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Wormrp Walker.png
Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author TheTwins (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Jane Doe
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 17
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Nashoid
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

Currently a relative unknown hero who has been rumored to patrol mostly around the poorer areas of the city and various homeless encampments providing aid to those communities. Non-combatitive my nature they have frequently attempted to de-escalate hostile problems problems rather than engage directly, in addition to frequently providing medical support to those injured. It is unclear precisely what her power is, however it has been confirmed she is able to effectively heal injuries completely though patients are unfamiliar with the method. In addition to this despite seeming to be somewhat nervous and timid at times, they have shown a remarkable ability to continue to operate fully despite injuries sustained.

There is a frequent scent of blood following Walkers presence, though it is often masked by strong floral soap scents. Despite the worn nature of her external costume it is clear it has been well cared for and maintained with the various repairs that can be seen, however the red underlayer seems to be brand new on every encounter.

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

A constructed suit consisting a full body featureless crimson suit with the scalp and a single eye left visible. The suit is created from a unconfirmed organic compound with high keratin concentration produced from the users body. On top of this suit is warn a variety of more casual clothing such as a grey hoodies jacket and shorts, the most frequent baring a large cross and the Letters ZMB across the chest.

Civilian Appearance

A strange and unsettling young woman seemingly with a youthful beauty lost beneath a myriad of wounds and injuries permanently open, though despite appearances they seem neither fatal or painful to her existence by the gentle grace with which she moves and serene expression upon her face. A towering athletic frame retaining feminine curves along with toned muscle, it holds countless deep lacerations and burns run across her form most notably the left of her face and arm in what seems to have been raked across by some blunted edge. Standing at over six feet, sandy blonde locks flow downwards to their lower thigh, framing the marred face with only a single pale blue eye and a empty socket among the wounds.

Normally clad in large hoodies, long sleeved shirts and torn jeans of considerable age, no item they won seems to be new, but acquired in some fashion from charity or scavenged among the refuse. Regardless of their overall scruffy appearance, they do in fact seem to keep such items clean and cared for, the same which cannot be said for their physical form.


Jane is fairly unsure exactly who she is and what values she holds, what they are certain of is they hold a deep sense of guilt and though the source of which is unknown. They are therefor searching for answers to many of these questions. They believe however that they must have committed some grave sin to be put in the state they are in, and something she must atone for and her current life is a punishment. As a result they take personal responsibility for every misfortune that comes there way, even those they had no participation or control over.

Somewhat timid and reserved they tend to speak softly and sombrely. At the same time they appear compelled to act those in need, often putting others needs ahead of their own to her own detriment, as well as becoming overwhelmed with the weight of commitments they may attempt to take on. There appears to be signs of a ingrained characterological self-blame, Stockholm like syndrome, martyr complex and several other conditions from deep psychological scarring which may explain subconscious issues with her powers.

Skills & Training

  • First Aid/Trauma Experience
  • Scavenging and appraisal of resources
  • Basic Cooking with Limited Ingredients
  • Speaks/Reads English and Latin
  • Talent in Tailoring, minor modifications, simple designs and costume repair
  • Immense Willpower and Pain Tolerance

Resources & Wealth

Currently homeless and penniless with only belongings being worn clothes from charity.

Equipment & Gear

None Currently

Parahuman Power


Non-Functioning biology in a state of near death yet functioning, damage to areas result in compensation in others to allow them to continue to operate. User possesses high-level of regeneration and instinctual reactionary adaptation in response to traumas though lacks conscious control of adaptation resulting in potentially random changes.

User capable of conscious control of body down to cellular level to produce specific alterations though will slowly revert back to base form within several hours unless focus is maintained, although they can as well manifest additional biological material up to half a ton. It is unknown where this additional material comes from as it appears to break the laws of conservation of mass.

Individual cells appear to produce a hive-mind like effect within her body which persists when elements are separated allowing remote control and independent actions. However smaller sized components will display reduced intelligence depending on mass of the separated material, with the smallest simply prioritizing its survival even when separated.

Weaknesses noted are a subconscious reversion to base appearance and injured state, being unable to remove consistent wounds in appearance which persist in some form despite alterations. In addition to other mental issue, there also appears to be a continual hunger despite not requiring such material, as well as pain from their physical state and changes.

Approval Addendum (Regen): The girls regeneration occurs by the cells around the wound restoring themselves and/or restoring any lost material, pulling themselves back together to heal the wound.

This occurs within moments, these may however may temporarily be in the form of adaptations that will spread out from the wounded area in order to better protect the host. These adaptations are temporary, lasting for several hours before her body returns to its base state.

For unknown reasons however, the base wounds of her body are unable to be permanently closed, reopening & pulling apart should methods be used to close them. While with focus she can temporarily reduce them they always return.

Approval Addendum (Adaptations): The adaptations from damage are somewhat random, and even the same attack could result in alternate changes at different times. Examples could include a enhanced hearing should she be blinded or some other form of sense, a second set of protective eyelids or even additional eyes. The highest end adaptations she is capable of must naturally be biologically possible & exist somewhere in the natural world or animal kingdom, this could be increased lifting strength to remove weights on her similar to scaled dung beetle, the leaping ability to escape of a scaled flea or adaptive camouflage to hide like that of a octopus.

Approval Addendum (Separation & Control): The girls hive mind is referring to the communication between her body, with smaller sections when disconnecting having a far lesser intelligence according to their size and will attempt to reconnect or prioritize its survival if separated.

Should these be separated for too long however they will go inert unless control is exerted. This gives her a good knowledge of whats going on inside her body as feedback is received in a more understandable form, for example ""My Leg has a pipe going through its femoral artery from the side"" without physically looking.

A Seperated eye could transmit knowledge of what it sees back to her and travel a short distance away. A severed arm may actively attempt to reattach itself to the host body if severed. The detatchd sections naturally have a range limit from the main body, and after 50ft their connection will become strained, leading to the object going innert until it is reconnected."

Background & Trigger

"Unassuming girl from low-Income abusive background. Raised under questionable parental figures suffering from alcoholism and frequent use of narcotics. This naturally came at the expense of providing for her or the home leaving her to shoulder responsibility's from a young age. Juggling side jobs, school and home chores.

They would trigger their abilities following a near-death experience following most recent Endbringer attack. During the disaster in which they attempted futilely to help, they naturally failed resulted in them seeing a large scale loss of life, and causing immense trauma combined with feelings guilt, failure and desire to be punished, mixed with the fear at wanting to survive as well.

They themselves would have been lost as well if not for being triggered.However as result of their trauma and reconstructing they seem to be suffering from a high level of retrograde amnesia, having resurrected within one of the mass graves for unidentified victims further adding to their trauma.

They are currently under the care of a city hostel between long stints on the streets, finding a form of community among the others left to the streets, slowly trying to learn who they are along the way.

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