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Warp out of costume (see below for costume)
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/fire209 (capes)
Civilian name Emily Ross
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationShaker, (Striker, Thinker), Master)
Born (2003-02-02) February 2, 2003 (age 20)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Fabula E | The Grey Lady D$

Public Information

Nothing yet. Maybe they heard of the incident over by the mine where several teenagers were killed in a collapse in the news, but nothing of her as a hero yet.

Physical Appearance

A teenaged girl, blonde and fairly pretty looking with shorter, wavier hair. Generally average for her age category, but overall more lithe and not very curvy. Currently has no costume due to costumed identity generally being nonexistent. Fairly fit due to having some general practice in mixed martial arts and ballet, as well as general exercise.


Generally overall optimistic and likely to look on the happy side of things and an outgoing person, at least before the incident. Directly after the incident she is scared, afraid, and confused. She has a very love-hate relationship with her cluster mate due to their cluster mechanics as described later. Overarching effects of her trigger are yet to be seen.

Somewhat claustrophobic.


Wealth Level: 6

A new Protectorate Hero, is given access to standard Protectorate wages.


General High school level education, fairly smart but not a straight-A student.

Amateur level Mixed Martial Arts.

Somewhat innate understanding of structure & properties of objects in her radius.

Ballet skills


Radio x 3: Warp carries 3 standard PRT-issue ear-radios, 2 of which she usually has shrunk down and stored in internal sections

2 Standard Crossbows: Carries 2 standard issue Crossbows, 1 of which is usually at the ready while the other is stored in the suit. Has both sharp and blunt ammunition.

5 medical kits: Usually shrunk down for convenience.

10 Smoke Grenades: Usually shrunk down for convenience.

5 brute-rated handcuffs: Usually shrunk down for convenience

Beads: A large number of beads, split into sections. Beads are made of a given material and can be easily retrieved for use in combat scenarios. Bead Materials are the following:

Hickory Wood, Redwood, Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, concrete, Tungsten


Trigger type: Natural Multi with Corral



  1. 1

Warp dances back from the blow of the stone golem animated by some mad, laughing cape in the background. She darts in close enough and twirls her metal baton, extending one end 5 more feet while it’s on the upward half and warping the end so it is around 100 pounds heavier, and extending the other end so it contacts the floor, letting it fly down towards the head of the golem, crushing it with the weighty blow. The cape in the background stops laughing, seeing his creation destroyed he quickly begins concentrating, causing another one to begin forming in front of him. Warping the distance in front of her so she can begin closing in more rapidly she makes it in front of him, holding out her staff so it tips into a point at his throat to get him to stop. Her staff transforms into a metallic snake, grey dust leaking from her hands into it's grooves, animating it. It then wraps around the man, effectively restraining him. He was done. She called the cops, having them take him away.

  1. 2

The cape in front of her laughed as he easily phased through her blow. Giving a cocky grin he steps backwards through the brick wall, out of sight. Warp growled and ran up to the brick wall, placing her hand up against it. Over the course of around 3 seconds, a segment of it around 6 feet high and 10 feet long turned paper thin, though she had used her sense to ensure it would remain structurally stable. Leaping through the now easily broken wall, she came upon the cape she was looking for, who grinned at her and then phased through another wall with contemptuous ease. Warp sighed angrily, this was gonna be a long day.

  1. 3

Twirling her staff, she brought it down in an axe blow to the man. He grabbed her staff and yanked, pulling it out of her grip and making her stumble. Before she could do anything, he tossed the staff aside and grabbed her, throwing her up in the air nearly 30 feet. Realizing as she ascended that she was in for a nasty fall, she concentrated, causing her soot to expand around 3 and a half feet in all directions over the course of 3 seconds of flight. The growth was nearly all the memory foam she'd embedded in the suit, and it proved useful, turning what could have been a deadly fall into merely a staggering blow.

  1. 4

The charging brute was headed her way, and Warp admit, she probably panicked just a little bit. Dodging wasn't an option, not with his reach. But she had maybe 7 seconds before he got to her. A pit, it would have to do. Concentrating with her full attention, A pit began rapidly forming in the concrete in front of her. It was maybe 2 feet in diameter, and over the course of 6 seconds got 6 feet deep. Likely not enough to trap the cape, but it could maybe catch his foot. It did, and he face-slammed into the concrete. Not enough to knock him out, but enough to let Warp dance away and get on the defensive.


Emily was a happy girl, living in devilfish. While her life wasn’t perfect, she generally had a good one with loving parents and a younger brother, and generally having a fairly easy time in school. From a young age she had attended Ballet school, and had met a friend there- Juliana (Julie for short). They quickly became the best of friends, working together in the class and overall being very close.

As Emily grew older, being the extroverted person she was, slowly her group of friends expanded. This somewhat weakened her close friendship to Julie but they remained close friends nonetheless. However, one day Julie was injured and had to keep away from the Ballet classes they shared temporarily. This caused their relationship to further weaker, and, unknown to Emily at the time, caused Julie to grow to somewhat resent Emily’s other friends for ‘Taking her away’.

One day, as teens sometimes do, they decided to visit one of the local abandoned mines. As they were about to enter, Julie seemed to notice something, and then say that she wasn’t feeling too well, and would wait outside. Shrugging it off as either reluctance or actually feeling ill, Emily and her friends went inside the tunnel without her.

All it took was for the group to make a little noise, kick some things around. The area was incredibly fragile after being abandoned, and the section of tunnel the group was in collapsed, killing the entire group but Emily. She was trapped with a small, lucky enclosure within the collapse, but a rock had fallen on her arm, fracturing it. As her claustrophobia kicked in, she began to panic. Trigger.