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Blur's costume.png
Blur in costume
Notoriety Criminal
C / +
Author /u/TheBluestHedgeroo (capes)
Pronouns She/her
Civilian name Cassie Clay
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Maids of Dishonor (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker (Blaster, Stranger, Thinker)
Born (2002-03-27) March 27, 2002 (age 21)
Point Pristine,Idaho
Status NPC
Partner(s) Lily Fitzsimmons (Misfit)
Reddit Sheet

Public Information: Was a ward in a small Idaho town for around six months, transferred to Ashton prior to transferring to Fugitive. Public may know of her from her somewhat pretentious photography website, showcasing unique images made possible by tinkertech camera lenses. They may also know of her from news reports about the defected Ward and her villainous coterie: the Maids of Dishonor

According to a hit piece (?) by the third-party watchdog organization (?) CLOACA, she has reportedly been observed drinking with the leader of the Burnouts (true), has abused her position to get her "homosexual lover" (true) Misfit a favorable position in the Ashton Wards (false),and regularly makes trips to the woods for an unknown purpose (true).

PRT/Protectorate members would likely be aware of her involvement in an ill-fated attempt at infiltrating the Burnouts headquarters (The Speakeasy/Fight Club known as the Ruby Coronet), as well as her involvement in a much more successful mission to retrieve Geode from the custody of the terrorist organization "The Reclaimers".

For reasons presently unbeknownst to most, Blur has decided to go AWOL from the Wards along with her girlfriend Misfit. They seem to have been sighted heading to Devilfish, seeking refuge in the few places their former associates dare to tread: The American Midwest (Or at least, that's what she thinks).

Character Sheet


civvie Blur

Personal: Long, dyed-red hair grown out from her old Lesbian Undercut. Somewhat intense appearance, brown eyes and pale skin. Wears three types of outfits in civvies: flannels, fancy sundresses + matching sunhats, and a sharp and edgy ensemble incorporating some sorta vampire hunter-ass coat.

Costume: (disregard the knife) Mostly made from a hex-patterned Tinkertech material. Layer under the hanging straps of said material is lightly armored and padded, doesn’t offer much personal protection beyond dulling the blows from small blades and punches.

Equipment and Resources


-One kinda clunky motorcycle

-Mix of funds frantically and illicitly withdrawn from her Wards account, funds legitimately earned through the occasional commission, and funds perfectly legitimately earned through various MoD fronts.

-Some kinda expensive photography equipment (editing software, nice camera, tripods and such) with a pretty nice laptop.

-A lovely cabin in the woods, restored into an optimal hideout/home for her funky polycule.

Equipment (see tinkertech for the rest :spop:)

-First-Aid kit

-A fukken sawed-off shotgun

-Large stash of handcuffs


The Second Cloak

Blur's costume and currently her greatest creation.

Appearance: Similar to her old Ward ‘lampshade’ costume, which might infringe some Protectorate merch copyrights but she didn’t have much to work with beyond mementos, okay? The newest edition of her cloak’s fabric gives it a faded dark grey color when inactive, and adds a bit of bulk beneath it from both light armor and additional subsystems.


-Even More Active Camouflage: By using a variety of sensors built into the hex-patterned fibers that her costume is mostly made of, she can change the color that her costume projects to nearly perfectly match her surroundings. Color updates every twenty seconds (from the one-minute refresh rate of more primitive fibers), allowing near-perfect concealment when slowly slinking or staying still in medium-contrast areas while permitting adequate concealment when jogging or running in low-contrast or poorly lit areas. Running or otherwise moving quickly and carelessly between two high-contrast areas would be counterproductive, and reveal her to most observers.

-Aggressive Heatsink: An apparatus that traps heat produced by her body, weaponry, and other sources mostly within the Cloak to a certain extent. Allows one to evade detection from infrared sensors with the drawback of heating up the interior of their costume quite a bit. This heat can be released as steam via either a discreet vent situated near the legs, or a very indiscreet set of vents situated around her body that can be ‘fired’ to scald melee-range attackers. Supercharged shots produce too much heat to be “masked” in this manner.

-Actual Armor: A set of light body armor marginally altered by Blur to actually provide some protection and padding. Hardly bulletproof, more something like a Kevlar vest and pads on their joints to protect from knives or being flung about by a miniature tornado. It is also relevant to note that the plastic-fibers composite the Cloak consists of has a rather high heat tolerance.

