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Phantom cape outfit.png
Notoriety Criminal
D / +
Author /u/superservo27 (capes)
Civilian name Katherine Wright
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStriker, Shaker
Born (1995-07-07) July 7, 1995 (age 27)
Status NPC
Other names Katie
Reddit Sheet

She pressed the mask to her face and smiled. She wasn’t Katie anymore, she was Phantom. She adjusted her coat and jumped off the building, shooting out the grappling hook. As soon as she felt purchase, she started changing the direction of her personal gravity, propelling her around the curve faster than she would have otherwise. She continued swinging along like this, hooking onto street lamps, form outlined in yellow light, until she saw the building she had been looking for. The people she had seen going in and out were attached to a small gang operating in the area. This was one of her morally light heists, but busting up a gang den is always fine. She retracted her hook at the proper angle, spun herself feet overhead in a backflip, and landed on the roof of the building in a crouch. “It’s showtime.” She said to herself.

Public Information

Phantom has only robbed places run by people with poor morals, gangs and such, and no one has ever been hurt beyond superficial injuries. They seem to posit themself as an honorable, classy villain.

Character Sheet


Phantom dresses in dark colors, blacks and greys. She has a long black trench coat, split into three tails further down. She wears a vertically striped grey shirt and a short black skirt, with stockings underneath. Lastly, her cape outfit is capped with red gloves and a white domino mask with accents. She wears her hair freely, letting it go down her back. To lessen the possibility of being discovered, she uses red-colored contacts.

In her civilian dress, Katie dresses in semi-casual style, usually a shirt and jeans paired with a jacket of some kind. She ties her hair back and wears square-framed glasses.

Equipment and Resources

Resource level: 5

  • A black and silver dagger
  • A grappling hook attached to her arm with a very thin metal wire. Used for misdirecting her power
  • A general thieves' kit (Crowbar, lockpick, etc)

Skills and Specializations

  • Acrobatics, enhanced by her powers.
  • Half decent dancer, which she learned to do recently
  • Stealth gained through experience.


In her Phantom dress, she maintains the image of a noble thief. No one need be hurt since no one needs to see her. She keeps things polite, quiet, and smooth. Anything is fair game for being taken, but she does enjoy taking from other illegal operations since the money is dirty anyway.

In her normal garb, she tries her best to keep her head down and remain unnoticed. She’s not silent, but she doesn’t speak too much unless it’s needed. She is good at getting into the minds of people, guessing what they want to hear.


Trigger type: Single Natural Trigger

Phantom has the power to create and manipulate gravitational fields. At all times, she can control how much gravity she experiences, and in what “direction”, granting her pseudo-flight (though it would be more accurate to describe it as falling in a given direction). In addition, she can manipulate the gravities of anything she touches, with similar yet slightly different results. Affected objects can experience either less or more gravity (up to a cap of 3 times Earth’s gravity), or can “generate” their own gravity fields (again, up to 3 times as strong as Earth’s). The gravity fields generated from herself reach about 5 feet, while ones generated from objects reach about 15 feet. She can control whether a field is currently generated or not.

In addition, she can “combine” things she has touched with what affected objects touch, creating new gravity sources (example: a thrown marble sticks to a door, she can control the marble-door combination). She can affect objects weighing up to 500 pounds, with a combined limit of 2000 pounds, at a maximum range of 50 feet away in line of sight.

Due to Shard Shenanigans™ (read: the sanity of everyone involved), Earth’s orbit is not adversely affected by the creation of equal or greater gravity wells so close to the planet. Her power also changes her balancing system so she isn’t nauseated by her power changing how it feels gravity.


Katie had always been good at reading people, figuring out their motives. She always knew just what to say when someone was upset, how to turn their sadness or anger into forward action. She had made plenty of good friends from this inclination to words, cleverly painting herself as insightful, serious, comedic, whatever the situation called for. Therefore, she was also good at picking apart the masks people hold up.

She had noticed one day, two and a half years or so ago, when her friend started acting strangely. Taking longer to respond, seeming to space out, a general downturn of mood. Katie decided that she wasn’t going to let her friend suffer like they had. So she followed them. She flowed through the crowds, hid behind corners, changed her clothes, everything she could think of to maintain line of sight with them. Eventually, she saw her friend reach a shady-looking warehouse, head looking around before they go in. Katie tried to sneak in, but a misstep got their attention. She was brought into the warehouse and the leadership decided to make an example of her. They forced her up rickety stairs at gunpoint, leading up to the top of the warehouse. All the people who were there had been forced outside to watch this impromptu execution, to show what happens to those who try to intervene. Katie felt the barrel pressed to her back, then a hand on her shoulder, then the sensation of falling through the air, then ṱ̸̢̹̳͊̔͠ŵ̴͓̣̮̱̳o̴̲̣̖̙͐́̈́͐̓ ̶̧͙͍͉͔̊̊e̸͙͝n̶̢̩̱̘̖̓ṯ̷̬̍̓̂̿i̵͔͚͕̭̖͋̅͋̃̍t̶̪̩̄̔į̵͉̤͒͒̈́e̵̢̝̰̝̫̓̔ș̵̀,̴̢̯̺͌̉͛ ̶̘͂́́̊͝f̸͙̦̽̐̑l̶̤͍̗͚͋̀͋̓̈o̸̻͉͊́̈́ä̴̛͚̞͎̅̾͘t̶̛͖̗͜i̸̡̞̦̖̔́̀͝n̶̮͌̿́̿g̷͖̲͆̂͝ͅ ̷̟͈̱̯̭̋ì̶̡͎̽̈́̾͠n̷̡̻̝̞͒̋͊̄͘ ̶̥̖͛͗̕t̷͇͛̃̑͆ḥ̶͚͓̘̠̐́̓e̸̜͒͂͐͑̐ ̶̖͒̈v̸̱̉̋̄́o̷̘͓̬͆̐̕i̴̮͖̓̾d̵͇͠