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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author Turncoat (capes)
Pronouns He/Him
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation None (Denver)
Status Active

Recently, a new parahuman has been sighted in what is now either being assumed to be a permanent Changer form, or merely an example of someone who doesn't care about their identity. Because of this, his identity is a matter of public record, and not long after his first sighting it was leaked to the public. Andrei Morozov is a former park ranger, noted to be decidedly skittish of social contact and attention, though his Changer form seems to be ironically the least of his observed abilities.

Andrei, calling himself 'Woodsman', is a xylokinetic, with a mixture of observed ratings in various parahuman classifications. Able to warp and fundamentally alter trees, shrubs, and lianas, with observed expressions being wooden armor he can carry and cocoon himself in, to causing widespread alterations such as grappling branches and roots. This effect is much more diffuse at range, leading to much slower activation and movement, though the current hard limits to functionally all facets of his power is currently unknown.

Currently classified as Unaligned, due to his newness to the Cape scene, lack of reputation, and general absence of further information to build an online profile on.

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