Duration: Attached power source allows for a max of eight hours of uninterrupted use as camo, assuming optimal conditions of a stakeout or stalking. Heat-sink fills from passive body heat at a rate that demands that it be vented after thirty minutes, weapons fire and unusual physical exertion fills it at a higher rate.

Beyond that, until FUKKEN COPS steal it again or it otherwise gets broken/lost.

Second-Edition Scope

Blur's almost constantly worn opaque visor. Useful for not blinding herself with her own tech. Considerably revamped after the PRT stole her last one

Appearance: A flat and rectangular visor, with four spots for adding lenses. Attached to Blur’s head with a strap. Lenses are thin and fragile sheets of plastic in various colors, and usually carried in a tough metal case.

Abilities: Scope can hold up to four lenses. The lenses themselves work to filter a specific subset of light either into or out of her visible spectrum. For example, one given lens filters out the color purple from her sight, thus purple objects appear invisible. Another given lens filters infrared light into her visible spectrum, allowing her to perceive that subset of light.

Duration: Until the lenses are broken or her shit is stolen again.

Notes: It is costly and time-consuming to create lenses, and even more time-consuming to learn how to deal with the expanded set of perceptions that making a new part of the light spectrum visible creates. Blur has a set of three color-filtering lenses (red, purple, green), two adaptive filtering lenses (lets her see out of her cloak), one lens that limits the intensity of light she can perceive (useful for not blinding herself or others with her own tech), and one experimental lens that shifts select radio/infrared transmissions into the visible spectrum (while quite overwhelming initially, a few select transmissions can be isolated to be visible without being bombarded with everything else).

Was relatively trivial to replace and upgrade, now incorporates a relatively untested prototype lens.

Higher-Intensity Flares

A method of concealment and distraction all in one.

Appearance: Looks like a cross between a can of spray paint and a smoke grenade’s casing, which is triggered by twisting and removing a metal cap on the top.

Abilities: Upon triggering, produces a cloud of bright and opaque smoke in a variety of colors, bright enough to deadass blind onlookers in the direct vicinity for a few seconds without some form of eye protection. Cloud spreads obscenely quickly over an area that could conceivably encompass a small parking lot.

Duration: Single-use, three are currently constructed. The smoke cloud produced dissipates completely after two minutes, while the projected color loses the “eye-searing” brightness after ten seconds to shift to a more “mildly irritating to look at” value of brightness.

Margainally-Altered Blackout Bombs

Could be said to be an upgraded version of the flares, as well as acting as a sort of "panic button"

Appearance: Flask-shaped canister about as tall and wide as a can of shaving cream. Armed by twisting the cap on top of the canister, three second fuse time.

Abilities: Upon detonation, floods an area about the size of a tennis court with dense and pitch black smoke. It is effectively impossible for any spectrum of light to penetrate this smoke, effectively blinding anyone trapped within and obscuring the contents to anyone looking without. Aural imaging (e.g. sonar, some Thinker powers) is unimpeded by this smoke. Notably, Blur herself is affected by this smoke, and her visor is not able to penetrate it.

The canister itself now carries a small explosive charge, not high-enough yield to injure someone (unless they opt to touch it for some unholy reason) but more than capable of causing the bomb to go off prematurely via rupturing the casing. Will detonate via either a signal from Blur’s phone or via a deadman’s switch in the event of her capture, because fuck anyone else having access to these.

Duration: Smoke will naturally dissipate within a half hour, bombs are single-use (although parts of the casing are technically recyclable). Two bombs have been made thus far, only one is typically carried on Blur’s person.

Some Hella Amped Sunglasses

Some lovely mirrored aviators, passed out to teammates to not get blinded inadvertently.

Appearance: Purple Mirrored Aviators (for Lily), Black Mirrored Aviators (for the Meat Panopticon Maids and other Affiliates, other colors available upon request)

Abilities: These sunglasses are a stylish and comfortable means of not getting blinded by friendly fire from Blur! Specifically, they contain a marginally watered-down variant of her lens that filters very bright light from their FoV.

Duration: Until smashed, misplaced, or stolen by dickass cops. Fifteen total have been produced as of right now, and more can be made relatively quickly.

Notes: Lenses for these sunglasses are produced with cheaper ingredients than a Blur-Quality lens, enabling less expensive production thereof.

Reprogrammed Decoys

Another means of distraction, best suited for preplanned engagements.

