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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author touchdom (capes)
Pronouns He/Him
Civilian name Cade Williams
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Denver)
Age 25
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Leah & Nashoid
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

A well-established member of the PRT Denver, often advertised as the "single-most versatile Blaster in the world." This may even be true.

PRT / Government Information

"Cavalier" (civilian name Cade Williams) Triggered at some point during the 2014 incidents in Albuquerque, where the villainous gang known as the "Lucky Sevens" tried to push rival gang "Black Wings" (which he himself was a street-level member of) out of town. He was found by Protectorate hero Rising Star and recruited into the Wards on probationary status.

Cavalier is a Blaster capable of changing his power on the fly, changing the parameters so he has the perfect power for every encounter. He additionally has low-grade flight.

Costume Appearance

Cavalier wears a lightly armoured bodysuit in light grey and gold, with a jacket over it. His face is hidden by a large beak-like visor (MGR Raiden), and a domino mask beneath that.

Civilian Appearance

Cade isn't very tall, but is decently ripped (not like a bodybuilder, just, a pretty fit adult). He has light skin, hazel eyes, and light brown hair in a buzzcut. He'd look completely unremarkable if not for a few scars on his left cheek.

He wears contacts, and his mask can also compensate if needed.


Cade is usually pretty quiet and gets overstimulated easily, so he prefers to read in a corner over joining in the noise. Though he can be impulsive and mischievous whenever he sees a chance, usually a chance to not get caught.

Because of his Trigger he is still uncomfortable in fights with many capes or flashy powers, and tries to stay out of them. In Endbringer fights, which he tends to go to out of a sense of obligation, he usually fights from long distances.

He spent his youth feeling trapped, and he's immensely thankful to the hero who gave him the chance to get him out of that. He sympathizes with people in similar situations to his own, and is happy to give second chances. This is not to say he is idealistic though; he is more than aware that far from everyone deserves a second chance.

He's a Protectorate hero mainly because of two reasons: It was a pretty easy job to get into after being a Ward, and also he genuinely likes helping people.

He tries to separate his normal and cape lives as much as he can, taking his free time very seriously.

Skills & Training

  • Basic first aid & CPR
  • Pretty good at hand-to-hand
  • Basic & relevant understanding of laws & legal procedures
  • Basic radio & communicator operation
  • Skilled marksman (mainly with his power)
  • Drawing & Woodcarving

Resources & Wealth

Protectorate Salary & Benefits

Draws art commissions for a 'day job', mostly for fun since he gets enough money from being a hero with the Protectorate.

Lives in a bungalow in the suburbs.

Equipment & Gear

  • Police zipcuffs & handcuffs
  • PRT comms (NUCLEUS encrypted)
  • Police Medkit
  • Police Baton

Parahuman Power

Cavalier is a Blaster/Trump who can alter his own power, tuning it to his needs.

His power has two 'variables', Element and Output. The baseline of his power is concussive blasts, which fly and impact roughly like heavy dodgeballs and which he can fire at a rate of 2-3 per round. Modifying the Element changes what the blasts are made of, things like fire, electricity, cold, though it can only change to different kinds of energy. Output changes the parameters of how he fires it.

For example, starting from the baseline blasts: He could improve the rate of fire, but at the cost of accuracy and power. Or he could focus on power and precision, but that lowers the rate of fire. Or he could make them chargeable, at the cost of the 'base' power being much lower.

(Meta: in one round he can change one variable and act, or change one variable twice and not act)

Has minor resistance to his current Element.

andFlight: his flight isn't much to write home about (top speed being little more than his running speed), but it is incredibly manoeuvrable and keeps his personal gravity normal.

Background & Trigger

Trigger Type: Single Standard Trigger

When he was a teenager Cade ran with one of the big gangs in his hometown. Not because he wanted to, but because he had no other choice. And by the time he could've left, he was already in too deep.

However, he would later get his chance when a rival gang began trying to push them out of town. He and a few other mooks got caught in one particularly large three-way battle between both gangs and the PRT, and because they were unpowered and therefore expendable the gangs decided to send in the big guns. Trapped, surrounded on all sides by powers flying around promising death and worse, he Triggered.

The PRT found him in the aftermath, and convinced him to become a probationary Ward in exchange for a second chance. When he came of age, he transferred to the Denver Protectorate and he's been there ever since.

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