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Notoriety Criminal
A / $
Author /u/PM_ME_UR_SIMURGH (capes)
Pronouns she/her
Civilian name Lily Fitzsimmons
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Maids of Dishonor (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger, Stranger
Born (2003-09-23) September 23, 2003 (age 19)
Boise, Idaho
Status Active
Other names Misfit Maid
Partner(s) Cassie Clay (Blur)
Reddit Sheet
Asbestos C | Astrohaunt B? | Knockoff F? | Misfit A$ | Retcon E | Zettai C?

Citizens of Idaho and western Montana might be familiar with the Misfit Maid, a villainous-leaning vigilante with a pastel-colored baseball bat and a habit of leaving chaos everywhere she goes. She had a several-month stint as a Ward in Ashton, and just when people thought that maybe the maid-themed chaos gremlin had become a proper hero, she defected along with Blur.

It has recently been confirmed that she (and presumably Blur) has relocated to Devilfish.

Character Sheet


Lily's "school body", dressed in her Ward costume.

Invariably looks like a pretty girl, but the specific details tend to change. More recognizable by her costume, a vaguely-punkish anime maid outfit with chunky boots. It's an aesthetic.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 4

Lives in a sapphic cabin in the woods.

  • Maid outfit (both her original and more Ward-friendly version)
  • Nice boots
  • Baseball bat, wrapped in rusty barbed wire and razorblades, spray-painted with trans flag colors
  • A pastel blue crotchrocket with a "NYOOM" license plate and PRT emergency lights
  • PRT comms (with revoked Ashton credentials)

Skills and Specializations

  • Excellent motorcyclist
  • +1 to melee weapons
  • Alarmingly-good alcohol tolerance
  • Can out-Kobold Kobold in M/S Protocols


It's pretty easy to tell she was a solo act prior to Ashton. Doesn't work well with her team, inherently distrusts authority figures, will disappear for hours at a time. Fanta's gonna love her.

There's more underneath that, but if you want to learn more you'll have to earn her trust, and that's not something she gives out easily.


Trigger type: Natural, single-trigger

Misfit is a changer with the ability to transform into a chimera-like assortment of various mythological creatures. While she has control over when her changer state activates, what it turns into is randomly selected between pieces of three different forms.

When first transforming, she gets two shifts, and every other round thereafter she gets one more shift. On her off rounds, she can optionally push another shift, but this can be her only action that round.

For a shift, first ~choose Head, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, Torso, and then ~choose Dragon, Serpent, Roc. If that part hasn’t been shifted, gain one level in that form. If it has, and if it’s the same form, upgrade it to level 2. Optionally you can instead revert a level, back to baseline human. Once a part makes it to level 3, remove it from the ~choose rotation.

Example 1: Lily rolls Head, Dragon, and her head is currently Roc 2. She can either pass on changing, or revert to Roc 1.

Example 2: Lily rolls Head, Dragon, and her head is currently Dragon 1. This allows her to upgrade to Dragon 2, but if she wanted she could also revert her head back to Baseline.

Just chillin’ in her Changer state is possible, however for balance reasons she cannot mechanically go above Level 1 except in actual combat (as in, maybe she wants to chill as a dragon today, she can appear as the full form, but it’s all bark and relatively little bite). Note that being in her Changer form does prime her shard for combat, so she does become noticeably more aggressive.

When ending her state or reverting to human form, since shards give no fucks her human form will be completely random and she could look like any combination of person. Thankfully, her power provides minor shapeshifting that lets her change her appearance at will, on the scale of 5-10 minutes to fully adjust. She must remain roughly the same size and shape (ie no turning into a child, or a not-human).