Appearance: The machine bit looks like a disk with a similar vibe and size to a flattened Roomba, with about three emitters on top of said disk. When activated, a preprogrammed hologram (obvs of variable appearance) will be displayed directly above the device.

Abilities: Can be deployed/activated while Blur has LoS of the object to create a momentarily convincing holographic replica of Blur's person (Both variants of Blur in-costume and Cassie out of costume are programmed in). A few autonomous poses/actions are programmed in by default (i.e. taking aim at something in the distance, diving to cover, running away), but the active control of said hologram is limited to mirroring Blur’s current actions. While active, Blur can "detonate" the hologram, causing it to expend the remainder of it's battery via producing a blinding light in lieu of the hologram (countermeasure centered on the hologram emitter, only particularly effective when foes are nearby).

Duration: Has about 20 minutes of battery life, and Blur carries at least two decoys on her when possible. Has two spares stashed away and two more projectors installed in the cabin, until those are stolen/stolen and scavved by cops/otherwise yote.

Prototype Light-Projection Lance

A substantially improved ranged weapon, capable of temporarily blinding foes as well attacking more conventionally with laser fire.

Appearance: Looks relatively similar to the prior editions of Light-Projectors (thin and angular rifle design with a very short stock), differing from her previous variants with a longer barrel, an additional attachment on the tip (similar to a suppressor on a grody basic bitch ballistic weapon), and the second barrel removed to make space for a long bayonet. A laser sight is attached to the side of the barrel, and a relatively large scope rests atop the Projector. Reloads kinda like a Maliwan Corinthian.

Abilities: Retains similar firing options to her prior Projectors (one beam blinds, the other beam does more direct damage), with some minor upgrades to their destructive yield and shots per powercell. In addition to these upgrades, her rifle now features a long and sturdy bayonet (basically just a thick mass of sharp metal, weighted decently well for blocking blows and about as effective as a decent sword for slashing or stabbing) as well as a supercharger on the tip that considerably amps the yield of the next shot when activated with the drawback of consuming a power cell and producing an obscene amount of heat. (consecutive supercharged shots may warp the barrel to the extent that the Lance is no longer suitable for field use). The sighting mechanism remains as usual: a variable scope that highlights visible eyes in lime green against a desaturated background.

- Blinding Beam: Retains similar characteristics to prior iterations, with a few enhancements: the beams themselves are brighter, enough to penetrate most forms of eye protection on direct hits and to cause onlookers to have a laser-shaped afterimage in their vision to blink away for a few seconds. Direct hits blind targets for the span of ten seconds (or a turn and some change, if you will), repeated direct hits can and likely will cause some form of permanent eye damage. Miniaturized powercells have enabled a jump from 6 blinding shots/pack to 10 blinding shots/pack.

When supercharged, beams grow brighter and are split by a lens in a conical column of light, spreading over about a 60-degree angle in the form of a quite bright flash. All onlookers caught within the cone suffer the effects of a direct hit from the baseline beams. Takes about a turn of charging up before being able to fire, another subsequent supercharged shot within the span of a minute will likely cause the supercharger and barrel to catastrophically overheat after firing it.

- Destructive Beams: Retains similar characteristics to prior iterations, with a few enhancements: the royal purple beams are still wire-thin but have a bit more yield behind each shot: enough to punch through a few inches of steel, and more than enough to make exit-wounds on anyone not either a Brute or clad in substantially heavy armor. As these beams are hot enough to near-instantly cauterize wounds, a shot is unlikely to be lethal unless fired at a major organ. A single powercell holds about 5 shots/pack (improved from 3/pack).

When supercharged, beams are considerably more focused by a lens, gaining incredible penetration ability (laser can punch through blocks of concrete, exceptionally heavy armor, and everything up to a wildly powerful Brute.) They remain wire-thin, requiring precision shots to do meaningful damage to a target. Takes about a turn of charging up before being able to fire, another subsequent supercharged shot within the span of a minute will likely cause the supercharger and barrel to catastrophically overheat after firing it.

Duration: Until destroyed, stolen by Cum Girl or other FUKKEN COPS, or cannibalized to make something else. Blur carries 7 powercells on her person, the same cells supercharge the Lance and provide ammo for the Lance.

The Last Resort

Appearance: A macrobomb implanted in her chest cavity. When surgically extracted, appears as a small box that could fit in your palm.

