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Notoriety Criminal
AA /
Author /u/MinaPunisherOfKnees (capes)
Civilian name Irena Gomez
Alignment Hero
Affiliation (Unknown)
PRT ClassificationBreaker, Shaker
Born (1989-02-24) February 24, 1989 (age 34)
Granada, Spain
Status NPC
Residence Apartment on base
Nationality Spanish
Other names Fanta
Height 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Partner(s) Justice
  • Hector Gomez (father)
  • Maria Gomez (mother)
Reddit Sheet

Phantasma is the recently arrived captain of the Ashton Protectorate. Previously located further south in Houston, she gained a reputation for being tough on crime and very vocal about the need for the Protectorate and other law enforcement agencies to wipe out Parahuman crime. Phantasma also gained a noteriety for her harsh treatment of Tinkers, holding nothing back when bringing them in. This anti-Tinker stance extends beyond her duties, and she has made controversial pro-Reclaimers comments when asked about the group.

Many point to her origin in Spain and her life under the Tinker-Tyrants of Spain as the reason for her attitude towards these capes, and villainous gangs in general. Given how they treated her people, it's understandable.

A refugee from Spain, Irena’s dad was a part of the resistance against the Tyrant Haze. When his cell was discovered and hunted down at a meeting, his entire family, including Irena, was taken to a prison camp as punishment.

She triggered during one of Haze’s many experiments. ‘Furia de las Bestias’; as he later christened it. He was testing it as a stimulant for soldiers on the battlefield, but first needed to test the side effects. So, el Emperador had the prisoners forced into a warehouse and began to pump his experiment in. Within minutes, people were tearing each other apart with the enhanced strength granted by his horrendous creators.

In 2005 she was able to flee the country and received asylum in the United States as a Ward. Since then she’s remained with the Governmental hero organization, rising in the ranks both as a cape, and as a humanitarian. On many occasions, she has spoken out about the suffering the Spanish people have and continue to endure under the Tyrant Haze.

Character Sheet


Equipment and Resources

As a senior protectorate she receives a generous salary, with full support from the PRT and Protectorate as the Ashton branch's captain.

Skills and Specializations

Phantasma has spent over a decade studying leadership, Parahuman psychology, and general Law. Her first language is Spanish, but she's additionally fluent in English and French.

Thanks to years of experience, she's gotten quite familiar with chemistry, having even taken some night classes to gain a better understanding of her power.


Her time in Spain hardened her, leaving her wary. She considers her position in the Protectorate one of necessity and harbors a wariness of certain parts of the organization. Though she sees that they’ve done a lot of good work in America, she’s also seen how power can corrupt and is ever vigilant to squash such corruption that she finds; by any means necessary. Irena holds herself to a high moral standard, expects the same as those around.

As a devout Catholic, she has often relied her faith to carry her through rough times.


Phantasma possesses the ability to enter a gaseous Breaker state. While in this state, she retains a mostly humanoid form and can interact slightly with the world through a low-level telekinetic field. Otherwise though, she is completely permeable, and objects/people will easily pass through the Breaker state. She can alter the size of this form, compressing herself or expanding her volume. While in this form her movement is hindered. Phantasma herself can float about as fast as she can run in any direction, and her gases billow out at roughly half that, again, omnidirectionally. Given the extra force needed to both hold herself together and perform strenuous activity, operating at full capacity can lead to Phantasma overexerting herself during fights.

Whilst in this form, Fantasma can change the composition of her Breaker states gas and generates a volume of gases, both natural, and powered. The natural gases are ones that she has been exposed to, whilst the powered gases are the ones her form generates. When inhaled or absorbed through the skin, these powered gases will begin to alter a person’s mental state. In an open-air environment, like a field, the effect is short lived and relatively minimal if not exposed for too long. However, in a closed location, it will be far more potent.

When the powered gases take effect, they make use of broad 'emotional'/mental states, such as Fear, Love, or Anger. Phantasma has no control over the exact reactions or the specifics of how the change in emotional state manifests.

Phantasma is incredibly vulnerable to less physically-based/energy attacks whilst in her Breaker form. A few good hits are enough to knock her out of her Breaker form. If she is forced out of her breaker state like this, she will need several hours to a couple days to recover depending on the severity of damage.

Additionally, strong winds, cape created or weather-wise can be incredibly dangerous to her. If a strong wind source can disperse her gas breaker form, she will enter an unconscious state as the Breaker state slowly attempts to gather itself together. Once it has done so, she will change back into her flesh and blood form, passing out for at least a few hours.