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Clyde in-costume, and mid changer-form.
Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/Magos_Nashoid (capes)
Civilian name Bishop Knight
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker, Changer sub Brute
Born (1991-12-01) December 1, 1991 (age 31)
Chicago, Illinois
Status NPC
Spouse(s) Bonnie Baker (Bonnie)
Reddit Sheet
Blu C | Duelist A$ | Packrat D+ | Phalanx A | Vigor C-

Bonnie and Clyde, a duo of supervillains known for a short-lived but highly successful crime spree, having robbed a Dozen Banks before disappearing from the cape scene entirely.

Bonnie and Clyde are both Changer/Tinkers, although their exact specialties are are unknown. Bonnie possesses a rather massive brutish changer form, while Clyde has a strange semi-transparent gel-like form, that is resistant to damage.

They are known for bantering with those who attempted to stop them, and avoided using excessive force, although property damage was high at several of their heists.They have recently re-surfaced in the city of Devilfish.

Character Sheet

Civilian Appearance

Doctor Bishop Knight in civilian work uniform

Dr. Bishop Knight is a well dressed AFAB Enby, with relatively short dirty blond hair and light blue eyes. They tend to wear somewhat formal clothes, even when it is a little out of place. They are fond of dress shirts, suit jackets, and the occasional vest. And alternate between pencil skirts, or dress pants with suspenders.

When acting in their role as a Physician they wear a labcoat.

Costumed Appearance

In their cape identity Clyde wears a simple-enough costume

on-top of their changer form, this consists of heavy cloth and leather. On their head they wear a plexi-glass head piece. (Shamelessly inspired by Mister Freeze)

They also carry with them a upper and lower face mask in the case that they must leave their changer form in the field.


Wealth Level: 6 (Technically 7, but its a 2-tinker household, so functionally wealth level 6) Bishop Knight (Clyde) and Bonnie Baker (Bonnie) are Life-partners, and do their finances as a single unit.

Bishop Knight is an endocrinologist, and internal medicine physician, operating out of a local clinic, and taking referrals from many of the local hospitals and family doctors in the Devilfish area. As they are one of the few endocrinologists in the local area, they make good money. Bishop Knight owns a 2016 MINI Cooper, and Bonnie Baker owns a Ford pickup truck. It is not uncommon for them to use the other’s vehicle.

Together they also own a pull-trailor that they can pull with Bonnie's Truck, from their old crime-spree days, that they keep in good repairs, to lug around Bonnie's big old changer form, and her bulky equipment. The Knight-Baker household is a small farmstead outside Devilfish, where Bonnie keeps goats, chickens, and a decently sized vegetable garden to sell at the local farmers market..



  • Cellphone
  • Folding defense Baton
  • Small first Aid Kit (in handbag)
  • Civilian pepper spray


  • Cellphone
  • Police Baton
  • Small first Aid Kit.
  • Heavy cloth jumpsuit
  • Plexi-glass head piece (1 inch thick)


Bishop's determination is admirable, having forced themselves past the trauma of their trigger, and through Medical school. Bishop is relatively caring to others, having become a health care practitioner out of a desire to help others, they are well liked by their regular patients for often going the extra mile. And are well regarded by their friends and co-workers.

More than any other, Bishops heart belongs to Bonnie, the two meshing immediately and reinforced by mutual experiences and enduring hardships. Bishop is content having settled down with Bonnie, and having forged a new life together in Devilfish.

Bishop's arrogance can often shine through when stressed, and while they are good at keeping this side from their friends and loved ones, they can sometimes fall back on being cutting and dismissive with those they are at odds with. This is often exacerbated by mood-swings when forced to remain in changer form for longer periods of time.

Skills and Specializations

  • Possesses a Doctorate in Endocrinology/Internal Medicine. (This is their actual day-job)
  • Decent, but not spectacular at sewing and tailoring clothes.
  • Can play the guitar.
  • Has gotten quite good at maintaining a vegetable and herb garden.
  • Has gotten pretty good at taking care of pet chickens & goats.
  • Decent at defending themselves in hand-to-hand (Has taken a civilian self defense class)
  • American Sign language


Trigger type: Single natural Trigger (Changer x Tinker) Clyde is an 'upgrade-tinker' with a secondary changer form, tissue samples from this changer form can sometimes be incorporated into their tech in minor but helpful ways.

Most often Clyde uses tissue samples, when constructing chemical batteries; or by adding it into various materials (IE; alloy smelting, glassblowing, and plastic production, etc.) This lets Clyde use slightly-better-than-standard materials, when upgrading mundane machinery into tinker-tech.

Tinker power: Clyde's specialty revolves around upgrading mundane technology into a tinker-tech equivalent. always requiring some kind of mechanical/electronic base to work on, They are especially good at hardening electrical systems, as well as repairs.

The variety of tinker-tech available to Clyde is versatile, but is generally of a lower quality compared to the work of a dedicated tinker with a relevant specialty. (Like James Bond Gadgets, if they leaned into science fiction harder.)

Clyde can't upgrade another tinker's work directly, but like other tinkers he can gain inspiration for his own tech by examining the tech of others.

Changer form: When in their changer-form, Most of Clyde's flesh becomes green-tinted and semi-transparent (think Green Jello). the only part of them that remains the same visually is their skeletal system. Leaving Clyde looking like the Addams Family equivalent to those jello-abominations retro housewives loved so damn much.

While in this form, Clyde's tissue acts differently.

  • With his skeleton bending like rubber when under pressure that would normally break or fracture it.
  • His blood acting remarkably similar to silly putty.
  • While his fat and muscle harden alot like ooblek when struck with force.

In effect this means;

  • Bones are exceptionally more difficult to break. (Not impossible, just very difficult)
  • Bleeding to death is much harder (its a lot easier to patch up a wound when your blood oozes so slowly.)
  • Can take blunt trauma much better, without organs rupturing (NOT Immune to getting their shit kicked in)

Tinker Tech

Gifted/Traded Tinker Tech

Heavily upgraded Revolver
Heavily Upgraded Volkswagen
Heavily Upgraded Chainsaw