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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/LizardFolkofNeptune (capes)
Civilian name Juliana Thompson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster (Shaker)
Born (2003-09-19) September 19, 2003 (age 19)
Devilfish Minnesota
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Practically nothing, perhaps you heard of the min collapse but she was not found suspicious so unless her clustermate tells you you won't know about her

Character Sheet


A rather average looking girl, although on the thinner and more athletic side due to ballet, and surprisingly strong. Has rather long, straight black hair. Doesn’t have a “costume” persay, but wears concealing, generally dark clothing along with a scarf and sunglasses for going out and using her powers.

Equipment and Resources

Family is very high middle class, although she is a 17 year old girl so an allowance is her main source of “income”

Wealth Level: 3

Cape Gear:

  • A multitool
  • Some pepper spray

Skills and Specializations

  • Better than average grades although still a highschool education
  • Talented dancer with the strength and agility that entails
  • Skilled manipulator of humans
  • Decent actor and liar


Worryingly manipulative, made worse after the trigger. Generally views other people as resources to be exploited, and while capable of empathy, it takes a lot to get a reaction out of her. Puts up a front of being helpful and friendly typically. This does not apply to her cluster-mate as they have a relationship explained more in depth in the Cluster Mechanics section. Is a vigilante more out of a sense of obligation and expectation than any real heroic tendencies.


Main Ability (Master)

Every 15 seconds the cape can spawn within 20 feet of themselves in a burst of gray dust. There can only be ten minions at most at a time. These minions are approximately 3 feet high entirely smooth gray minions with the only distinctive features being a wide mouth being able to open to cover the entirety of where the face would be, entirely filled with teeth, and inch long sharp fingernails. These beings, while having a basic animal intelligence and the ability to improvise weapons, are entirely hostile to all life not designated by the cape and will commit as much destruction of the environment around them if there are no living targets. The cape can only designate 5 people/objects at one time to not be attacked. Despite having no features they have all the senses of an average human (although they do lack a fear or pain response) and have the strength of a weak human. Also have the durability of an average human except their insides appear to be entirely filled with dust as well. When they would die or be knocked out they instead explode into gray dust. When they are dismissed by the cape or move more than 50 feet away they also explode into gray dust. The limit on space is removed within the effect created by the subpower.

Secondary Power (Shaker)

When this power is activated, a 20 foot cube around the cape is visibly marked with heavy distortions on the "edges" and a slight blurring on the cubes "faces." Exactly every 10 seconds the space within the cube is copied and placed on the four vertical outer faces of said cube, with a maximum of four expansions. This copies everything except for living organisms and what they are holding/wearing. Tinkertech has a copy but does not function. The expansion cannot be seen or felt by people who are outside the original cube, and anything that enters this cube is deposited inside a random cube within, along with each person who exits the cube exiting via a random vertical face. All cubes of space inside the effect are separated by a lesser but visible distortion, and objects can move freely between them. When expanding if two or more cubes would create a cube of space that would overlap or overlap onto an already existing cube of space instead only one is created/nothing happens if there was already a cube. Every ten seconds the cape may swap the position of two adjacent cubes within the cube. The cape has a vague sense of where each person within the effect is. When the power is ended everything within the cube is placed as close as possible to where they would be within the 20 feet without immediately hurting another object or overlapping with another object, and all minions of the cape are destroyed.

Cluster Mechanic:

Both Cluster mates have a fairly accurate sense of direction to the other cluster mate, though it isn’t precise enough to provide an exact location, simply a general direction. Cluster Mates can also sense certain emotions from each other, depending on if they are in like/hate mode. In like mode they can sense the positive emotions of their cluster member, while in hate mode they can sense the negative ones, both especially when in regards to the other cluster member. 

In Like mode, the cluster mates are generally slanted to view their cluster mates positively and their actions positively, and in Hate mode it is the opposite. They’re not exact, not necessarily causing cluster mates to hate each other’s guts but it definitely influences them (Generally decided with cluster mate OOC). After each major “Event” involving both cluster mates they will generally swap mode. Modes can also swap at any time if the shards desire it (Decided OOC with cluster mate)


Julie was a… fairly average girl before the cave in. Upper middle class family, few good friends but was friendly enough with everybody, interested in dance and theatre, nothing special even if her family considered her a little cold at times. Then came her fall. Only a sprained ankle sure, but the doctor said it was the worst they had ever seen. Put her off her feet for 6 months, and most obviously Julie could not be on the dance team, damaging her longest and closest friendship with another girl in ballet Named Emily. Now Julie (or more properly Juliana) could deal with this, she was fine if a bit lonely for a time, that was until (when Julie was fully healed) Emily, Julie, and a few other friends decided to explore the caves outside of town. Juliana decided to arrive early, this was her first major outing with Emily after all, but while she was waiting Julie noticed something, well, just wrong with the supports of the shaft they were planning on going into. She couldn’t tell you what it was, screw loose or shifty flooring or something else entirely, but she did know that it was not stable. That’s when the others arrived, Julie made up some excuse about her ankle hurting and having to go back to the car to get something and, oh, she’d be right down and they could go ahead without her. She still doesn’t entirely know why she didn’t warn them, but when she hears the collapse and sees the entrance blocked, Julie knows she should have. Julie triggers with the weight of guilt, thinking she killed her best friend and so many others by just not speaking.