained a lot more self confidence,now much bolder and more arrogant, eager to express himself and enjoy his newly gained power. Travis more or less rejects his old self as well as rules overall, always trying to have some fun or to make himself rich. Although still easily influenced and swayed by others, Body Count has a tendency to seek attention and often appears as a follower of someone with more influence.

Has somewhat of a disdain towards the appearance and incompetence of his own minions and the fact that people constantly fail to pay attention to him(usually because of his power).

But nonetheless has fun messing around with those ‘stupid, mindless flesh dolls’ putting them into various costumes, to decorate them or cover their faces either with masks or make up. Often unintentionally turning them into something even more unsettling.

Skills & Training

  • Basic Hand to hand combat
  • Has a newly acquired talent with music, capable of playing the guitar.
  • Comic nerd
  • Movie fan
  • Artist

Resources & Wealth

Lives with his mom but also gains some additional income through various small robberies..

Equipment & Gear

  • Taser
  • Smartphone
  • Bunch of burner phones
  • Dozen different paper masks
  • Make up
  • Eccentric clothing
  • Googly eyes
  • Portable speakers
  • Toy guns
  • Fire crackers
  • tape

Parahuman Power

Trigger type: Cluster cape

Primary: Faceless bodies Multiple humanoid beings born from his own body, seemingly phasing out of his skin as they start to grow. Blind clumsy and physically weaker than the average guy, they make up for it by their relentlessness and ability to reform. On average not that hard to put down and break apart. Even if seemingly made out of flesh, in some way more like puppets, capable to get up and patch each other up. Minions adapted to break down into pieces and merge back together. Sometimes multiple of them just join into an unorganized mass of limbs and body parts. Made to follow mental orders or to act independently, Body Count can just as easily force them to break down and recombine to his liking.

By default made as a bland, featureless template of the average human, clothes somewhat similar to Travis current appearance. On their own not that smart, often unintentionally damaging and patching themselves up incorrectly (fitting an arm on their head, instead of where it would belong…), but they are still able to learn and find solutions to simple obstacles. Beyond falling apart, damage to head and torso can still kill them even if the now remaining body parts will be left available for the rest of the crowd. Individual parts(fingers, arms, legs) and their flesh can otherwise take conventional damage. Limited to 8 complete, fully grown humans, but numbers can increase on cost of mass and/or body parts. Minions tend to break down, if further away than 50 m.

Secondary: Flexibility Protective malleability to deform in reaction of pressure or impact damage. More simply described as just being squishy and rubber-like in reaction to being punched, pushed or compressed. Also allows him to fit into considerably tight spaces. Gives only resistance against blunt force, anything else(cuts…) can still harm like a regular human being.

Secondary: Electricity


Body Count can charge a number of objects and other beings to create weak electric fields, allowing him to detect those who move between them. Has a range of 50 m, but only works if charged objects or beings aren’t further apart than 3 m. Electricity is usually too weak to be noticed by people.

Secondary: Attention

Increases attention towards his immediate vicinity. People are more likely to focus and spot details close by, opposed to actually noticing him right besides those. One can still force themself to see him, but everything else always just seems to be more interesting, birds in the sky… bugs on the ground.. the sound of people nearby…. Meanwhile it’s easy to lose track of him. Passive ability, can be turned off but otherwise always on by default.

Background & Trigger

Growing up in Denver, Travis had a somewhat ordinary life… even if it was pretty bland ... At school, people tend to ignore him.. But it’s also not like he got bullied. Always more living in the background, only connecting to people in superficial ways.

Still he had some ‘friends’ or rather just people he tended to hang out with… not like they actually knew him, or what he liked … it didn’t really matter anyways. He was there for them and they kept him around.. That’s what counts…

Dragged to a concert, he wasn’t even sure he would like, it soon became just too much ... .Even though he still liked to believe that it will be fun. Everything was just too loud and crowded... soon making him feel even more alienated than ever.

The cheers of the crowd became increasingly louder, until suddenly it all turned into panic.

Dragged away from his group of familiar faces and absorbed into the anonymous and menacing horde of people. He barely noticed the explosion, too overwhelmed from the overall situation.

It just can’t be real... the pain, the noise.. even those familiar screams and the sight of one of his friends trampled…. Cut off from his only lifeline and support, the situation itself unbearable and still it was them who brought him there… Only so he could end up all on his own surrounded by strangers.


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