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Cassandra Dawson
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author Arcanilith (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Cassandra Dawson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Denver)
Age 17
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Leah
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger, second gen from Lifeline

Cassandra is currently not publicly a Ward, her cape persona pending review under the PRT Image Department.

Publicly Available Information

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance


Civilian Appearance

Due to the impact of Lifeline's and her own power, she has no scars despite the extreme injuries she's suffered. A lot of her clothing is battered in a way that's clearly more due to age and use than fashion


Cassandra's mindset is influenced a lot by her childhood. She has a general distrust of authority, worsened whenever there's strictness involved. As a whole she has a very difficult time talking to people with any sincerity, prefering to keep people at a distance.

Due to her history with schooling, she's fairly behind in her education. As a result of her time with Lifeline and how her power operates, she has no real care for physical consequences. This plus anger issues means she's very prone to getting in fights. She's into music, having gotten into classic rock as a result of her dad. Her main hobby is cars, having picked up on a lot of that from Lifeline. The crew would often go on joyrides, spending a lot of the money on tuning cars.

Skills & Training

  • Fairly extensive street fighting history
  • Halfway decent with guns
  • Basic Hand-to-Hand combat training
  • Basic First Aid & CPR
  • Basic & Relevant Understanding of laws & legal procedures
  • Basic Radio & Communicator Operation

Resources & Wealth


Equipment & Gear


Parahuman Power

Trigger Type: Brute/Trump

The power only coming into effect when she is harmed.

After her trigger, the vast majority of her internals have been replaced with a highly compressed thread.

After being injured, the thread is able to spray out from the wound. She is able to control the thread loosely, mostly to bat at things or roughly grab.

The thread is quite strong, capable of throwing around people just fine but struggling heavily with anything weighing more than a small car.

It's slightly more durable than regular flesh but the main defensive measure is just how much of it there is and the low impact of most physical trauma on loose threads.

The physical capability of the thread is not the primary effect of it however.

When the thread mass is fully removed from her body, it starts to change from a flailing mass into a more concrete shape. This takes anywhere from several seconds to a minute based mostly on how much she is able to focus on guiding the process mentally.

The form is large (averaging 9 feet in height, plus or minus a foot due to its rough and inconsistent form) and roughly humanoid with uneven construction, arms that are different lengths, odd bulges across the body, that sort of thing.

Like a badly made clay sculpture. While the form is changing, it slowly starts to develop another power chosen very early into the process.

The end state will have the same construction regardless of which power she uses, but which one was chosen will always be obvious due to the threads being visibly charged with the power


The first of these causes the threads to spark with iridescent electricity. When striking a surface this energy blasts out in a ring roughly 7 to 8 feet in radius.

This only effects organics, temporarily blasting random sensory static across all their senses for a short moment. If striking someone directly, it'll last in the range of a couple seconds.


The second causes the threads to spark with dark embers. Cassandra is able to gather these sparks into a spear like projectile in her hand and then throw them with extreme force.

A fully charged bolt (around six seconds of uninterrupted gathering) would be able to punch a hole through an armored car.

The force behind the average level of charge that could be pulled off in a fight (no more than a second) would be enough to severely dent but not puncture a thick car door.


The last causes the threads to drip with ruddy water. She is able to produce a lot more of this water, flooding out around her. Once there is enough water out around her (taking about 20 seconds to reach this point), she can gather it into one mass and trade places with it once its roughly the same size as her, causing the water to spill out from where she was.

This gathering process takes about 10 seconds to complete once there is enough water, halving this speed as the volume of water around doubled.

The water can only stay in a roughly city block sized area around her, the depth of the water tapering off as it moves further away from her.


After a fight cools down, the thread beings to fold back in on itself and weave a new body for Cassandra. It's not pretty, and takes upwards of an hour to do so.

If she gets into a fight during this time, the incomplete body breaks apart and she needs to start again.

While she is incredibly durable, she does still have a fatal weakness. A roughly baseball sized core that when destroyed kills her outright.

It's tough enough that most accidental strikes to it wouldn't break it, but still fragile enough that it can be broken with concerted effort from a regular human.

Beyond that, while cutting, crushing, or ripping the thread doesn't do much as torn thread doesn't affect control, it can still be burnt away or otherwise destroyed where it recovers very slowly, theoretically replenishing from nothing to standard capacity over the course of a week.

Thread removed from the main mass becomes inert until reintroduced into the main body. The thread is somewhat flammable, being reduced to ashes from full capacity over the course of about 5 minutes.

Background & Trigger

single standard trigger

(second Generation from Lifeline (NPC)

You’re unpowered muscle for a parahuman named Lifeline. It’s good work. With his power, you’re immortal. You’ve had your arms blown off, been cut in half, had your heart ripped out one time, but he’s always put you back together at the end of the day. Hurts like a motherfucker, but hey, immortality.

Until shit went bad. They came for you at your safe house. Your brain painted the wall behind you and most of your insides are paste outsides. But that didn’t matter. Lifeline’s gonna fix it all up.

With your blurry vision, you spot the guys responsible. Walking toward a wounded Lifeline. Then it dawns on you. He’s keeping you alive. If he goes, you do too.

Every nerve in your body screaming in pain isn’t stopping you. One of them blowing your leg apart isn’t stopping you. Cutting your arm off isn’t stopping you. But it’s not enough. You see the barrel of the gun pointed at Lifeline, and trigger.

Cassandra's background wasn't great. She grew up in a low income part of rural Texas. Her dad was a piece of shit and her mother was absentee. He died in a road rage incident he started, leaving her at age 14 to live with her grandparents in Austin. They weren't as bad as her parents.

But they clearly didn't care enough to actually raise her. She fell into petty crime around the same time, in and out of police stations. After a while, she fell in with Lifeline, working with him for several months before her trigger event.

In the aftermath of that disaster, she was brought in by the PRT and an offer was extended for her to be a probationary Ward, using the opportunity of triggering to turn her life around. Not really wanting to sit around in jail after all of that, she agreed.

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets

Parahuman Intelligence Report

Note: The following information has been transcluded from the PRT Online Information Services SAGA Database. For more information, please see your PRT-InB point of contact.


Parahuman Intelligence Report
AUS-2023-52b3 2023-03-17

  • Subject ID: Cassandra Dawson
  • Classification: Brute, Trump(Striker, Mover, Blaster)

Subject has undergone permanent changes as a result of her power. Subject internals entirely replaced by thread. On harm to surface layers of the body, thread is violently expelled. Once evacuated, condenses into a large humanoid. Once form is complete, obtains one secondary ability. Striker: high force contact with surfaces produces energy shockwaves in a short radius, briefly scrambling senses of affected. Blaster: gathers energy into projectiles over time, maximum power projectiles capable of piercing armored vehicles. Mover: expels water from body, able to move water into a similarly shaped mass and trade places with it.
Per classification SOP.
Following her trigger event Cassandra has joined the Wards program as a probationary member. Her juvenile criminal record has been retracted in accordance with her ongoing participation in the program.