Abilities: It's an implanted tinkertech macrobomb, made to have a high enough yield to immolate her body, worn tech, and kill or seriously injure anybody in the same room via firebomb. Triggered either via an attached heartbeat monitor (flatlining for a minute will detonate it) or via a suitably uncommon spoken code-phrase.

Duration: Until removed from her chest cavity or used.

(Tech below this line is more Maids of Dishonor assets than personal Blur assets)

Emergency Tooth Flares

Appearance: A small box extensively carved and painted to look like a human molar. Very detailed observation will reveal that it has two small buttons on each side, allowing one to remove it from one's jaw when depressed. The burst of light displayed by the tooth is a faint purple color and is designed to be trivially picked up by sensors.

Abilities: When inert, serves as a basic tooth in every respect beyond being a lil more prone to being punched out. When primed via one of two ways (the primary method being removing the false tooth via depressing both buttons and throwing it out of your mouth, the backup method being biting down on it very fucking hard), it explodes in a horrendously bright albeit brief flash of light after a four-second fuse time.

This flash of light serves to briefly blind and disorient people, though the main purpose is to project a brief burst of light distinct enough to be both plainly seen at nighttime and with a distinct enough energy signature to be logged by Blur's goggles, the mortar's embedded rangefinder, and an altered cellphone camera to determine one's location during the daytime. This feature is only effective if used someplace light can feasibly escape to the outside world.

Duration: Single-use. Relatively quick and trivial to make. About five teeth already exist (two of which are in Blur's mouth) and Blur has already modded the cells of core members to be able to detect that energy signature.

Notes: Blur is not a trained dentist, and she does not know or trust enough trained dentists to install these at an efficient rate. Installed in herself via the assistance of Thought Police, can be installed in anyone who asks upon request. She is just good enough at dentistry to remove a molar and install these false teeth without causing a major infection, though the process will be far from painless.


Appearance: An incoherent mess of wires, electronics, mirrors, and dubious boxes of machinery that is splayed over a shopping cart. Notably lacking a power source. Basically, a bomb without a casing.

Abilities: An obscenely powerful improvised tinkertech explosive, essentially a feedback loop which generates an extreme amount of both light and heat until it grows to melt and destroy both itself and the majority of the surrounding area. In non-nerdy terms, one can basically park it in a building, turn it on, and after a minute light hot enough to sear one's retinas will bathe every visible surface until it either melts or catches fire. Six minutes later, the device will have melted itself into an unrecognizable plastic smear, along with almost every surface the light touched being reduced to ash, chemical slag, or entirely immolated. Works best in enclosed areas.

These abilities are all theoretical, as a power supply both powerful enough to support this feedback loop and expendable enough to be worth melting into slag has not yet been built. This can be remedied either by finding/purchasing enough parts to build one herself or stealing another tinker's power supply and adapting it to her own ends.

Duration: Single-use. Currently kept stashed in the cellar of the Maids Cabin.

Notes: In the events of Blur's death, a detailed dossier regarding the bomb will be sent to local Protectorate Tinkers along with instructions regarding how to use it. It is explicitly designed to clear out a bunker.

The Bombardier

Appearance: It is very similar to a typical 60mm mortar, small enough to be man-portable yet bulky enough to be a bit of a pain to transport with the added attachments. It is painted in dark green and brown tones to blend into a forest environment, and a sophisticated rangefinder connected to a digital screen is fastened to the base of the mortar. HE Shells are color-coded with a yellow stripe, and Illumination Shells are color-coded with a red stripe.

Abilities: Like most light mortars, The Bombardier is capable of launching fin-stabilized shells with an effective range between 60m to 3,500m, after being manually loaded and fired by an operator. Unlike most light mortars, the attached rangefinder and display allow one with minimal training to send a somewhat-accurate projectile to a point designated by a Maid in the field, either with explicit verbal instructions regarding where to aim or via an IR laser designator that feeds positional data back to the display.

The Bombardier can fire four types of shells thus far, two being mundane tech (Standard High-Explosive shells and Illumination shells: a fancy phrase for “basically a large bright red flare we put in a mortar) and the other two types being an adaptation of Blur’s existing tech.

Duration: Until destroyed, stolen, or abandoned. 12 of each mundane shell have been stockpiled thus far, enough for occasional fire support but not nearly enough for a proper siege.

