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Cecile smile.jpg
Just Piezo being her encouraging self.
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author Mothra (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Cecile Clement
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Denver)
Age 27
Status NPC
Nationality French American
Approver ALargeHairyDerp
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

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Piezo civ2.png
Piezo civ.jpg

Publicly Available Information

Public knowledge about this new parahuman is very limited, her trigger event made local news though thankfully her true identity was not published or known at the time. Is known to have been possibly recruited by the Protectorate and with the only known thing about her being she appears to be blind.

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

Not exactly a costume, but something of a cosplay she put together some time ago for a LARP group she was a part of. It’s custom made from high quality fabrics, the outer layers being fine cotton with silk lining. Hidden pockets abound in the outer coat design while the inner shirt is a fine cotton blend and the pants durable chino’s. Boots, belts and pouches are all custom leather.

Civilian Appearance

The most remarkable thing about Cecile is her natural light gray hair, a family trait on her mothers side. She keeps it long out of habit and always makes sure it’s in good condition much like the rest of her, it’s styled simply with a fringe and long bangs on the side and often tied at the back with a black ribbon.

Coming in at 5’6” the woman carries herself properly and primly in her posture, though that is in part due to etiquette training from her mother and also to help herself not bump into as many things. Her skin is pale and largely unblemished, with only a few scars on her arms and back from her trigger event. She often smells like a floral perfume of some sort as they are her favorite, food perfumes just weirding her out as why would you want to smell like something people eat?

Her clothing tends to be a mixture of Parisian and Korean trends, simple and stylish without too many extra bits and bobs as they just cause her more difficulty then they are worth.


In general despite recent events Cecile is a calm and somewhat upbeat individual, she exudes an aura of patience and kindness that is all too easy to see with her soft way of speaking and light smile. Always willing to put others first as she has thrown herself back into work after the accident, just putting aside her own feelings for now to process later. She is slow to speak and do most things, always having to think things through before doing them thanks to her disability, even now that it’s somewhat mitigated she tends to be very careful in her movements.

She’s always sought to help people, especially the most vulnerable like herself - it’s why she got into counseling after all. She finds great contentment in helping others and happiness in seeing them overcome their own difficulties, often shedding a happy tear when her little patients no longer need to visit her. She is somewhat a creature of habit and is very particular about her personal spaces, needing to have things in their proper spots in order to find them later has made her..well a little touchy about it. She is much the same with physical contact that is not asked for, after all being blind isn’t an open invitation for people to grab her arm and just lead her places!

She prefers a more relaxed lifestyle, often spending her free time doing little things like taking walks or reading and listening to television shows and audiobooks. She’s not one much for excitement, liking her little routines very much as they are her safe space.

Skills & Training

  • Languages: Speaks Fluent French, English and Spanish - Pigeon Italian
  • University degree: Masters in Counseling [Pediatrics]
  • Self defense: Childhood training from father, mostly just grapples and the like that are only barely remembered.
  • Keen senses: Due to being born blind, she’s really good at picking up on sounds and smells, she uses this in her day to day work to listen to vocal cues others may have missed.
  • Musician: Classically trained Pianist.

Resources & Wealth

Wealth Level: 7 [Pediatric Psychologist]

She has a good amount of money from her work and easily affords her neat apartment, having most of her meals delivered and a cleaner that comes in every few days that she trusts to not put things out of order and such. She affords this easily and then some, despite her more simple clothing and the like, what she has splurged on however is comfort - her bed and sofas are among the best money can buy, her shower/steam soaker to die for, and her perfumes the best shipped directly from Paris by her parents.

Equipment & Gear

  • Her cane: For help walking around, really only needs it when it’s dark.
  • A phone with accessibility apps: Set up for blind people, helps her get around and do things.
  • Smartwatch: For locating her phone when it’s lost - accessibility apps voice activated,
  • Wireless earbuds: For accessibility to hear messages and stuff from her phone.

Parahuman Power

In short, Cecile’s power is about the creation and manipulation of solid photon’s - or hard light as it’s more commonly known.

She can choose to either create these by exciting the particles around her or by converting any existing wavelength of light present around her [including into the UV and IR ranges], by converting these typically invisible wavelengths of light she can create invisible constructs, however the UV and IR effects are limited to minor burns though her usual conversion process - this can only be increased if there is a high concentration of either present around her to convert [such as another cape or tinkertech based on them]. Converting wavelengths into constructs uses less energy for her however takes longer, taking 1 second per 0.1 cubic meter of material.

This heat however can increase if she condenses all of her matter into a single small construct like a blade, at which point it can reach a temperature of 1500F [815C]. In a pinch if she dismisses one of her constructs within 40ft she can choose to make it disperse as a flash of bright light at a level of 500 lumens, alternatively she can simply project this much regular light without a construct from herself [constant output at 500 lumens per second].

She can create and force these energetic particles of light into shapes at will and ‘feel’ the area around her through them in a short range capacity [up to 30ft], or through her constructs. This pseudo or blind sight cannot go through solid objects of any sort or through glass. She can create and control a maximum of 0.5 cubic meters of the material at a time. She can sustain the maximum volume of material up to 20ft from her, then half up to 40ft away, a quarter up to 60ft and finally an eighth up to 80ft away from her. She can move her constructs up to 50mph regardless of size, and apply pressure equal to 600-700 lbs / 0.00025 m^3 [or 15 cubic inches / 250 cubic cm].