Dragon Head Arm Leg Torso
Level 1 Your mouth feels warm, your teeth sharp. Something gurgling within your throat builds up and you spew out a stream of fire. Your fingers sprout claws sharp like daggers, ripping and tearing. Your leg ripples with heat and force, an infusion of power into your movement. You begin to run faster, and jump higher Heat thrums in your chest, a feeling like you could take on the world and come out on top. You gain resistance to fire and to a lesser extent pain
Level 2 Scales begin to grow on your head, your eyes turning yellow and slitted. The heat in your throat intensifies, and your teeth grow sharper, sharp enough to bite with. While your mind grows more and more feral and draconic, it does mean you’re more likely to spot tricks or deceptions. Muscle bulges along your arm, the claws sharpening to a rough edge, scales creeping up along your skin. Scales begin to spread, and claws break through as your bones fuse and shift to a three clawed foot. Jumping and running are similarly increased, and your claws are such that you can “dig in” to the ground to resist knockback Scaly patches form on your torso, brushing away even hotter flames, a feeling of invulnerability to fire.
Level 3 Your entire head becomes draconic and scaled. The fire in your throat becomes infernally hot, explosive even. Your arm becomes a draconic hand, talons and all, jagged and deadly. You feel your muscles infused with immense power. Your leg is covered in scales, muscles tensed and burning with draconic power. Far faster than an unburdened man, and can leap to the tops of small buildings with ease. Nothing short of getting hit by a car can budge your grip on the ground. The scales cover your entire torso now, vestigal wings growing from your back. The scales are tough and unyielding, acting as class III armor on the stupid chart.
Serpent Head Arm Leg Torso
Level 1 Your mouth reshapes, fangs forming, with venom drip-drip-dripping. This venom is short-lived and only affects people for a round or two. Causes minor pain and swelling, and a general sluggishness (think just waking up at ass o'clock, kinda just foggy?). Serpents don’t have arms, and so you feel your human arms start retracting into your body. Your shifting body grows slightly faster as you start becoming streamlined to snake through the air. Your leg elongates, toes fusing together, emerald green scales forming. Your motion instinctively becomes snakelike and erratic, making hitting you more difficult. Skin peels off from your torso, revealing snake scales in places. You feel faster, more ready to duck and move. As your form narrows slightly and your senses sharpen, you find your motions more graceful.
Level 2 The venom in your fangs intensifies, the fangs growing sharper and longer. That venom is stronger, worryingly so, but being bit isn’t the end of the world. You're looking at more severe swelling and a burning pain coursing through your body. Vomiting, shortness of breath, that sorta thing. With no treatment this has a small chance of being fatal, but stop by a hospital and you'll be fine after an overnight stay. Your arm now retracts completely into your body, becoming a slight bump at your side. Indirect blows have a tendency to glance off your streamlined scales. The scales now run down your entire leg, your toes vanishing as they merge into a tailtip. Muscles bulge as your leg thickens, coiling up to strike. Snakeskin takes over your torso, now fully green and scaled. If you're out of line-of-sight, it's much more difficult to be detected or caught.
Level 3 Your venom burns now, coursing through veins like a disease. Your head reshapes completely now, flat and serpentine. Those bit should seek immediate medical aid. Unbearable pain, every limb feels like its made of stone, severe seizures and heart palpitations, probably won't be awake for long. if you drop everything and get them to hospital asap they'll probably live, if not it's an all but guaranteed rip unless they've got a relevant brute rating. The bump at your side flares outward in a cobralike hood, scales coloured in menacing patterns. This is properly terrifying to be on the other side of, especially if it's not your thing. Your leg is now a snake's tail, merging with the other leg if it is also a snake's tail. It coils up and you spring at targets, a blur of emerald and death. Your form narrows, more cylindrical, like a snake, and you feel your muscles coiling up and ready to strike. The green of the scales is now lush and verdant. Even still, your motion is all but silent, making it so much easier to strike from the shadows.
Roc Head Arm Leg Torso
Level 1 A beak forms around your mouth, bone and teeth molding to be more avian. Your eyes sharpen, growing closer to an eagle's sharp eyesight. You can peck bitches. Pecked targets are mentally marked for you, giving instinctive knowledge defending against or attacking them while blind. Feathers, large and small, sprout from your shifting arms. The beginnings of wings. You can glide slightly, and lessen the effect of a hazardous fall. A flap of your wings sends gusts of air into opponents, knocking them back if caught off guard. Your toes start fusing into bird claws, muscles and feathers forming. Talons lie there, ready to lash out or grab onto a target. A soft layer of feathers sprouts from your body as you feel lighter, less dense, easier to move and be moved.
Level 2 The beak sharpens, hooked, and feathers sprout from your head. Your senses expand further. Your peck is even more fearsome, and your sharp eyes grant you resistance against most things that would cause blindness. The feathers and your bone structures shift and widen, your nascent wings growing sizable. They are able to hold more of your weight when you fall. While you can't properly fly, gliding is no problem. A gust of your wings is powerful enough to cause some damage if it throws someone into a wall. Your bird talons grow longer, legs extending, muscles tightening as feathers sprout. Your kick-slice is stronger, and it's hard to escape from your clutches. You feel the feathers and bone shift more, toughening in places. The edges of your feathers feel sharper.
Level 3 Your entire head now resembles that of a bird with golden brown feathers and a hooked beak that stabs and rips through armor. It'll take a Stranger effect or plucking out your eyes for you to miss something. The transformation finishes, your arms now fully fledged wings, and with a beat they carry you into the air. You can fly. The avian transformation completes, your legs now muscular and feathered, ending in sharp talons. Your talons are terrifying to be up against, and it's no problem grabbing even a person and taking them with you. The feathers and bone structure of your torso settle down, plumage now a brilliant brass. Flaring your feathers can greatly increase resistance to slow you down, and anyone who hits you is gonna get fucked-up by your razor-sharp feathers.




Incident Report
BOI-2017-1247 2017-02-13

Author ID: TOMCAT <greg.allen@boise.prt.gov>

Short Title: crisis point summary Feb 13 ,2017

Abstract: Ada County Sheriffs Office received a 911 call at about 11:00 pm requesting medical assistance to [REDACTED/Legal]. Call was flagged by PANOPTICON and forwarded to Boise PRT for follow-up. Due to lack of on-duty heroes, BOI-2 response team dispatched and arrived shortly after medical and police.

