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He stands at an even 6 feet, and looks generally human most of the time, when not working on his tech.
Notoriety Criminal
C /
Author /u/ALargeHairyDerp (capes)
Civilian name Frank
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Born (1998-06-02) June 2, 1998 (age 24)
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Ammonite C | Cruach D- | Phix C*

Ammonite worked as a member of the San Diego Protectorate for a few years, making a decent name for himself and becoming relatively well known, his goofy personality and easy going nature meant that it was far easier for people to look past the fact that he was a C53 in favor of his heroic exploits. A transfer to Ashton, and subsequent difficulty has put a bit of a damper on his previously lighthearted mood, though he's still optimistic, and has been regaining his good cheer since coming to Devilfish.

Character Sheet


Being a C53, Ammonite can’t exactly keep a secret identity, and as such doesn’t have one, though he does his best to keep people from linking his actual body to his suits of power armor. Ammonite is almost completely composed of tentacles of varying sizes, weighing a total of about 60lbs, and possessing a number of small “cores" throughout his body which perform various organ functions.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth level: 6

  • He is paid the standard protectorate salary, as well as being given a substantial budget for his tinkering. He basically lives in the protectorate base/his lab, and while he has a few personal trinkets and mementos, as well as a few books and other entertainment, his quarters are a bit sparse in terms of decoration.
  • Various entertainment and mementos
  • His tinkertech lab equipment
  • Nautilus Power Armor


Tinkertech From Others

Tinkertech For Others

Skills and Specializations

  • Quick wit / Sense of Humor
  • Fighting style which heavily relies on armor, and changes as he makes modifications.
  • Power provides an understanding of technology, though it is not always applicable to simpler mechanical systems, as it is focused on electricity and his own tinkertech.
  • Moving quickly, especially through tight spaces (outside of his armor) (running away)
  • Swimming (out of armor)


Ammonite is extremely dedicated to his tinkering, setting aside large amounts of time to do so, and seeking to constantly improve the modifications he makes, as well as the efficiency of his lab. He does, however, understand the value of taking breaks and relaxing, and so has made a concerted effort to keep his tinkering from interfering too much with his interactions and ability to socialize. When outside of his lab, he is fond of harmless, though embarrassing, pranks, quick jokes or puns, and outings with friends, making it a point to keep things lively with humor, especially if the conversation becomes too dark.


Trigger type: Coven (C53)

Implement tinker (Focal x Focal), power armor / electricity focus

Ammonite’s tendrils/tentacles, which make up the majority of his body, act as muscle and as sensory organs. They provide detailed feelings of touch and pressure, have areas packed with photoreceptors which allow for 360 degree vision with high visual acuity (though his vision is far less effective at large distances). Ammonite can interface with, and power, most technology, though this is far more efficient/effective on his own tinkertech. Ammonites primary power is Tinker in nature, with an extreme focus on his set of power armor, and electricity.


Ammonite had always been sickly, with almost constant ailments, sickness, or injuries, he managed to deal with it for most of his life, but eventually the strain of taking all the medications he needed to, constantly feeling horrible, and the financial issues that resulted from his condition got to be too much, he had researched as much as he could, and saw powers as the only way he could possibly end his continued torment, though he couldn’t find any way to actually get them in a way which would definitely alleviate his condition, or any healers who would be willing or able to help him, he had nearly given up hope, languishing in his apartment when he heard a knock on the door, figuring he wasn’t doing anything important, and generally apathetic to the whole situation, he shuffled towards the door, and opened it, being greeted by a strange woman who he had never seen before. She told him that she knew of his issues, of his wish for power, and that she could offer him what he desired, for a price, he contemplated this for a minute, and then made up his mind to take her up on her offer, when the option to sacrifice his identity was brought up as payment, he jumped on to it, a fresh start was exactly what he needed. He broke the offered stone, and his world went dark, he would later awake without any personal memories in the back alleys of San Diego, he tried to figure out his situation, and discovered his powers, attempting to get by and put together a rudimentary lab, he was, however, discovered by the local protectorate, who were well versed in the signs of a new tinker going about the business of making what they needed, they tracked him down, and upon discovering his state, offered him a position with them, support, the whole sales pitch. He eagerly accepted, and managed to do very well for himself in the protectorate, adopting a mischievous, humorous personality as he became more accustomed to his situation. This is when he encountered Canvas, though they were never very close, they got along well enough, and their powers played well off of eachother. When he heard about the transfer request to Ashton, and in light of his unique biology, he volunteered to go as well, Accompanying Canvas to Ashton to provide relief and help to the local protectorate branch.