Due to the nature of this matter, it can only sustain so much physical damage before shattering, it has a durability equal to NIJ: III rated body armor regardless of thickness. The material does have a high resilience to energy based attacks and weapons, with lasers being completely ineffective. Due to their nature they are also impervious to chemical/acid/poison based attacks as they are made of light, not a material.The thinnest edge she can manage to create is equal to that of a razor blade.

[For a visual reference think along the lines of ‘Atom Eve’ and ‘The Green Lantern’]

Background & Trigger

Coming from a wealthy French family had its benefits for the lass, with them having the resources to easily give their daughter [which they still dote on] the best care and help money could provide. Her education was second to none as she breezed through school without many issues as well as high school, moving to the USA for university much to the sadness of her parents who still wished her luck - setting her up with a support system for when she landed in the new country.

There she studied counseling, eventually making her way to PHD level in pediatric care and finding work in a local hospital and non-for-profit that dealt with children from backgrounds less fortunate than herself. Just happily cruising through the years, even finding a partner that she was over the moon for - right up until that fateful day..

They had been making their way home after a fun evening of food and music at a local festival, it was a brightly lit area known for being safe and the two had made the journey many times at this hour. However they were not aware that a certain gang had set its sights on their little corner of happiness,

She wasn’t sure how many jumped them at the time, however police reports later revealed 8 bodies were recovered at the scene. With the men beating and dragging the pair into an alley as they tried to call for help, given her blindness it was understandable that Cecile began to panic quickly, after all people were touching her where she did not want to be, they were shouting and growling and her partner was screaming for them to let her go. The gang of course not listening to others plea’s as they began to do general bad guy things to them, a short scream later from one of the men was torn as unbeknownst to her, her partner hand managed to grab a piece of broken pipe and stab one in the leg with the, her screams echoing in the alley as Cecile could only sob at the crunching of bones that accompanied it.

It was then she broke, screaming as she lashed out with all her might.

Which was considerably more than everyone expected.

Glowing blades erupted from the air, spinning and twisting and slicing through everything in their path as she blindly lashed out at the men around her, practically destroying the alley in the process. It was only a few seconds but the alley became eerily silent as the constructs disappeared. Her frantic calls for her partner finally heard as people rushed over to help, calling police and ambulances as they saw the carnage. Having to pull her screaming away from the scene as it was painfully obvious that whichever body was her partner..there was no saving them.

The event made local news and the PRT was notified of the woman and given a description of what had happened from here and CCTV footage of the event as well - clearing her of all charges as it was beyond her control and in self defense.

Not that it mattered much to her..not anymore..

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets



Parahuman Information Report

Subject ID: Peizo

Civilian ID: Dr Cecile Clement


Subject is still recently triggered so full extent of abilities are currently not known, base ability appears to be the creation and control of hardlight constructs. Construct's durability appears to be equivalent to NIJ: III armor regardless of thickness and subject can exert approximately 46 pounds of force per cubic inch of material, material appears to give off its own heat but studies so far show it to be little more than mild burns.

Subject can move this material at speeds around 50 miles per hour regardless of the amount of material used to create the construct, material appears to be impervious to chemical attacks and highly resistant to energy based attacks. Maximun distance subject can control material is 80 feet - however the amount they can control at this distance is one eighth of the total material they can produce, with the total being 0.5 cubic meters of material.

Subject seems capable of converting existing light into constructs by condensing it, possibility of being able to utilize ultravilot and infrared wavelengths being investigated. Curiously despite being born without vision, the subject can apperantly sense their surroundings in a nearby radius after triggering, proposed theory is being able to physically sense photons bouncing off objects in a simular fashion to echolocation.

Training Report

"Miss Cecile is making some progress in regards to her training around her abilities, understandably the massive shift in her perception of the world has caused some problems as she learns to cope with her new sense, which given she was born without sight and has not relied on it before has been - challenging. She shows great adaptability in modifying and controlling her constructs, though her physical strength, speed and stamina are far below average, which is to be expected given her disability. Further she shows little interest in the possible combat applications of her abilities, but has expressed interest in the realm of search and rescue. This while encouraging is disappointing as I believe she could be quite effective in combat if she was so inclined."

Psychological Evaluation

"Doctor Cecile is one of our more..frustrating initiates, given her own background in psychology it was hard not to feel she was assessing us as much as we were assessing her. She is quick witted and very adaptable in her approach to things, and while obviously traumatised from the loss of her partner and the guilt stemming from her role in it she appears to at least be trying to show great resolve. However, that may just be one's instinct to 'return to work' after a traumatic event to avoid properly processing it. She shows some signs of depressive behavior and habits, but for now we believe her to be of no threat to herself. She appears to be a pacifist more so than an aggressor as our trainers no doubt have discovered, the desire to fight seems to be very difficult to provoke from her."

"Her mental resolve around her previous disablity we believe may cause some problems, including a lack of reliance on her ability and an unwillingness to change some of her previous habits - such as her cane. By all reports despite her lack of true vision she should not need it, however she refuses to give up using it. Very much relying on the movement and organizational techniques taught to her as a child to cope with being blind, a condition she was told would be lifelong. It is yet to be seen whether this will change as will her ability to open up about her grief and trauma, however as she too is a trained professional, I hope in time she will come to realize the benefits of her weekly sessions with us."