Responding team found likely parahuman activity. Two victims, identified as [V1 REDACTED/Legal] and [V2 REDACTED/Legal] severely injured with burns and apparent claw marks. Damage to house consistent with signs of a struggle, with claw marks, burns, and blood throughout the scene. Victims were taken to St Luke hospital under BPD supervision.

BOI-2 interviewed [W3 REDACTED/Legal] and [W4 REDACTED/Legal], who stated they had hired V1 and V2 to transport their son, [S5 REDACTED/YG] to a "troubled boy's camp" upstate. Son was unwilling to leave, and when grabbed by V1 and V2 he collapsed and allegedly turned into "a weird dragon thing". A fight occurred and ended with S5 escaping the scene. V1 and V2 not able to corroborate story due to being unconscious.

When asked about S5, parents stated he had never shown signs of powers prior to this, and was being sent away due to "disrespect" and "homosexual tendencies".

At the current time no action can be taken until S5 is recovered.




After-Action Report
BOI-2018-069C 2018-01-09

Author ID: Blur <blur@boise.protectorate.gov>

Short Title: After-Action Report (2018-01-09)

Involved Individuals/Parties: Blur (Wards PNW), the Misfit Maid (unaffiliated), Our Lady of Divine Incontinence (Catholic Church)

Consequences: Church entryway and roof sustained moderate collateral damage and partial collapse due to fire, Blur sustained mild injury due to blunt trauma and complications regarding melting plastic composite, Misfit Maid sustained multiple injuries of unknown permanence and severity due to blunt trauma.

Summary of Events: Whilst patrolling the residential district of Boise, known villainous vigilante MISFIT MAID was spotted in costume by BLUR refueling a high-performance motorcycle whilst twirling a highly-modified baseball bat. Due to the plausible suspicion that Misfit Maid was gearing up for an attack against targets that would fit her MO (thus far, seeming to consist of especially bigoted hooligans, private militias, and churches affiliated with “conversion therapy” operations) Blur elected to pursue her discreetly as advised by the on-duty dispatcher. Despite reasonable precautions being taken, Blur’s pursuit was detected by her quarry via unknown means and the Misfit Maid was waiting to confront her at the parking lot of the Our Lady of Divine Incontinence. A brief verbal confrontation ensued, in which Blur was unable to convince Misfit Maid to cease her planned destruction of the (fortunately empty) church. This prompted a more physical confrontation, after which the injured Blur was able to escape and unable to entirely prevent the church being set ablaze.


From: Greg Allen (TOMCAT) <greg.allen@boise.prt.gov>
To: THE THIN PURPLE LINE <purple@lists.prt.gov>
Subject: what do i do???
Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2019; 10:42:19 am

hello gentlemen, another day in paradise in Boise and i have a problem. denver has kicked the bucket back down to me and this is way above my pay grade

so no shit there i was last night, sitting in my office when i get a call from my secretary Becky. She says come down here so I come down there and there's a villain passed out in the lobby. Becky says to me that she went to get a coffe and comes back and this kid's just on the floor.

We take her into custody and treat injuries and all that standard shit. becky pulls the tapes and it looks like she just stumbled in, said something the cameras dont pick up, and collapses.

kid wakes up so we go to interrogate her, she cant remember anything. literally anything. looks like my daughter after i take her phone away saying "i dunno" to everything we ask. doesnt even remember her cape name.

Now, before all you city boys get your panties in a knot, obviously were trying to do this by the book. But we've had this kid on our radar for almost three years, this isn't her MO. This is the kid who burns down church camps and attacks militias upstate, shes not sutle. [ed: please keep the political hot topics in the politics thread! consider this your ONLY warning]

And even if shes a villain (pretending to be hero but not fooling any one!), shes still a kid. itd be easy to throw her to the wolves but that just doesnt sit right.

I tell becky to call the thinker tank, and they ship some retard in spandex up from Vegas to talk to her. Tells us what we already know, someone wiped her memory, and then he hands us a bill!

Next i call Denver for help, and after two hours on the phone Im informed that they got the people for this but theyre to busy to help? o.k. LOL. guess were on our own for this one boys!

Any one have any ideas here? nobody here has the training for fixing or dealing with someone memorie wiped. would rather not hang her out to dry but we also cant keep her in holding cells forever. Thanks

From: Veronika Mayer (SHARKTOOTH) <veronika.mayer@ashton.prt.gov>
To: Greg Allen (TOMCAT) <greg.allen@boise.prt.gov>
Subject: Re: Transfer request
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2019; 02:29:50 am

Sergeant Allen,

After consulting with our specialists and the Youth Guard, I'm going to go ahead and sign off on the transfer request for Misfit. They agree that time spent around a familiar face is the best course of action, and given her history Ashton will be a better cultural fit.

We'll go ahead and set up transportation arrangements to have a member of our Protectorate pick her up. Expect a follow-up email within the next couple days.


Veronika Mayer
Director, Ashton PRT