Notes: The Bombardier is currently located in an undisclosed location near the Maids Cabin, and will likely remain stationed there outside of exceptional circumstances where indirect fire support is needed in the city itself. (ooc: unless big shit is going down in the city like an assault on the Reclaimers/a gang war between the Maids and another party, don’t expect the mortar to be relevant. Current intended purpose is to shell/deter intruders by the cabin and in the surrounding woods).


Appearance: While varying between innocuous laser pointers, more typical handheld scanners, and disposable cameras, the Designators are often disguised as mundane tech with an only tangentially-related purpose. Persons capable of seeing into the infrared spectrum will notice the thin beams produced by these devices.

Abilities: The Designators project a laser to ‘paint’ a target for the Bombardier mortar (see above). Targets require three to four seconds of exposure to said laser for the Bombardier to develop accurate positional data on the target. Useless when out of range of the Bombardier (in other words, it’s basically just shine a light on the target for a few seconds and the mortar gets the coords of the target transmitted back (unless the target is out of effective mortar shell-launching range, in which it gets nothing). Basically lil pip shows up on the display of the mortar, along with instructions for the operator of how many degrees to adjust the current firing angle by to hit that target.)

Duration: Until destroyed/discarded/stolen. Eight have been produced thus far, and additional Designators can be produced very cheaply and quickly if needed.

Blackout Shells

Appearance: A fin-stabilized shell sized for use with a 60mm mortar, color-coded with a black stripe.

Abilities: Similar to Blur’s Blackout Bombs, projects an opaque cloud of dense black smoke that actively blocks every spectrum of light. The two main advantages of the shells are range and yield: the Bombardier allows shells to be fired from a much larger range and the added mass of the shell allows more space for the chemicals required to make said smoke. The cloud is dispersed upon the shell detonating (either upon impact with the ground or via a remotely-triggered airburst), settling over an area about as large as a hockey rink. The cloud lasts five minutes in typical environmental conditions before beginning to dissipate, and is entirely gone after fifteen.

Duration: Until used, stolen, or discarded. Due to the high cost of the chemicals needed to produce the smoke cloud, only four shells have been manufactured.

Highest-Intensity Flares

Appearance: A fin-stabilized shell for use with a 60mm mortar, color-coded with a bright orange stripe.

Abilities: Similar in concept to Blur’s High-Intensity Flares, but with a radically altered delivery method of an airburst mortar shell. Upon detonation, triggers a slowly-falling flare similar to mundane illumination shells, with a few key improvements:

One, the flare itself and the light it emits is obscenely bright, not quite to the extent of being permanently blinding but to the extent of causing eye damage upon prolonged observation at close ranges (longer than eight seconds) and rendering it almost entirely impossible to see through the illuminated area (would require either extensive cybernetic enhancement or eye protection eclipsing that of a welder’s mask). This brightness dims to “not literally eye-scorching” after thirty seconds, and dims to a more manageable “bright-ass desk lamp” after two minutes.

Two, the flare constantly sheds a bright orange powder dispersed by the wind that adheres to most surfaces: foliage, metal, glass, human skin, etc. Apart from providing a mild chemical burn to exposed skin and allowing even less respite from the bright-ass flare over one’s head, “painted” targets are trivial to spot in the normally heavily camouflaged environment of the nighttime woods. The bright powder dims entirely to a dull grey after four hours, stains most clothing, and requires hard work and a sponge to remove from other surfaces.

Duration: The Highest-Intensity Flare itself hangs in the air for about five minutes, gradually losing altitude and shedding mass as it falls until hitting the ground. Four shells have been created thus far, and will last until fired/discarded/destroyed/stolen.

Skills and Specializations

-Pretty skilled in amateur photography and related editing software

-Fantastic eye for color, able to easily pick out contrasts and identify colors down to a few hex codes.

-Good distance runner.

-Exceptional markswoman, passable hand-to-hand combatant.


Fiercely competitive and perfectionistic, but is trying to learn how to put that aside in her professional life. Quick to compliment or criticize people who deserve it. Dislikes opening up to people or showing her face outside of costume, but feels much more confident in costume. Somewhat naive due to her upbringing. Has presently mellowed out a tad due to Lily's influence + leaving behind her old hella professional vocation, but the added stress from being a fugitive isn't doing her any favors.


Blur is a tinker with a specialty in tech that produces, manipulates, and receives light. Incapable of creating solid “hardlight” constructs. In addition, most of her tech requires an obscene amount of energy to run, limiting the effectiveness of it in the field.

Trigger type Single, natural. Can second-trigger.