Ice Queen

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Ice Queen
Ice Queen.jpg
Annika in costume, though this is often how she appears when she goes anywhere publicly.
Notoriety Criminal
C / +
Author /u/fire209 (capes)
Civilian name Annika Belova
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationShaker, Mover
Born (1998-01-02) January 2, 1998 (age 25)
Moscow, Russia
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Fabula E | The Grey Lady D$

Public Information

Annika Belova makes no attempts to hide her identity. She is known as the villain Ice Queen, a fairly ruthless and efficient villain, if not overly cruel. Known to be a shaker with hydrokinesis, and generates more and more water on her own in the course of a fight. Known to use ice and fog in combat.

Physical Appearance

Out of costume appears to be a young Russian woman with startlingly white hair, and fairly tall, at 6'2". 'In-Costume' appears to wear armor made of ice, usually with no helmet and simply a crown of ice, though will on occasion form a helmet if she feels it necessary.


Fairly cold in personality (hehe). Likes to keep distant from people. Can be fairly ruthless in combat but will not go out of her way to harm innocents, but is not afraid to threaten harm if it will get her what she wants.

Does the sort of 'Different Mentality' thing where she can switch from 'Annika' to 'The Ice Queen', the Ice Queen persona being the one that usually shows the more cold/ruthless side of her, and is more likely to view everything from the perspective of a queen, in terms of political power. 'Annika' is more human, less likely to view everything in terms of a political way, and more likely to see them as they are.

Equipment and Resources

The armor she wears is formed from her ability, and has a durability roughly comparable to construction brick.

Lives in an underwater castle made of ice, on the bottom of Lake Superior. It has a bottom floor filled with water, but upper levels are filled with air. It is fairly small for a castle, roughly 3,000 square feet in total. It contains several plants throughout the compound to maintain oxygen levels (Though this is now mostly handled by the air scrubber, which I will list later. It contains no electrical lighting currently, though, and is lighted mostly by small battery-powered electrical lamps she has obtained. The castle is fully submerged, though visible from boats above if they look down.

Wealth Level: 4



  • Great swimming skills
  • General combat experience with her ability.
  • General understanding of water, fluid dynamics, and the structural properties of ice.
  • General villainy experience, common sense.
  • Trilingual, Russian, English, Spanish
  • Has trouble communicating to other people in a more casual setting.


The user can control water within a 15-meter radius of themselves. They can manipulate the state the water is in, causing it to freeze into ice or turn into a mist or fog. They cannot turn it into the invisible water vapor and cannot create boiling water. Ice made with this ability is generally harder than normal ice, comparable to a brittle ceramic (Comparable to construction brick) in durability, and can be made to not melt unless a specific application of heat is applied to it (Its melting point is 60 degrees Celsius), if desired. The ice formed by the ability, due to its structural properties, is weak to effects that cause heat, causing the ice to melt roughly double what normal ice would melt. They can shoot water out at roughly the force of a crowd control water cannon (I.E. enough to make some bruises and knock some people over, but nothing approaching lethal, at least with water). Their water control is Manton limited of course (No Controlling water that is in people, if it is swallowed, etc. she loses control). Water is mostly drawn from water-based substances, leaving most sediment behind (I.E. pollution water, mud, and grape soda will tend to have non-water bits left behind)

When using water to try to push or move other things, it has roughly the strength of a superheavyweight boxer in strike force and lifting strength, capable of lifting up to 1 ton. Her control over water is fairly 'weak' versus other hydrokinetics. Versus a hydrokinetic of smaller scale or less versatility, inside their radius they will have more command over water than she will.

The user has a sort of small 'Pocket dimension' where they can store water and water-based liquids. It has a maximum capacity of 10 cubic meters, and the user is capable of removing and putting water into the pocket dimension at a rate of 1/2 a cubic meter a round. The user can directly withdraw this water from nonliving things (Normal plants are included in this, though not anything modified by a power or that is tinker tech), effectively dehydrating it. Storing and Withdrawing can happen concurrently with any other actions in a turn, effectively a non-action, though the user can concentrate fully on storing/withdrawing, doubling the rate to 1 cubic meter a round, at the cost of not really being able to do anything for the round. They user cannot generate water, simply using what is in the environment and within their pocket dimension.

The user can breathe and see through water, ice, and fog with ease. They are also highly resistant to the cold, able to withstand temperatures up to -20 Celsius with only minor discomfort, though temperatures below -30 Celsius can begin to do damage, though only roughly 1/3 that on a normal person. The user can also change how water interacts with themselves, letting them walk on water, or having water sweep past them with little effect. They can fly at a maximum pace of 30 MPH by telekinetically controlling water around them. They can sense all forms of water (And liquids that are mostly water) in their radius, but not water that is currently inside of a living thing.

Trigger type: Single Natural, Shaker/Blaster/Thinker/Mover/Brute


Annika was born to a Wealthy Russian family. Well, they used to be wealthy, in generations past. Now, to maintain such a lifestyle, they took loans, many loans from the Russian Mafia. When she was a little girl, the Mafia had had enough. They came to collect payment, and when none was forthcoming, she and her family were kidnapped, driven out to a frozen lake, and one by one summarily executed by drowning in it. Annika was the last in, having seen her parents being killed. She entered the water and began panicking, beating at the grips of the men as she lost her breath. Trigger.

On that day, the lake was stained red with the blood of the Mafia men who did it. Unfortunately, she couldn't stay in Russia, even at 12 years old she knew that. So she stowed away on a ship headed to America to make a life. There, due to a lack of education and a mistrust in the authorities, she turned to a life of crime.

She moved from city to city, never finding a place. Her shockingly white hair drew attention, and the fact that crimes were performed by a white haired villain did nothing to help her ostracization. So she adapted to it, using her reputation to her advantage. She moved from city to city, never finding a place to settle down for long. Perhaps Devilfish would change that.