Jackson, Tennessee Earth Collapse Incident

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Late in the afternoon on August 6th, 2003, the hero Paragon Junior was fighting Earthdowner. At precisely 7:28 PM, Paragon Junior threw a punch towards Earthdowner, assisted by a telekinetic forcefield that surrounds the young hero.

Earthdowner was a villain in the area, with the noted ability to redirect force into the ground surrounding him, pulsing outwards in a small localized quake.

A power interaction occured, and the energy contained in Paragon Junior's forcefield was destabilized and rerouted to the surroundings.

A section of Jackson, Tennessee's downtown area consisting of 1.036 square kilometers collapsed, all buildings in the area being rendered into rubble from the force. It was unknown at the time, but the Lambuth Library happened to be located over a large natural cavern at the time. At the time of the Earth Collapse Incident, the Lambuth Library collapsed into the cavern, killing nearly everyone inside.

Overall there were an estimated 1,236 deaths, and upwards of 6,000 major and minor injuries. Earthdowner did not survive the incident, the force transferring through him having liquefied his body. Paragon Junior survived, but lost the arm used to make the punch.

To this day the Earth Collapse incident stands as a testament to unknown power interactions, and the danger they can have.