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Notoriety Criminal
Author noman_26 (capes)
Pronouns He/Him
Civilian name Andre Rollins
Alignment Vigilante
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 19
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Magos_Nashoid
Trigger Type Single Cluster Trigger, with Body Count, Wreck, & Idol

Publicly Available Information

There have been a few rumors and reports of a new powered individual attacking criminals in the Denver area. All anybody really knows is that they are quick, and they are pretty brutal in their treatment of criminals. Some have said he can move through shadows, others say he can grab you with the shadows themselves. Others have said that he just tased the absolute crap out of them

PRT / Government Information

The PRT has become aware of a powered individual operating independently from any official group, as far as they can determine. It doesn’t appear that the cape has killed anyone in the course of his activities, though in the short time he has been active multiple assaults on criminals have been attributed to him. The PRT believes the cape to have a Mover ability, as well as possibly some sort of Stranger ability. The PRT speculates that the individual may have additional powers as well, but currently do not have enough information gathered about the cape to determine anything conclusively.

Costume Appearance

Rather than brightly colored spandex or something themed and gimmicky, Ambush opts to instead go out and perform his vigilante antics in all black tactical techwear style cloths and gear.

This means boots, rainproof cargo jacket and cargo pants that taper down at the lower legs, a black baseball cap and a black hood, and lots of pockets and pouches strapped around his torso.

He also sports a black facemask that covers his nose and the entire lower portion of his face, and he then smears black face paint around his eyes. Additionally Ambush wears a body armor Kevlar vest under his jacket, the vest having been acquired from an army surplus store.

Civilian Appearance

Andre is a young man in his late teens, and he looks like what you would expect for his age.

He stands at 6’1” with a slim build, lean but bordering on skinny. He has brown eyes, a light tan complexion, and brown hair that has tight curls going just past his shoulders. He has multiple piercings in both ears, as well as a nose ring.

In his civilian identity Andre is prone to wearing shades of black or grey, more often than not being in all black. His style of dress could be considered alternative by some, punk by others.


Andre is nihilistic. He constantly sees the worst in people. He isn’t driven to be a hero because of some sort of noble purpose, or to help people. He is a vigilante because he wants to punish people who in his eyes are responsible for making the world a bad place.

He is frustrated with the world, and with the people who occupy it. He is resentful of those who make things worse for the ones around them, and of the those who can’t seem to help making their own lives harder through bad decision making. In his hero work, he is unrelenting.

Andre does his best to avoid interaction with others as much as possible. When he does have to be around others, he is quite. In conversation he is dry, sarcastic, and in some instances condescending. He is unaware, but he is very egotistical.

Skills & Training

art/graphic design

high school diploma

amateur martial arts learned via the internet

Resources & Wealth

Andre lives with his father in his father's home. For work he sometimes does small freelance design projects while studying in order to make money.

laptop and desktop computer

2010 Toyota Camry


Equipment & Gear

zip tie handcuffs

burner cell phone

mini flash light

3" blade folding pocket knife

small back pack

Parahuman Power

Ambush is a cluster cape, with his primary ability being his mover ability.

This power lets him jump from one point to another or move across surfaces (with a maximum distance of about 12 feet).

When moving, Ambush is able to alter and contort the amount of space that his body takes up, which results in his entire form appearing as a swirling or twisting blur that flows quickly from one point to the next.

This allows him to perform feats such as slipping between the legs of attackers, flowing up the sides of walls, slipping through cracks in doors, and even traveling through short pipes or narrow spaces.

Ambush additionally has three other secondary powers.

The first of these is an ability to administer an electric shock (similar in strength to a handheld stun gun/cattle prod) via touch. The shock does not carry much lasting damage and is instead painful and can result in muscle spasms. Through multiple strikes or from sustained shocks a person of baseline strength/durability could be rendered unconscious.

The next secondary ability is Ambush’s ability to create small, grasping hands/arms that appear to sprout from surfaces. The hands seem to be made of organic material which is slightly less durable than normal human tissue. The hands/arms are about the size of that of a toddler or small child, though slightly deformed, often with the wrong number of fingers or skewed anatomy/proportions. These hands are only about as strong as a small child, so they aren’t very powerful, but they will blindly grasp out at anything that comes within their range, taking hold and refusing to let go until being forced to do so. When the hands are damaged too much, or when Ambush dismisses them, they crumble apart and quickly dissolve.

Ambush’s final ability is an ability to heal when completely unseen. Rather than being a gradual healing process his healing works instantly, though in increments. If he were to have a finger cut off for instance, and he slips away to become unseen, the severed finger would heal but only so far as to close off the bleeding stump of finger. The next time he becomes seen by someone and then unseen again, the finger might regrow by another centimeter. Two more times of being witnessed by someone and becoming unseen again and the finger would likely be completely healed. Due to the mechanics of how his healing works, wounds past a certain level of severity(burned alive, bullet to the head, destruction of the heart or major organs, being chopped in half, etc) cannot be recovered from, and things like severed limbs or more serious bodily harm can take a substantial amount of time and work to heal from, if even possible.

Background & Trigger

Andre was raised by his father after his mother left the family when the boy was 8 years old. Despite it only being the two of them in the home, Andre and his father are not especially close. Andre’s father works two jobs and when he isn’t at work, he’s usually trying to catch up on sleep.

Andre made it through high school without causing too many waves. He wasn’t big for socializing, had only a few friends and even with them he wasn’t super close. He was a more or less average student, and he worked some nights and weekends at a fast food job. By most he was seen as a relatively low profile, kind of “emo” guy.

After graduating high school Andre decided to take graphic design classes online and would also do small freelance design projects while studying in order to make money. He had a few friends who he would occasionally socialize with, but for the most part he would keep to himself. He didn’t really care for people.

When Andre went to the concert, it was with a few of these friends. Everyone was standing in the huge crowd when the explosion happened. The blast was deafening, and was strong enough that Andre, even as far from the stage as he was, could feel heat from it. It was chaos in an instant. People were pushing and shoving each other, running in every direction. The panic had taken over most, and shock took over most of the rest. People were just standing in place or sitting and looking around lost. They were shoving each other over and stepping on the injured who lay on the ground, searching for safety.

Andre knew where he was, knew where the closest exit was. He knew how to get there. But as he began to stumble and crawl and stumble again towards his destination, he was continuously blocked. Someone would slam into him, knocking him over. Or they’d cut off his path, or knock something into him. Some people were grabbing each other and trying to scream to one another, and it was another obstacle in his way. Andre could see exactly where he needed to go, but the ever shifting chaotic mass of people surrounding him made it impossible for Andre to get there.

Eventually after briefly passing out Andre awoke and again tried to flee the situation. However this time Andre was surprised to find that when attempting to squeeze between two people, his body rapidly shifted and warped and he jumped forward through the air to where he was trying to be. Everyone around him was so wrapped up in the aftermath of the explosion that he wasn’t even noticed as he slipped his way all the way out of the venue.

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets